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YongLi Racking Co. Ltd. always focuses on customer's requirement and help customers to promote their products. We are one of the leading manufacturer engaged in manufacturing of Supermarket cardboard displays and store display solution to meet the requirement of retail store and supermarket in overseas marketing.

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Storage Shelves

Heavy-duty shelves are planned and designed according to user characteristics and needs, and it is critical to determine the columns in the early stage. I believe that everyone knows the importance of pillars for carrying goods on shelves. Good pillars can determine the results of goods storage in an enterprise. So, how to calculate and determine the specifications of heavy-duty shelves? Below, shelves give you a brief introduction.

I. Strength and Instability Check

Because the pillar is the main force component of the shelf, the structure is relatively complicated, and most of them use cold-formed thin-walled steel (the residual processing stress itself), and the load situation is also more complicated, especially for high-level shelves with many layers and affected The load is large, so that the design of the column is tedious, the check is complicated, and the fairness of the value is directly related to the safety of the structure.
Design check

The hole type usually adopts inverted figure, rhombus or inverted trapezoid, so that the long hole of the column has a small angle with the vertical direction. After the hook is hung, it is automatically locked under the action of the gravity of the cargo, and the hook is in surface contact with the long hole of the column , The force is better, which ensures more stable and safe use.

However, the opening of the hook hole has a great impact on the bearing capacity of the short column of the column. The bearing capacity after opening is 70% ~ 95% of the bearing capacity when the hole is not opened, and it has a greater impact on small-sized columns.

Therefore, under the premise of satisfying the load carrying capacity of the cross beam hook, the size and number of hook holes should be made as small as possible to improve the overall load carrying capacity of the shelf. There are many long holes (hook holes) and round holes evenly distributed on the front side of the column, which are used to hook the beams and install safety pins.

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E-commerce logistics shelf

With the expansion of e-commerce networks, many sellers' online stores are also growing, and e-commerce network customers have become more and more expensive…

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Beam Shelf

Beam shelves are also called pallet racks, and shelf-type shelves are one type of heavy-duty shelves.

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Heavy shelves

Heavy shelves are more commonly used function design, suitable for many types of forklift various varieties and specifications of the goods with pallets piled up on the beam layer grid storage...

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4s shop shelves

4s shop shelves called auto parts library shelves, auto racks; 4s shop shelves, warehouse area and requirements based on the characteristics of automobile brand...

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Attic shelves

Attic shelving will not only make your attic space easier to use but also safer to use. Without some sort of organisation a pile is created at the far end of the attic and it grows until it reaches the trapdoor.

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Clothing shelves


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Other Shelves

Logistics series From $300.00
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