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Cantilevered shelf

The cantilever rack is constructed by mounting a cantilever on the column, and the cantilever can be fixed or movable. The cantilever rack is suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes, and irregular goods. The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, and the cantilever shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization.


1. The composition of the cantilevered shelf: under normal circumstances consists of the base, column, arm, tie rod, and diagonal tie rod.

Base: Commonly used 200*100*5.5H steel as the base, the base, and the column are fixed with 3.5mm thick steel plate and extra-large connecting pierce bolts.

Column: The column is also punched with double rows of holes with a pitch of 140 mm, so the cantilever can be hung on it to adjust the layer height of each layer up and down by 140 mm.

Common specifications: 200*90*2.0/2.5, 300*90*3.0 /3.5.

Support arm: It is welded by a column card and a beam rod. The beam rod is made up of two special cold-rolled C-shaped channel sheets of steel. The bearing capacity is strong, and the safety pin is provided when the column card is connected with the column.

Common specifications: 80*45*1.5, 100*45*1.5, 120*45*1.5, 140*45*1.5, 160*45*1.5, special cantilever; arm: 160*80*2..0/2.5.

Tie rod: The tie rod is made of 50*30*1.5 square pass, and the welded joints at both ends are connected with the stud bolts.

Diagonal tie rod: The diagonal tie rod is made of 50*50*3.0 angle steel, and the two ends of the hole are connected with the stud bolt.

2. Processing technology of each component: After processing all parts of the shelf, it is completely polished → degreasing → derusting → surface adjustment → phosphating → drying → electrostatic powder spraying → curing → packaging. The surface of the produced finished products is smooth and beautiful; the height of the shelf can be adjusted up and down according to the 140mm pitch, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient.

3. Cantilever type shelf appearance dimensions and stress standards:

The length of the cantilevered shelf is *width*height should not be greater than L2000mm*D2000mm*H8000mm, the length of the cargo can be set freely, the width of the arm + column is determined, and the height of the shelf is determined by the height of the cargo.

Stress standard: The standard of the cantilever frame is to be determined.

4. Applicable product industry:

  • Hardware, plastic, etc.
  • Representative customer: ANDRITZ (Technology) Co., Ltd.

5. The parameters that need to be understood for the first time:

  • The length, width, height, and number of rows required for the shelf unit.
  • Types of goods stored (the total length, total width, and height of the shelves are set by the specifications of the stored goods).
  • Understand the height of the warehouse and the access method to determine the total height of the shelves, or directly ask the customer the required shelf size can also be based on our production and production specifications for customer reference.
  • The load capacity of the shelf (how many kilograms each arm is subjected to), the special requirements of the customer.
  • Warehouse overall logistics orientation: that is, the goods storage has come from there?
  • Logistics tools: forklift type specifications, and channel size
  • Reserve of fire protection facilities for fire protection facilities
  • Description of requirements for ground bearing
  • The frequency and quantity of incoming and outgoing cargoes
  • Lighting and ventilation requirements.