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Heavy-duty beam shelves (tray shelves)

Beam-type shelves, assembled shelves, plug-in assembly structure, adjustable height, optimized cross-section design, and equipped with various types of stacking equipment, to achieve fast access to the pallet, strong carrying capacity, is a variety of industries The most common way to store. Another outstanding feature is the arbitrary sorting, which is stored in the tray unit, and 100% picking operation is performed on any one of the positions regardless of the order and the type of goods. Access is fast and convenient, ensuring that any item is first-in-first-out, no forklift type restrictions, and faster pick-up speed.

narrow roadway shelf-05

Composition of heavy-duty beam-type shelves: under normal circumstances, the column group and beam:

Column group: The medium-sized shelf column is rolled and formed by a cold-rolled steel plate by the special cold-bending forming unit. The front column is punched with double-row holes. The hole distance is arranged in a straight line at a distance of 75mm. The column hole is used for hooking the beam; a Single (double) row of round holes, the whole distance, and the front hole are consistent with 75mm, used to fix the crossbar. The two columns are opposite, and there are transverse connecting rods (traverse rods) and inclined connecting rods (straight rods) in the middle to assemble the two columns into the column group of the shelves.

Common specifications: 90*65*1.8, 90*65*2.0, 100*80*2.0~2.5.

Beam: The beam is usually a composite beam. It is welded by two hanging pieces and a beam rod. The beam rod is made of two special cold-rolled C-shaped channel sheets of steel. This structure makes full use of the material according to the steel structure design theory. The anti-load capacity has the characteristics of lightweight, strong bearing capacity and low cost. The safety pin is attached to the hanging piece when it is connected to the column.

Common specifications: 80*45*1.5, 100*45*1.5, 120*45*1.5, 140*45*1.5, 160*45*1.5, attic main beam form

Processing technology of each component: After processing all parts of the shelf, it is completely polished → degreasing → derusting → surface adjustment → phosphating → drying → electrostatic powder spraying → curing → packaging. The surface of the produced finished products is smooth and beautiful; the height of the shelf can be adjusted up and down according to the 75mm pitch, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient.

Heavy-duty beam shelves

Heavy-duty beam shelf dimensions and stress standards:

Heavy-duty beam shelf length * width * height should be no more than L3800mm * D1200mm * H12000mm, the length can be set according to the size of the fork plate, the width is determined by the width of the card, the height of the layer is determined by the height of the cargo.
Stress standard: column 90*65*1.8 The load capacity of each layer is not more than 2000kg/layer. The whole column is less than 8000kg.
Column 90*65*2.0 The load capacity of each layer is not more than 3000kg/layer. The whole column is less than 10000kg.
Column 100*80*2.5 The load capacity of each layer is not more than a 4000kg/layer. The whole column is less than 15000kg.
Refer to the design section beam force standard table for the beam stress standard! The hanging piece can be equipped with 3 teeth (2500kg), 4 teeth (35000kg)

Heavy-duty beam shelf logistics supporting tools and channel size:

  • The tray can be made of wood, plastic, iron, etc. 9-point pallets and totes can be used with wood and steel.
  • The channel can be reserved for 1800mm-2000mm when using a three-way (ultra-narrow channel) forklift to access the cargo.
  • The channel can be reserved for 2000mm-2500mm when using a semi-electric stacker to access goods.
  • The channel can be reserved for 2600mm-3000mm when using the all-electric stacker to access the cargo.
  • The channel can be reserved for 3200mm-3500mm when using the reach truck to access the cargo.

Applicable product industry: Electronics, furniture, hardware, and so on.

Representative customers: Wanhe Electric, timely and convenient distribution company, Hehe Hardware,

The parameters that need to be understood for the first time:

  • The length, width, and height of the shelf are required.
  • Types of goods to be stored (the total length, total width, and height of the shelves are set by the type of goods).
  • Understand the height of the warehouse and the access method to determine the total height of the shelves, or directly ask the customer the required shelf size can also be based on our production and production specifications for customer reference.
  • Shelf weight (how many kilograms per layer), shelf type of shelf, customer’s special requirements.
  • Warehouse overall logistics orientation: that is, the goods storage has come from there?
  • Logistics tools: forklift type specifications, and channel size
  • Reserve of fire protection facilities for fire protection facilities
  • Description of requirements for ground bearing
  • The frequency and quantity of incoming and outgoing cargoes
  • Lighting and ventilation requirements.