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Medium slab shelf

Light and medium-sized warehouse shelves, belonging to a kind of warehouse shelves, shelf type. It is distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelf. Usually, the shelf carries 150kg/-1500kg layers (the shelf load is mostly calculated in terms of the carrying capacity of the layers).

The composition of light and medium-sized shelves: under normal circumstances, it consists of column groups, beams, and laminates.

Column group: The medium-sized shelf column is rolled and formed by a cold-rolled steel plate by the special cold-bending forming unit. The front column is punched with double-row holes. The hole distance is arranged in a straight line at a distance of 50/75mm. The column hole is used for hooking the beam; The side is punched into a single row of round holes, and the hole pitch and the front hole are uniformly 50/75 mm, which is used for fixing the horizontal diagonal tie rod. The two columns are opposite, and there are transverse connecting rods (traverse rods) and inclined connecting rods (straight rods) in the middle to assemble the two columns into the column group of the shelves.

Common specifications: 60*55*1.5, 60*52*1.5, 80*52*1.5.

Cross Beam: Beams usually use oblique step ladder beams, and the height of the steps matches the height of the laminate.

Common specifications: 70*35*1.3, 70*35*1.3.
Beams can be formulated through beams (profiles) when subjected to heavy or special conditions.

Common specifications: 60*40*1.5, 80*40*1.5, 100*50*1.5.

Steel laminate:The cold-rolled steel sheet is formed by bending four sides according to the required size, and the bottom is added with reinforcing ribs.

Common specifications: 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2.

Wood board: usually used medium-density board, red template, thickness 15mm\18mm

Processing technology of each component: After processing all parts of the shelf, it is all polished, degreased, de-rusted, tuned, phosphatized, dried, electrostatically sprayed, solidified, and packaged. The surface of the produced finished products is smooth and beautiful; the height of the shelf can be adjusted up and down according to the 50mm/75mm pitch, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient.

Light and medium-sized shelf appearance dimensions and stress standards:
Light and medium-sized shelves should be no longer than L3000mm*D1200mm*H6000mm.

Stress standard: column 60*55(52)*1.5 The load capacity of each layer is not more than 800kg/layer. The whole column is less than 4000kg.
Column 80*52*1.5 The load capacity of each layer is not more than 1500kg/layer. The whole column is less than 6000kg.

Refer to the design section beam force standard table for the beam stress standard!

Light and medium-sized shelf logistics tools and channel size:

  • It can be used together with small storage boxes such as plastic turnover boxes and plastic basins to store a variety of medium and small products, mostly for manual access. It can be used with hand trucks and stackers!
  • The logistics access channel can be reserved for 800mm-1200mm when manually accessing goods.
  • The channel can be reserved for 1200mm-1800mm when using the hand truck to access the goods.
  • The channel can be reserved for 2000mm-2500mm when using a semi-electric stacker to access goods.

Applicable product industry:
Shopping malls, supermarkets, corporate warehouses and commercial paving supporting warehouses.

Representative customers: Changlong Group, Yifeng Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd., Kailee Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Shiyun Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshun Group,

The parameters that need to be understood for the first time:

  • The length, width, and height of the shelf are required.
  • Types of goods to be stored (the total length, total width, and height of the shelves are set by the type of goods).
  • Understand the height of the warehouse and the access method to determine the total height of the shelves, or directly ask the customer the required shelf size can also be based on our production and production specifications for customer reference.
  • Shelf weight (how many kilograms per layer), shelf type of shelf, customer’s special requirements.
  • Warehouse overall logistics orientation: that is, the goods storage came from there?
  • logistics tools: forklift type specifications, and channel size.
  • Reserve of fire protection facilities for fire protection facilities.
  • Description of requirements for ground bearing.
  • The frequency and quantity of incoming and outgoing cargoes.
  • Lighting and ventilation requirements.

Layer-type shelf three-column group structure: The layer-type shelf can be changed from a two-column group to a three-column form, which is composed of one single column in the form of a connecting rod next to the original column group. Wide time (width > 1000mm) (see picture below)