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Mold shelf

The mold frame is assembled from a variety of combined components and has a simple structure for easy disassembly, transportation, and assembly. There is a roller track under the drawer plate. After being loaded, it can still be pulled free with a small force. The sliding is stable, and the additional positioning safety device is safe and reliable. It can be extracted 60%, and each layer can store 500-2000kg. The drawer-type shelf occupies less space, has a large bearing, is classified in detail, and is easy to operate. It is used for storing molds without a forklift. The top can be hoisted with a chain hoist. It is widely used in the storage of machining equipment such as molds and is an indispensable storage item for modern factories.

Intensive cabinet (mobile cabinet)

The series of shelves are widely used in the storage of books, documents, archives, and materials in libraries, archives and data rooms of enterprises and institutions.

The material is molded by a high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is treated by ten processes such as degreasing, rust removal, and phosphating. The latest internationally popular color matt electrostatic powder is sprayed at high temperatures. Excellent rust resistance. The contact surfaces between the columns and columns are buffered and magnetically sealed. There is a dustproof plate at the top and a mouse-proof device at the bottom. Good dust, mouse, moisture and fire resistance

Accurate measurement of warehouse requires measurement parameters: all column specifications in the warehouse, distance between each column and column, door width, door position, fire hydrant position (specification) ground obstacle specification position, warehouse total height (if needed), customer other Equipment location (electric box, wire trough, machinery and equipment, and other non-mobile equipment), confirm the total size of the warehouse (total length, total width can check whether each cross-column size is accurate), special circumstances also need to pay attention to the location of the warehouse sewer (forced When the weight is heavy, the shelf column should avoid the position of the sewer.) The overall logistics orientation of the warehouse: that is, the goods storage comes from there and the storage capacity of the warehouse is required! Wait