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5 Best metal storage shelving manufacturers Ideas 2020: (Metal Storage Shelving Home Depot & Wheels)

Port: 2020.11.11

5 Best Metal Storage Shelving Manufacturers Ideas 2020: (Metal Storage Shelving Home Depot & Wheels)

metal storage shelving manufacturers

Metal storage shelving manufacturers come into 3 main types. They have earned trust and are in great demand in various fields over the years:

Light Shelf Racks

Light shelving racks have a design for storing light and medium containerized cargo. These racks have a loading capacity of 100-250 kg per shelf (tier). This type of metal shelving is common in:

  • in offices;
  • shops;
  • libraries;
  • archives;
  • and other rooms where it is necessary to store not very heavy container cargo.


Metal storage shelving manufacturers are popular due to simplicity of design, easy to assemble and change, and have a low cost. There is a possibility of completing racks with additional elements:

  • delimiters of shelves;
  • holders for folders;
  • side and rear walls;
  • wheels, etc.

Metal storage shelving manufacturers

This type of shelving is very vulnerable to stress and mezzanine damage.  So you should buy shelves from reliable metal storage shelving manufacturers.

There are many manufacturers of this type of shelving, but not all of them offer a fairly high-quality product. The quality of metal, coating, fastening differs, and, unfortunately, not all correspond to the stated loads.

Be sure to study the racks’ passports, before buying, ask for a test certificate from the manufacturer. Moreover, a decent manufacturer will be happy to provide you with this information.

Reinforced (cargo) shelving racks: metal storage shelving manufacturers

Reinforced shelving racks have a more reinforced structure, with a load of 250-800 kg per shelf. These types of racks are widely used in manufacturing enterprises. Here, it is necessary to store various types of heavy cargo (tare, round, pallet). Furthermore, you can handle it both by manual and machine labor.

The types of these racks have high durability and service life. But they differ, of course, by a higher price.

Generally, reinforced shelving racks have a post-beam structure. In addition, metal storage shelving manufacturers have longitudinal beams, on which shelves-liners come. Hence, it increases the maximum load on the shelf, have reinforced ties and additional stiffeners.

So, let’s summarize the benefits of metal storage shelving manufacturers:

  • High load performance and wear resistance of elements
  • Possibility of storage and handling of different types of cargo – containerized, round, pallet;
  • Simple installation, modification and addition of the design;
  • Convenient loading and unloading process, free access to stored items.

Special shelving metal storage racks

Special shelving racks are common in enterprises and organizations. Generally, here, it is necessary to store goods with distinctive features and properties. Now I will list the most common racks that can be classified as special:

metal storage shelving manufacturers suppliers

  • racks for storing wheels, tires, rubber, for car services, car fleets, garages, etc.
  • ESD-protected antistatic shelving for electronics and electrical industries;
  • stainless steel racks for the catering unit, also popular in the kitchen areas of the catering;
  • racks for storing water bottles;
  • racks with mounts for coils – a distinctive feature is the base on which coils with various wires are installed.
  • display racks for shops.

These types of racks undoubtedly optimize labor in production, as well as increase production safety. Furthermore, it leads to an increase in the economic performance of the enterprise.

2. Front pallet racks: metal storage shelving manufacturers

metal storage shelving manufacturers 2020


Frontal pallet racks are perhaps the most common type of storage racks. Generally, it has powerful post-and-beam racking system. Here cargo comes on pallets and placed directly on the beams. Metal storage shelving manufacturers process it by loading equipment. In addition, the unloading and loading process is carried out from the front, where the name comes from.

The advantage is free access to any pallet. Furthermore, it allows storing different types of cargo in one row. The maximum load on the section is up to 31 tons, and the height of the structure can reach 16 meters.


The choice of such racks should be taken as seriously as possible.  With the study of all the nuances and details, to study the advantages and disadvantages of one or another technology for the production of front racks:

  • passports;
  • technological test certificates;
  • section of the beam and welding technology
  • metal thickness and number of stiffening ribs and other features.

3. Stuffed pallet racks: Metal storage shelving manufacturers 

Rack type pallet racks, cargo also come on pallets, but installed on rails, one after another. Loading and unloading comes out on a first-in-last-out or first-in-first-out basis.

Stuffed racks differ in the economy of storage space, compared to frontal ones. But have a “minus” – there is only access to the outer pallet. Similarly, it allows storing only the same type of cargo in one row.

The choice is the same as with the front ones. But you also need to pay attention to the quality of the rails.

I forgot to say! Choose good Metal storage shelving manufacturers, as the bottom of the rack is the most painful.

4. Console Metal Storage racks

Warehouse cantilever racks are designed for storing long loads:

  • pipes;
  • profiles;
  • fittings;
  • and other similar items.

Cantilever racks are of single-sided and double-sided type, with a loading capacity of 100 to 1500 kg per cantilever. Moreover, you can handle the cargo both by loading equipment and by hand.

The production technology and design of cantilever racks are different. Similarly, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the metal of the rack, and its attachment to the base. Furthermore, it is also better to take racks with cast racks. They can withstand a greater load and are more reliable.

5. Mezzanine racks: Metal storage shelving manufacturers 

Mezzanines based on pallet racking

High-level racks can work with any kind of metal storage shelving manufacturers. But they have a lower load capacity compared to mezzanines on columns. Similarly, the cargo comes in a combined mode. Moreover, this technology maximizes the turnover of goods, cargo accounting, as well as the warehouse area.

Multi-tiered shelving structure, with loading bays, ladders, and pedestrian areas. There are two types of mezzanine shelving:

  • Column mezzanines;
  • Mezzanines based on pallet racks.

Column mezzanines

Mezzanine floors in which the columns act as supporting and supporting elements on which the pedestrian and loading platform and the shelving systems themselves are installed, but I would refer them to a warehouse facility, which includes the shelving system. Equipped with ladders, cargo lifts, if necessary, and even offices.

Types of Metal storage shelving manufacturers – conclusions:

So, I have listed all the main types of metal storage shelving manufacturers. Today each of these types has a place on the market and is popular in its field. Most importantly, buy quality shelving from a reliable supplier so you don’t get into trouble. As practice shows, cases of collapse of shelves are not so common, but still occur. Hence, such situations cause severe economic damage. And most importantly, it leads to injuries to warehouse employees.

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