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Top 5 Industrial Storage Racks Structures you will Love to Apply in Warehouse

Port: 2021.01.21

What are the types of storage strategies?

The industrial storage racks are structures that you usually fix at different heights. Further, in which you store the products and stocks of each company. It depends on the type of shelf that you use.

Moreover, the surface and height of the building can be more or less optimal. Much will also depend on the type of industrial shelving we want to use. But what kind of storage systems are there?
Industrial Storage Racks

Conventional/traditional storage shelving

One of the most common types is traditional shelving that you can distribute on several levels and usually separated from each other by a metal structure so that the operator can archive and store the material also according to orders.

One of the biggest problems with these storage systems is the loss of time by the operator every time he has to store or collect a product, obviously at the expense of productivity. In fact, he has to physically move between the shelves and operate according to the “man to goods principle. And sometimes use stools or ladders to reach the highest shelves.

  1. Compact shelving

Compact industrial storage racks systems or compact racks consist of the formation of blocks of goods, mainly with homogeneous products and medium or low rotation.

The shelf itself forms the internal corridors in which you can sometimes use technologies or means of handling, such as laser-guided vehicles or elevators. The main advantage of compact shelves is that they manage to double the storage capacity.

Although they take up much more space than Modula automatic vertical warehouses.

3.  Dynamic and push-back storage racks warehouses

Another type of industrial storage racks shelving that you can present inside a warehouse is push-back or dynamic shelving. It is a compact storage variant, which uses gravity to improve storage and collection times.

In practice, they are stored and collected from the very end of the rack.

Push-back storage, also popular as the trolley system, has often based on the LIFO (Last-in-First-out) principle and offers space-saving storage. The load units placed in the tunnel and then picked up from one side on a rail system.

These shelves are ideal for storing products that have divided by articles and lots, but are more limited in relation to the measures of the load units and manage a small number of references.

  1. Cantilever Rack

The cantilever type of logistic shelf is very suitable for bulky products. Moreover, you need a special corridor is to access the shelves.

Automatic shelving with industrial storage racks warehouses

The systems’ industrial storage racks are one of the best alternatives to conventional/traditional shelves. Further, it responds efficiently to the modern requirements for storage and inventory management.

Automatic vertical drawer warehouses such as Modula are designed to solve the limitations of traditional systems. Additionally, maximize the storage capacity on the ground, exploiting the entire height of the premises and improving the ergonomics of the operators and productivity.

What is wms system?

Being equipped with WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, they interface with company management systems and allow you to have stocks, activities, and inventories under control, so inventory becomes simple and fast.

Increasing a company’s turnover depends on a number of factors. Among them, we can highlight a good level of productivity, logistics appropriate to the type of business, and also the optimization of your space.

To ensure that these variables are adjusted in favor of your company, it is necessary for you to assess whether the decisions you are making regarding storage structures are the most appropriate. Follow the post we have prepared on the subject!

What are the differences between storage and industrial storage racks?

The first step is to understand that there are specific differences between storage and industrial storage racks. Since it is very common for the terms to confuse you and used to identify similar aspects.

Warehousing is the set of activities in an environment intended for temporary custody and the distribution of items and materials, such as warehouses, warehouses, etc.

Storage are activities that aim at the flow of materials between the warehouse and the point for the static location of the items. Inside a warehouse, there is a separate sector for storage, but it can contain several storage points.

Industrial Storage Racks 2021

What are storage structures?

More than rational, the use of space within a warehouse or warehouse needs to be strategic.

The size of the items to be stored, the speed of rotation, and all other peculiarities of the packaging and handling of these volumes need to be considered for the correct layout to be adopted in your company.

Industrial storage racks structures are the basis for how functionality adapts to your internal organization. All are basic elements for “palletizing”.

What are the types of storage strategies?

The warehousing logistics sector is constantly evolving and it is increasingly necessary to carry out strategic planning in this area. Materials management involves four models of strategies that you will see in the list below. Follow!

Shape strategies

Form strategies work in the search for the value generated from production by transforming raw materials into goods. In other words, you can use storage systems to stock parts that come together in the creation of a product.

Time strategy

This type of strategy has been linked to the tenure strategy (which will be discussed later). Here, strategists are looking for methods to improve the time of industrial processes.

Place strategy

This type of industrial storage racks strategy aims to work on the types of locomotion that involve products or parts from one place to another.

Ownership strategy

Regarding ownership strategies, its performance involves the added value of the product for the time it was dedicated during the production process. In order to assist managers, there is software that accounts for the time spent on production, transportation, and inventory.

What are the types of industrial storage racks structures?

There are several storage structures available and each one performs its function within the logistics. Therefore, planning is essential and the storage system must work in order to optimize the entire process of this chain. Check out the structure types now!

Narrow corridors

Here it is possible to optimize the useful storage space due to the decrease in movement aisles. However, the value for your investment is greater due to the function of the rails or inductive wires that are necessary for handling forklifts.

Stacker Cranes

It also has the function of improving the useful space, since its aisle is smaller than that of the forklift. In the case of higher heights, it is possible to raise the density of the load quickly during movement. In addition, it becomes feasible to take advantage of the vertical space, providing safety when handling the pallet.

Self-supporting for industrial storage racks

Let’s take advantage of the industrial storage racks vertical space. The construction time is shorter and it becomes possible to decrease the investment value since the storage structure is used as a support for lateral and roof closure. This allows for a greater distribution of loads on the floor.


It stands out for the small area facing the circulation. Here the pallet protects it since it is not moving. The structure looks like a block.

Nowadays, it is widely using in narrow locations for storing low-turnover goods with broad added value. Its main advantage is its high density.