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6 DIY wholesale storage baskets for shelves Large: Storage Baskets with Lids Amazon 2020

Port: 2020.11.11

6 DIY Wholesale Storage Baskets for Shelves Large: Storage Baskets with Lids Amazon 2020

wholesale storage baskets for shelves

Wholesale storage baskets for shelves in a city apartment? Sure! The natural human desire to feel closer to nature has made eco-style more and more popular in recent years. Due to their practicality and beauty, baskets made of bamboo, rattan, sea grass and cotton yarn have become indispensable companions in our homes.

Wicker baskets are the most popular representative of wicker furniture. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to remind that they are beautiful. But now placing all small items is very easy now! Any room, any style will gladly accept them as family.

A little background of wholesale storage baskets for shelves

According to historians, the art of weaving is more than 8.5 thousand years old. Our ancestors began to weave baskets and vessels from scrap materials much earlier than making ceramics and fabrics. The first wickerwork appeared in the Middle East and Africa, then in Egypt.


On the territory of modern Europe, they began to weave furniture much later. In the UK, archaeologists have found a basket that is at least two thousand years old.

Many modern designers argue that the modern wicker fashion came to us from France, where rattan and wickerwork has long been used in dining rooms and kitchens.

Perhaps stylistically we also adopted a lot from the French. But do not forget that wickerwork was very popular. Babies used to sleep in a grass crib, and the adult bed was nothing more than a wicker mat. And it is absolutely impossible to imagine the heroes of fairy tales putting mushrooms and berries into something other than a wicker basket.

In a modern interior, we can use wholesale storage baskets for shelves in any of the rooms. What will you add to them?

Wholesale storage baskets for shelves for blankets and pillows

Plaids are, in fact, an abstract concept. You can also store bedspreads, towels, scarves or floor rugs in this way. Looks beautiful if you carefully roll them into rolls.

Wicker baskets and boxes instead of shelves

This is perhaps the most functional option. You can often find beautiful cabinets and TV stands with open shelves in furniture stores. But, firstly, this option is suitable only for those who like that everything is in sight, and, secondly, it is often very impractical. Hello dust! You can buy several wicker boxes at once, and make a real set. Leave the open shelves for books and photo frames, and entrust the rest to wicker baskets. See how beautiful and stylish it looks.

Wholesale storage baskets for shelves and for Living room

Absolutely natural eco-friendly wicker boxes are simply irreplaceable for maintaining order. There is no better alternative to keep the room in order and hide all the small details from the designers and doll dresses! You can do this by simply adding wholesale storage baskets for shelves.

wholesale storage baskets for shelves factory

As an alternative to wicker baskets, knitted baskets can be used for toys and small items. They are soft and safe, made from eco-friendly cotton yarn that can be dyed in any shade!

You can hide towels, cosmetics and even toilet paper in the boxes and it won’t look strange. Please note that all bathroom furniture require special treatment, otherwise it may deteriorate from moisture. Do not be afraid to experiment and buy boxes and baskets of different shapes and sizes. Hence, this will make your bathtub look more interesting.

This is where there are definitely a lot of small details that you constantly want to somehow organize or even hide! See how neat spices, napkins, cutlery or cookbooks and magazines look in wicker baskets.


And here there is a place for wickerwork! How about glove boxes and scarves? Or umbrella stands and shoe spoons?

Storage baskets like pots and flower vases

This way of using wicker furniture is quite extravagant. But it turns out incredibly beautiful. It is logical that you should not pour the earth and pour water into an ordinary rattan basket. You’ve probably noticed that flower shops sell wicker pots with a special plastic coating inside.

wholesale storage baskets for shelves company

You can make such a pot yourself from any wholesale storage baskets for shelves. Or, in large wicker boxes and baskets made of dense material, the ceramic pot can simply be hidden inside.

These are just the simplest and most popular ideas for using wicker baskets. Some parents still buy wicker boxes for babies as the first cradles, for some, baskets help organize the space inside wardrobes. The last word is always yours, and imagination in this matter is your faithful friend.

Functional baskets for cabinets

Comfort is made up of little things that we don’t always notice. The familiar closet for storing clothes in every home has built-in shelves, drawers and compartments. Similarly, pull-out baskets for cabinets take an important place inside.

Standard material for cabinet baskets is steel or other decorative coated materials. In separate cabinets, drawers and baskets for sliding wardrobes are combined into transformable modules. Shelves, basket sets and other cabinet sections make it possible to use furniture with comfort.

Wholesale storage baskets for shelves: inside and outside

But not always, our home furniture can fulfill the functions assigned to it. In addition, wardrobes or dressers may not always hold enough items or have no built-in compartments. In order not to experience inconvenience and not to buy a new wardrobe, a great solution is to use furniture baskets. They are located inside furniture, form compartments for storing things, or are placed on open shelves, acting as convenient containers for a variety of small things. The decor of the basket is important. Wickerwork looks great as outdoor furniture baskets.

Furniture basket sets

The possibility of completing furniture baskets is their advantage. While looking for options for where to buy baskets for the home, we come across different solutions, including kits and sets of baskets. Do not refuse to buy sets of wholesale storage baskets for shelves.

They will bring coziness and harmony to the interior, complement it, help to organize life and keep order in the house. Therefore, our online store offers a wide range of home baskets.

Bathroom vine baskets

Here’s a selection of ideas for using wicker baskets in a modern bathroom.

The problem of storing laundry is very easy to solve. Bathroom storage baskets can be your ideal choice. This is a great opportunity to aesthetically formulate a delicate household issue. In addition, baskets are very convenient to store, for example, towels. You can sort them by color or size. Linen placed in a wicker box gets the opportunity to “breathe”, staying fresh for a long time without absorbing foreign odors.

Rectangular laundry baskets: wholesale storage baskets for shelves

This form is practical and most widespread. Products with lids will help to hide the contents from prying eyes. This is especially true if the laundry is supposed to be stored outside the bathroom.

However, the options without a lid are no less attractive in appearance. In addition, they often come with handles, which adds to the convenience of carrying.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of rectangular laundry baskets is the ability to place the product in a corner. Moreover, you can place it against a wall or, for example, between pieces of furniture.

Of course, if you order a box according to your size, you can use the area of ​​a small bathroom as efficiently as possible. For example, put a narrow but high basket in the walls, which simply cannot be occupied with something else.

Buying quality wholesale storage baskets for shelves can solve you’re a number of storage issues. 


Of course, not only rectangular boxes look impressive and fit things comfortably. Wholesale storage baskets for shelves are no less practical and like the housewives. Craftsmen can make a version exactly in size, tint in the desired color.

Complex forms with squeezes and extensions are usually not used when it comes to storing linen. As a rule, a rounded shape, slightly widening towards the top, or straight is best suited. The classic version – a wicker oval basket with a lid, located against the wall, takes up very little space.