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Basic knowledge of shelf

Port: 2021.03.13

The role and function of the shelf
Shelves play a very important position in the logistics system. With the increasing volume of goods and the increase in the number of automated warehouses, there will be more and more shelves, and they are required to be multi-functional and capable of achieving automation and mechanization. The role and functions of the loan frame are as follows:
(1) Since the loan rack fully utilizes the space position, the space utilization string of the warehouse is improved, and the storage capacity of the warehouse is increased.
(2) The goods are in the loan grid of the loan rack, which is convenient for access, measurement, and counting, and the principle of first-in first-out can be achieved.
(3) The goods in the depositor’s loan shelf are not squeezed, and measures such as dust and moisture prevention can be conveniently taken to ensure the quality of the goods themselves, reduce the loss of materials, and improve the storage quality of materials.
(4) The goods stored in the loan rack are convenient for mechanized operation.