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Best Metal Storage Shelving Manufacturers Tips for shelving Installation

Port: 2020.09.04

Most common applications pf metal storage shelving

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Metal storage shelving manufacturers have become immensely popular. Since eCommerce has set its footprints across the world, people need different types of shelves to set their inventory. Not only this, but almost every store, warehouse, or business place needs any kind of storage shelving.

Very often, especially if the space available to us is not particularly large and/or functional, we are unfortunately forced to find rationalized furnishing solutions. Choosing a good storage shelf can be a daunting task. Because this is especially something that is closely related to the place decoration.

How to choose metal storage shelving manufacturers?

One of the possible ways to solve this frequent inconvenience is to purchase a shelving unit from metal storage shelving manufacturers: it is, specifically, a piece of furniture composed of a series of fixed shelves.

Although the alternatives among which you can choose are now many. Since on the market there are shelves made with all sorts of materials. The model that seems to be the most popular seems to be that of metal shelves, with or without screws.

The use of metal in the realization of the product. In fact, not only ensures greater resistance to weights, considerable stability and high longevity. But is also in line with the today’s design and that taste for a hyper minimalist furniture that now seems to have depopulated in every home and in many shops.

The metal storage shelving manufacturers can also be seen destined for the most disparate uses. Not only could we use it as a bookcase, but also as a food sideboard or furniture with a purely aesthetic function to spruce up and enrich with ornaments and accessories.

Common applications of metal storage shelving

The other most frequent use that is made of metal shelving is industrial and commercial. Since it is a structure with heterogeneous finishes, sizes and functions, the metal shelving is configured as a particularly useful and versatile means of managing spaces.


And for this reason it is often seen intended for:

  • Warehouses
  • shops or
  • Plants

It is with the aim of making the most of the available space.

Widespread are also the modular metal shelving, that is those designed to adapt to almost any space. Since their components can be assembled in the most disparate sizes and ways. And thus being able to carry out the assembly with pieces of various sizes.

In addition, another positive aspect of metal shelving is their categorization according to the weight bearing capacity. Regardless of the specific need, undoubtedly metal storage shelving manufacturers will be able to find what is right for customers.

For heavy loads, racks are designed that can withstand between 400 and 1000 kilos per shelf. For medium loads you can choose those that contain 150 to 400 kilos and for light loads on those that can withstand up to 150 kilos at most.

How can metal storage shelving manufacturers improve warehouse?

To improve the warehouse, in case your company deals with medium-heavy weight goods or products stored in the form of pallets, it is possible to create pallet racking.

What is a pallet rack?

The pallet are industrial metal shelving engaged to the pallet storage (also known as pallets or pallets). This type of metal shelving is used by companies to improve warehouse logistics. Especially when working with heavy goods or products stored on pallets.

Metal storage shelving manufacturers can fix this type of industrial shelving. When it is fixed, a passage corridor between the individual shelves is required. While in the second case the shelving runs on tracks. This application is suitable when the warehouse surface is limited and the materials placed on the pallets have a low rotation index.

The shelving for pallets, or even shelving pallets door are therefore able to ensure an easy access to the pallet.

How metal storage shelving is helpful?

The pallet racks can support more or less heavy pallets and are a perfect solution for storing this type of goods quickly and safely.

Which companies need a pallet holder?

All metal storage shelving manufacturers dealing with pallets and euro pallets use pallet racking systems. In fact, the pallets need to be stored in the warehouse and this happens both in large industries and in small businesses such as small artisans.

The pallet racks are also used in the food and large-scale distribution sector as very often the products intended for sale are delivered to the store in bulk and on top of the pallets.

What are the dimensions of a pallet rack?

To understand the dimensions of a pallet racking, you have to think about the size of the pallets it is intended to support. The pallets have standard measures defined at European level with a base of 800 × 1200 mm or 1200 × 1200 mm. The shelves for the storage of the pallets are therefore made to contain them. And at the same time allow easy storage and removal.

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The advantages of metal storage systems

The use of pallet racking brings countless advantages in the industrial field. First of all, this model of metal shelving, can be assembled easily and quickly. The pallet racks are also extremely versatile. And thanks to their modularity they can be modified and expanded even after installation. That is why metal storage shelving manufacturers prefer these shelving installations.

How to choose a shelving for the storage of your pallets?

For the purchase of this type of shelves it is always advisable to rely on experts’ metal storage shelving manufacturers in the sector.

Relying on experts is very important. And choosing metal storage shelving manufacturer’s means choosing a company. That deals with pallet racks at 360 degrees: from design to implementation. The quality and professionalism are therefore very high and guaranteed.

Conclusion- metal storage shelving manufacturers

In the workplace it is easy to find metal storage shelving manufacturers for the storage of goods and products. Often, however, shelving is not given the right weight in order to assess the risks present in the company.

This exposes workers to various dangers, including crushing as a result of tipping the shelving, falling materials from above, etc. It is therefore necessary for the employer to correctly assess the risks. Those are associated with the presence of shelving and comply with certain obligations.