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2020 Best stainless steel shelving manufacturers Explains Best Method to Store Products in Shelves

Port: 2020.11.03

2020 Best Stainless Steel Shelving Manufacturers Explains Best Method to Store Products in Shelves

stainless steel shelving manufacturers

In stores, they always devote a lot of time and attention to the placement of the assortment of products. When it is beautiful and not taking up much space, you need to demonstrate the available products to the buyer. In these conditions, stainless steel shelving manufacturers come to the rescue.

This traditional form of placing a wide variety of items on shelving shelves is constantly changing. And it brings decorative art details to the shopping arcade.

What is stainless steel shelving?

Store racks are commercial equipment with a multi-tiered shelf system. The main task of such equipment is the demonstration of the presented products, as well as their storage. Due to the special design of the shelves, the useful trading area is significantly increased.

And the buyers, by themselves taking the necessary goods from the shelves of the shelves. Moreover, it significantly increases the efficiency of the store as a whole.


Ideally, stainless steel shelving manufacturers should solve practical and aesthetic problems. Similarly, it should have excellent load and strength characteristics. Hence, it organically combines with the presented type of product, and also fit into the overall interior of the sales area.

The Most demanding stainless steel shelving manufacturers Types

Currently, the most in demand are models of shelving structures that can be modified without difficulty, namely. Any store employee should easily, depending on the problem being solved, change the placement of fasteners, holders or shelves.

According to the functional purpose, stainless steel shelving manufacturers divide store racks into two main groups: universal (for a wide range of goods) and specialized (for a specific type of goods).

Based on the types of shelving structures, conventionally, commercial shelving is divided into the following groups:

  1. End
  2. Corner
  3. Island
  4. Wall
  5. perforated

The location of the shelving structures largely depends on the type of retail space and the specifics of the goods being sold, mainly the area of ​​the sales area and its design features play a role. In particular, in a cozy boutique and a small shop, it is advisable to use corner and wall racks. And in a large shopping center with large volumes of retail space, island (double-sided) racks fit perfectly.

How to choose the right stainless steel shelving manufacturers?

How to choose the right shelving for your store? For an unambiguous answer to this question, it is necessary to analyze the features of this equipment and the peculiarities of its application. Paying special attention to the strength characteristics, dimensions, and materials is very important.

When starting our own business, we often face such problems as:

  • Where to start?
  • preparation of all documents
  • finding a room
  • how to equip this room and,
  • of course, how to choose the right retail racks

So that everything comes rationally and practically! At the same time, it is necessary to comply with all safety standards for the arrangement of racks. The width of the passage between the racks is 1200-1400 mm. The distance from open refrigerators to the racks is 1500-2000 mm. and etc.

stainless steel shelving manufacturers in china

After choosing stainless steel shelving manufacturers for a retail outlet, you need to place retail racks as profitably as possible. So that everything is beautiful and functional. And most importantly, so that your customers feel comfortable in your trading floor.

Stainless steel shelving: where to start?

So where do you start as? First of all, you need to take checkerboard paper and measure your room. Then, transfer all the dimensions to scale on checkered paper (for example, 2 cells are 1 square meter of the room). Moreover, you need to decide on the approximate arrangement of products and the height of the trade racks. YL-rack offers wall and island commercial shelving.

The height of the racks, of course, depends on your needs. In addition, we count the height of the room, as well as the desired placement of products on the racks. Similarly, in different places of the outlet, racks of different heights can be placed. In our experience, the most demanded rack heights are 2150 mm and 2400 mm.

With the choice of the width of the shelves, everything is much simpler, for most manufacturers it is the same. Generally, stainless steel shelving manufacturers offer 3 types of shelf widths for commercial shelving:

  1. 700 mm
  2. 1000 mm
  3. 1250 mm

An excellent solution for retail space is the use of the inner and outer corner of the shelves. Similarly, it allows you to rotate the shelves, relative to the wall, by 90 degrees without breaking.


How to store products in stainless steel shelves?

After determining the number of shelves, it is IMPORTANT to decide whether you need an upper shelf for storing products. It will replenish the goods that are sold out. Hence, this is great for retail outlets that have small utility rooms for storing goods.

In rooms with high ceilings, we recommend installing racks with direct storage of goods on racks. Usually large supermarkets are common; goods are on the lower shelves. Therefore, we can store products on pallets on the upper shelves. This is very convenient and saves large areas.


If you have utility rooms, we recommend installing light shelving racks , medium-duty racks , or frontal racks for storing products .

After arranging the racks and distributing where, what kind of goods will be located. You can begin to complete the racks with additional equipment.

  • Bread shelves
  • Pastry shelves (glass dividers up to 21 divisions).
  • Vegetable baskets.
  • Wall panels, racks.
  • Bread shelves
  • Bread shelves
  • Pastry shelves
  • Pastry shelves
  • Vegetable baskets
  • Shop rack
  • Wall panels

You can also choose:

  • Price tags (transparent, white, yellow, green, red, blue);
  • Shelf dividers
  • Perforated panels;
  • Universal perforated panels
  • Hooks for perforation


Contact us and we will prepare drawings for the arrangement of racks and a commercial offer with a complete set. Being professional stainless steel shelving manufacturers, we will make calculations and drawings for you completely free of charge!