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How to plan to optimize your bulk Bulk Home Storage Shelves | 2020

Port: 2020.06.15

Bulk Home Storage Shelves: Planning for Optimization

Since warehouse racking is among the basic infrastructure components that help in facilitating optimal warehouse organization and seamlessly operations, therefore it is important to pay heed to it. Even if you have a warehouse in the basement of your house. It is vital to plan for optimization for your bulk home storage shelves.

With racks, it is possible to efficiently organize products while maximizing the use of space. In addition, they planned, and organized racks will allow you easy access for streamlined picking of the products. However, do bear in mind that there are other aspects of the warehouse elements including facility layout, the width of aisles among others that you need to pay heed to.

Nonetheless, in this guide, we will talk about how to plan for optimization.

Laying the Foundation of Bulk Home Storage Shelves

Planning is Imperative

For starters, you need to understand that planning is the key to any successful operation. So, instead of throwing pallet racking here or there, you should always plan your layout. Make sure that the material handling company that you choose has vast experience in warehouse laying facility.

We cannot emphasize on the fact that how important it is for the material company to have experience. Explain everything that you want in detail to the supplier and then listen to what they have to say.  You need to consider things like a staging area, shipping place, warehouse manager’s office, etc. in your basic floor plan.

Bulk Home Storage Shelves


After you thoroughly went through your flooring plan, the next step is to focus on your budget. Of course, the budget would define the number of bulk home storage shelves you can purchase. What you need to understand is that it is not only the racking purchasing cost that requires consideration.

On the contrary, you also need to focus on the costs of installation and in some cases designing these shelves. Purchasing the cheapest is not always the optimal solution. Before deciding on a racking solution see if it would fulfill all your storage requirements.

Instead of going for the cheapest standards, we recommend you go for the best solution cost. In most cases, systemized racking yields better results. However, the choice between standard pallet racking and push back, pallet flow, among others would greatly depend upon your storage requirement.

Distinguishing between low-flow and high-flow Products

For an effective and efficient warehousing system, great companies distinguish between low-flow and high-flow products. Let’s take an example of IKEA’s warehouses. The use of high-flow facilities for the store operations.

For their low-flow warehouses, they are more inclined towards manual systems. It’s due to their high-flow warehouses that the employees are able to reduce the cost per touch. The reason being, they use automatic retrieval systems as well as storage systems.

Only the products that are not in high demand would be stored in the low-flow facility. Also, the workers would not be moving of shifting these inventories around a lot, thus it won’t be really hard to find any product.

Using these strategies, you can effectively cut down your operating cost, despite having high product demand. Moreover, following these strategies allow the company to have a competitive edge of its rivals. In addition, they continually purse enhance and advanced techniques for the streamlining of their supply management chain.

Increase your Vertical Space

What is great about these bulk home storage shelves is that they offer the facility of increasing your vertical space instead of the horizontal ones. Yes, with this shelving systems, you might be able to curve your need for additional add-ons or for new physical distribution centers.

For companies that have the square footage of the warehouse, we highly recommend using vertical storage units. They would ensure more storage capacity while being easy on the floor space. So, instead of jumping to the last solution i.e. building a new warehouse, try incorporating vertical racking systems.

With these vertical shelves can you bring forward the smaller items, while storing the bulky ones at the back. This would increase the competency of the picking process. You would be able to take out things without waste precious time.

Not paying heed to existing Obstructions

Start with drawing your optimal shelving layout. Do not incorporate the obstruction or the columns of your warehouse. Once, you have completed that. Now incorporate the obstructions into your ideal design.

However, do try to make as little changes as possible to your fully effective and efficient plan. You do not want to lose its efficiency by incorporating the obstructions. If that does happen, it means you need to come up with another ideal plan.

Repeat the entire process again, until you yield the desired result. Just remember, it is important to incorporate obstruction like heaters, drain pipes, awkward places, etc. into your racking system planning.

The key to creating an effective and well-organized shelving layout system is to ensure that it has the feasibility of being compromising and flexible.

Rack arrangement

When it comes to arranging racks, we would recommend that you go with long rows. This kind of arrangement would generate more real results in comparison to the short bursts. With long rows, you would be able to maximize the space.

Below are certain things that require consideration while planning for the placement of your bulk home storage shelves.

  1. Go with the long row arrangement instead of the short bursts.
  2. When you arrange your pallet rack system along the walls, we agree that they create open spaces. However, at the same time, they would limit the efficiency of your warehouse.
  3. Avoid creating L shaped storage systems. Mainly because they have an extremely complicated navigation system.

Always looks for ways to optimize

When you look form the point of view of an overhead, make sure that you decide the position of your bulk home storage shelves in a way that they offer the greatest efficiency. After all, your objective is to achieve high efficiency and optimization.

The objective here is to consistently strive for the optimization of your storage units, warehouse, and storage layout. Only an optimized warehouse would offer greater organization and faster shipping.

There is no One-Size Fits all for Bulk Home Storage Shelves

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to organizing your warehouse. Something that worked for your friend’s company might not be able to attaint the same effective results for you. Following modern trends is also an effective technique, but again, it might not just work for you. Check out the 5 industrial racking system of 2020.

Remember, the operating efficiency of your warehouse would define its organized ability.

It if is difficult to find things in the warehouse, it means you failed as a warehouse organizer. This would eventually catch up to your business. Unorganized warehouses would lead to a couple of issues including increased shipping time.

Avoid Planning with the existing equipment

You might be tempted to use your existing equipment in your new storage plan. However, we do recommend against it. There are many reasons for our denial. First, the current equipment was according to that particular storage requirements.

However, thanks to technological advancement, modern storage systems are way more efficient and sophisticated. They have the capability to hold a greater number of products while consumers minimal floor space.

Incorporating the old shelves would eventually lead to shelving systems of different styles and shapes. This might not yield the most desirable results. So, plan accordingly. Of course, you can incorporate previous systems, just make sure that they blend well with your current shelving system.

Bulk Home Storage Shelves in china

Hang Signs

There is no denying that bulk home storage shelves are easy to navigate. To make things even simpler, we recommend you hang signs into your warehouse. For instance, product A and its respective sub-category would be present in the 5th aisle and nowhere else.

This would increase the efficiency of the entire house. It would make it easier for you to reach out to any product any time you want.

Following these effective tips would ensure the overall effectiveness of your bulk home storage shelves. For more details, you can reach out to us and we will provide you with a detailed storage plan.