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Gondola Shelving System: A superior bulk storage rack shelving technique

Port: 2020.03.11

Why Gondola is a Superior bulk storage rack shelving system?

Retailers do need an effective bulk storage rack shelving system to meet the demands of upcoming products. After all, they would have to accommodate upcoming products to keep the business afloat.

With proper space optimization, the retailers will end up doing expansion. However, expansion is not an optimal solution just to bring a couple of products in-house.

Therefore, you would have to have an alternate solution. A good idea is to use a shelving system. Of course, there are several different types of shelving systems. You need to choose the one that suits your needs to perfection. You can go with the selves that are directly built in the wall or you can opt for a gondola shelving system.

If you ask us, we would recommend a gondola-shelving system. After all, it is extremely portable.  In the case of shelves that are built inside the wall, you limit yourself. To add on more shelves, you will need more space. Something, we have been trying to avoid from the very start.

On the contrary, with the gondola shelving technique, you can actually add a lot of storage space with minimal floor space.  The objective of both, traditional shelving, as well as gondola shelving, is to display products. However, they do have their differences and advantages.

In the course of this article, we are going to differentiate between the traditional and gondola shelving technique. In addition, we will discuss why the gondola-shelving system is a superior shelving technique.

Traditional Shelving

People have been using traditional shelving for years.  In this style of shelving, the isles are built within the walls. These isles are statics and they do no they the adjustability factor. Once built, these isles will remain the same forever.


To make changes to them, you will have to change the entire shelving system. Traditional shelving does provide the opportunity to store the product directly on the shelf. However, at the same time, it offers minimal customization. Thus, limiting your ability to maximize the available storage space.

You will not have the option of adjusting the shelves to accommodate products of different dimensions.  Despite its limitation, we do come across several stores that use the traditional shelving system.

For instance, the store still using traditional shelving systems for displaying vegetables or fruits. They prefer it that way. Gondola-shelving system is more advance, sophisticated and customizable. However, the type of shelving system you choose mainly depends on your requirements.

So, a good idea is to first focus on your business requirements. Do you need to go with a gondola shelving system? or would the traditional shelving system be a better option? Pay heed to the number of products you are planning to store. Also, keep in the mind the potential upcoming products. Only when you fully analyze your situation can you make a learned decision.

 Gondola Shelving System

Now that you are familiar with the traditional shelving system. Let us shed some light on the Gondola Shelving system. Being a leading stainless steel shelving manufacturer, we do believe that gondola is an excellent shelving system. It is perhaps the best shelving technique. It offers great customizability and versatility.

With gondola, you will never have to worry about having to adjust shelves. You can easily fit products with different dimensions in the same unit. In fact, the system comes with an adjustable shelving design. It means you can adjust the level of the shelves to accommodate products with different dimensions.

To adjust the shelves, all you have to do is lift up and pull it out. Gondola provides different adjustable options. it means you can place the shelve either lower or higher. The level mainly depends on your needs. Look for those available notches, and place the shelf in either one of them.

Adjustable shelves allow you to store several products without adding more to the floor space. You can place bulky products along with small size products.  You can move gondola shelving units anywhere you like.

Even after you have placed these shelves, they are easily moveable. Most of them come with small tries. Thus, making it possible for you effortlessly change their location. There are different ways to movies these shelves. The conventional one is by sliding the metal wheels present under every shelf.

Moving the shelves is easy. However, if they are of a big size, you will need additional help. Their adjustability factor makes them one of the best shelving techniques.

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Advantages of Gondola bulk storage rack shelving system

Being the leading bulk storage rack shelving system, Gondola offers a series of advantages. Below, we have listed the most common benefits of this amazing shelving system.

Saves Space

With Gondola shelving, retailers can effortlessly optimize their space. They can bring in new products without worrying about storage space. The technique incorporates two-sided, vertical shelving. The system offers freestanding units. Therefore the retailer can actually create aisles of products throughout the store.

These vertical shelves are designed to take up limited space. At teh same time they offer maximum storage capacity.  Retailers can display a large number of products while ensuring easy accessibility.

Assembling is easy

Another great thing about the gondola shelving technique is that it is extremely easy to assemble. You will have put in a couple of things together and you good to go. There is no need for a professional. Thus, it saves you the cost of hiring one.

You will not have to pay for the shopfitters.  You could easily adjust the products on your own. Gondola shelves do not come with tricky wall mounting fixing. They are also extremely adjustable. Simply, lift and pull a shelf out and place it on one of the available notches.

Great Flexibility

It is among the few shelving systems that offer maximum flexibility. You can adjust the height as well as the depth of the shelves to accommodate the different merchandise. In addition, the amazing shelving unit offers versatility in terms of size and shape.

You can enjoy giant gondola shelving units along with small ones. The shapes also change, you can have long rectangular ones, L-shapes ones, etc.  Moving every unit is also extremely easy.  These shelves come with metal wheels. Use these wheels and move them around your retail shop.

The gondola shelving system is perfect for different retailers. For example, supermarkets, and discount stores. Likewise, you can use gondola shelving for another type of retails as well. For instance, they are perfect for groceries store and convenience stores.

They work well for pet stores, hardware stores, chemist stores, and automotive stores. You can see them in hobby stores, and petrol station stores.

Robust and Durable

If you think that the benefits of gondola shelving end with being adjustable and flexible, think again. There are several other shelving techniques that offer adjustable and customization. However, very few can back these things with durability and robustness.

The stainless steel shelving manufacturers consider gondola shelving a robust shelving system. It has the ability to support around 150KG of a load. That means you can put up many products in a single unit. You will not have to worry about it getting damaged.

Attractive Retail Display

The benefits of gondola shelving do not end with robustness, customization. The shelves also have the ability to add to the aesthetic sense of the store. In order to create an attractive display, you can title the shelves.

With these tilt shelves, the products enjoy more visibility. The shelves also look attractive and eye-catching.

Use Gondola with Accessories

Gondola is a superior bulk storage rack shelving system. It provides the facility to be used with accessories. If you want to display, the shelves in some other way than the standard retail store shelving. You are in for a treat. Gondola units come with pegboards, Slatwall, etc. These dividing walls allow them to be used with accessories.  Below are the accessories that you can use with the gondola.

  • LED lights to illuminate displays.
  • Shelf dividers.
  • Wire baskets for magazine display.
  • Hooks for displaying bags or other accessories.
  • Hanging pegs to display accessories including bags, shoes, etc.


Despite offering a series of benefits, Gondola shelving units are extremely cost-effective. You can compare them with a number of other shelving systems. They will still be less expensive. Gondola shelving system is a long-term investment. It does not require constant attention.

Gondola requires minimum repairs and it goes a long way. In addition, you do not have to pay the additional fitting cost. It is extremely easy to set up these units. Lastly, gondola offers the opportunity to display numerous products in limited space. Thus, maximizing your revenue.

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Gondola shelving system does offer great benefits in comparison to the traditional shelving technique. It is easy to assemble. It offers versatility in terms of display and space. Retailers can store numerous products on limited floor space. It provides the facility to store products of different dimensions. Lastly, you can easily move it around.

This amazing bulk storage rack shelving system is the perfect solution for all your shelving problems. Reach out to us today for acquires the best gondola shelving. We also offer other shelving systems for your retail business. We promise to deliver the highest quality shelving systems on time and within budget.