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All that you need to know about Bulk Storage Wine Shelving

Port: 2020.02.09

Bulk Storage Wine Shelving: A comprehensive Guide


In the wine business, having the right kind of bulk storage wine shelving is imperative. After all, the idea is to store a large collection of wine into an appropriate size space. With the right kind of shelving, you can not only store a large amount of wine but also place them categorically. Thus, making the retrieval process efficient and effective.

There are several aspects that you need to consider to come up with a smart, and useful wine shelving system. In the course of this article, we will be discussing the important points for implementing the right kind of wine shelving. So, without any further delay, let us get started.


Table of Content


  • Wine Racks
  • Bulk Wine Shelving
  • Importance of Bulk Storage Wine Shelving
  • Summary


Wine Racks


Wine racks are basically wine storage shelves. The main purpose of these racks is to store ensure robust and smooth storage of wine bottles for a long time. You can use a wide range of materials for building the wine shelves. Some of the common material includes steel, metal, glass, plastic, wood, and iron.

It is possible to enjoy a wine rack within the vanity of your house. However, most people use them for commercial purposes. Departmental Stores, Hypermarket, restaurants, hotels, casinos, etc. engage in having bulk wine shelves.

The dimensions of a wine bottle have a direct impact on the width and debt of the wine shelf. For instance, a standard wine bottle comes with a diameter of 3-3.2 inches, and a height of 12 inches. So, the shelves storing these bottles should have a depth of 14.5 inches in order to properly store the wine bottle in the horizontal direction.





Wine Shelving Storage


Commercial wine shelving needs proper research. You need to analyze the space before building these shelves. In addition, it is important to focus on the type of material you are going to use. We did mention above that several materials are used for wine shelving.




Food wine shelves are an excellent way to showcase your wine collection while adding an aesthetic sense to the surrounding. Since wood is popular and easy to use the material, thus you tend to see it a lot.

Restaurants, hotels, casino, bars tend to use wooden wine shelves as they not only want to flaunt their amazing wine collection, but also give a premium look.

To develop robust and elegant shelves, you can use different types of woods.  Some of these types include Fir, Cedar, Red Oak, Pine, Mahogany, All Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood among others. Fir and Cedar are the two popular choices and almost the most beautiful options.

Fir comes in natural cream color and it offers robustness. On the other hand, Cedar is beautiful and it liked due to its aroma. However, the same aroma that attracts consumers can have an adverse effect. Something, the aroma penetrates the wine via the cork.




In recent times, manufacturers are looking for reliability as well as convinces. Plastic is an excellent material. The designer wine shelves are usually made up of plastic. The best thing about plastic is its offer versatility in terms of shape. Thus, you can have a shelf of any shape.




Another excellent material for the implementation of wine shelving is metal. Despite the fact that metal is difficult to manipulate in comparison to wood, but it offers more diversity. You can customize the top surface of a metal in order to match your overall interior.

Likewise, metal allows flowing and fluid shapes. You can enjoy trendy, modern wine shelves holding a small number of bottles. Or you can go with something bigger, yet smarter. It is entirely possible to design and develop wine shelves that can hold a large number of bottles.

One of the main reasons, people preferring metal is its longevity. Metal is an excellent choice for not only short term but also long-term storage. The color, the texture, and the shape remain the shape for a long time.


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel shelves might not be popular for commercial use, but they for sure are the first choice of any contemporary kitchen. They offer elegance and add sophistication to the kitchen. Since modern living appliance and other things compromises of stainless steel, thus a stainless steel wine shelves compliments it perfectly.

Another reason for the material to be popular is its resistance against staining and corrosion. A shelf in a kitchen needs to have both these qualities. After all, you will be using that on a daily basis. Likewise, stainless steel is 100% recyclable.

The recycling factor further ad to its appeal and their long shelf life is making them the best choice for shelving. Due to its ability to resist oxidation, it does not rust easily. Therefore, it holds on to its actual appearance and quality for a long time.

This is something everyone is looking for. After all, they would not like to invest a handsome amount into something that is not going to be productive in the long run. Like metal, stainless steel also offers a number of finishes and topcoats.

You can enjoy a dull, mat look via passivating the steel or you can have a bead blasted, reflective sheen using the electropolished technique. The variety of designs, shapes, and sizes makes it the perfect choice for your kitchen.

In addition, cleaning these shelves are extremely easy. So, if you are looking for smart and outstanding wine shelves for your personal kitchens, go ahead with stainless steel ones.


Wrought Iron


When it comes to durability and robustness, you will not find a better material then wrought iron. No other material can match it. Another great thing about this material is that you can enjoy a wide variety of designs and shapes.

Ranging from antique and traditional to modern and contemporary, you can have it all. Simply, choose a design that would go with the interior of your space. For instance, in a casino that has a classic feel, you can implement antique-style bulk storage wine shelving.

With the right kind of wrought iron wine shelving, you can change the entire look of your space. You can even enjoy wall mounted wine shelves in the form of sculpture. So, with wrought iron, it is entirely possible to enjoy almost any shape you want.


Different Type of Shelves


With every passing day, wine shelves are becoming important. Due to this reason, manufacturers today are focusing on coming up with unique, different and smart shelves. They are introducing new ideas to the market.

While offer outstanding quality and design, the modern racks also have better storage capability. There are several types of wine racks. You can even come up with your own design and style. However, we are going to talk about some of the most common wine shelves that you see in shops, stores, hotels, etc.

So, today we see racks that are better designed, use robust material and are more functional in comparison to the traditional racks.


Wine Glass Shelves


To add a feasibility factor, several manufacturers include a wine glass rack in wine shelves. This allows storing not only the wines but the glasses as well. You can enjoy a wide range of products having this particular feature.

Also, these kinds of racks can be built using wood, steel, and several other materials. You can enjoy different shapes as well. For instance, you can cover your entire wall with hanging or wall mounted wine shelves. Or you can have a smart wine cabinet.

Regardless of the type or shape, it is entirely possible to incorporate this amazing feature into the wine shelves.




If you are looking for an effective way to save different types of bottles, then cube shelving is your best shot. They have the ability to handle different bottles of different shapes and sizes. Despite being small, they can handle a large number of bottles.

If you want bulk storage wine shelving, with sophistication, you might just go with cubes. Manufacturers use a wide variety of materials for cube shelving. You can have wooden cubes, metal ones or even wrought iron ones. It all depends upon what you want and how it will suit your respected space.

So, choose from a wide variety and enjoy the amazing impact.






Wall Mounted shelves


Next, in line we have wine wall mounted shelves.  You can effortlessly place the shelves on the wall. The great news is that you can use any material that you like and achieve any shape that you want. Some common materials that manufacturers use for wall-mounted shelves include wood and metal.

There is no denying that wall-mounted racks are an excellent way to save space. They do not have the capacity to hold a large number of bottles. On average, they are capable of holding either one or a couple of bottles.

Therefore, we would not recommend them for bulk storage. On the contrary, you can enjoy them in a small size bar or for your personal wine collection. After all, they do tend to add elegance to the place and give is a complete and smart look.


Big Bottle


In case, you are planning to store wine bottles above the average size, you need to go with shelves that can accommodate them. When constructing big bottles shelves ensure that you use a material that is robust and strong.

Since you will be putting a lot of weight on these racks, therefore it needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight. Of course, you can put the regular wine bottle on these shelves.


Importance of Bulk Storage Wine Shelving


See the benefits below.


Four Standard Units


There are four main standard units available, please see the table below. All these units are 14” wide.

Wide High No. of Bottles it Holds
36” 74 ¾” 12 cases of 750ml bottles
36” 86 ¾” 15 cases of 750 bottles
48” 74 ¾” 16 cases of 750ml bottles
48” 86 ¾” 20 cases of 750ml bottles


Secure Wine Storage


To ensure that your wine is stored securely, manufacturers often enclose the back and the side panels. These panels are responsible for keeping the bottle secure and prevent any sort of accidents. They even use optional doors that are locked with a padlock in order to offer security from pilferage or loss.

Usually, the padlocks are available for 16 case units. In case, you want it for others, you can discuss it with the manufacturer and they will be able to accommodate you accordingly.


High Density


You can enjoy storing a large number of wines in a limited space. On average, you can have one case per linear foot of shelf i.e. 305mm. Space is efficiently covered to offer the best results.


Enjoy Proper Angel


Wine shelving allows you to hold the bottles at a proper angle. Usually, every shelf comes with a support to hold the bottles at an upward slant of 10 degrees. This allows the corks to remain moist while ensuring the safe stacking of the bottles.


Bottle Size Variety


You can hold different sizes of bottles with the help of diagonal wires that create bins. Each bin is usually 15” apart and it holds a case. However, you can change the placement of the divider according to your requirements. You can create big or small bins on the same shelf.


Control Temperature


Since open wire construction allows proper airflows, it is able to maintain the desired temperature. This is something extremely important for several wine cellars.


High Visibility


The right kind of wine storage offers high visibility. You can effortlessly read the labels and selection. In addition, you can have units that stay clean for a long time, as very little space is available for dust accumulation.


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Bulk storage wine shelves offer several benefits. However, it is important to choose a manufacturer that can provide reliability and robustness. Since it is a long term investment, thus you need to ensure quality.

Yl-racks have been in business long enough to understand how things work. They promise to deliver high-quality wine shelves with the latest trends and requirements. Yl-racks are famous for using only the top-notch material and delivering unique, useful and elegant shelves.