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Effective Tips for Your bulk storage wine shelving | 2020

Port: 2020.06.16

How to build the Perfect Bulk Storage Wine Shelving System

Building the perfect bulk storage wine shelving system is a challenge many overtook. Where some of you might have passed with flying colors, others did see defeat. Although, you might think that how hard can it be to install a simple wine shelving system, but you need to understand its take more than just shelves here and there.

You need to have a plan, considering the floor space and the obstructions that are associated with the physical space. Not only this, but you also need to design for the future as well. Simply putting in a couple of storage racks here and there, would later result in additional cost, when you would need to expand.

Therefore, plan your storage in a such a way that later you can do expansion vertical instead of purchasing a new warehouse. It takes a lot of your time, but trust us, the time and energy spent on planning would prevent expensive expansion in the future.

So, a good way to start with your bulk storage is to follow the tips below. These tips will permit you from making mistakes that would eventually lead to the inefficiency of your wine warehouse.

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bulk storage wine shelving

Basic Rules for Bulk Storage Wine Shelving System

These basic rules would help ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the wine cellular. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

Optimal Condition for Storing Wine

Before you start installing your win storage system, it is important to learn some important aspects of wine storage. For starters, understand that there is a certain temperature that you need to maintain for the wine to stay intact and age properly.

The ideal conditions for wine aging and storing is to maintain a temperature of 55 to 60 F. Moreover, ensure that there is about 60% to 70% relative humidity. In some places, people are lucky enough to have these conditions naturally.

However, many of you might have to artificially create these environmental conditions. So, what all do you need to maintain the required conditions?

Wine Coolers

In lame words, we can call them either refrigeration systems or cooling units. Most wine storage cellular incorporates wine coolers to maintain the required temperature and humidity level. Moreover, these cooling systems come with a temperature-controlled option.

A high-quality wine cooler ensures that your wines are kept at the proper temperature. Allowing them to age well and become one of the finest wines available in the market.

Note: We do recommend wine coolers when you plan to store the wine for a short period.

Thanks to advancement, you do have access to some coolers that come with the ability to maintain proper humidity. Thus, making it possible for you to store the wine for a longer period.

Ideally, we suggest storing wine in darkness with minimal disturbance and vibration for an effective aging process.

Number of Bottles

You do have to plan for the future; however, your current bulk storage win shelving system should have the capacity as per your present requirements. After all, a greater number of shelves means a higher price. Why pay for something now that you to use in let’s say, 10 years’ time.

Therefore, it is important that you consider your current required capacity before you finalize the number of shelves you plan to purchase. Nonetheless, a good rule of thumb is to allow around 100 bottles per square meter of space.

So, if you want to store around 2000 bottles, you can do the math. The only objective here is to plan well-before hand for your future expansion. After all, once you have a wine storage solution, you are bound to bring in more wine for storage purposes.

Three Critical Components of Wine Cellar

Having the right kind of storage wine shelving is important, but at the same time, you also ensure that your wine cellar meets the highest standards.

Below, we have listed the three most critical components of any wine cellar.

  • Airtight Seal
  • Moisture or Vapor Barrier
  • Insulation

Airtight Seal

It is important to ensure that the wine cellular is airtight. Once you close the cellar’s door, there should no be airflow. In simple words, no air should be entering or leaving the cellar after you close the door. To ensure that no air passes via the door, it should have a door sweep along with weather-stripping.

The lack of air allows the wine to age well. Therefore, make sure of this aspect of your cellar.

Moisture Barrier

You cannot miss out on the vapor or moisture barrier. Make sure to incorporate them into your construction plan. There are different types of barrier available, however, the most common is the Visqueen. It is a 6-mil polyethylene sheet.

Make sure you apply this sheet around the wine cellar. The important thing to remember here is that the need to be applied on the outside i.e. the warm side of the wine cellar.


We cannot emphasize the importance of insulation. There are different standards of insulation, however, we recommend having a minimum of either R19 or R12.  If you are willing to spend more, it would be great to share the exterior wall with R30 insulation.

Since the walls of most wine cellars are constructed using 2×4 studs, it is possible for you to use 2 x 1.5 bats with R18 total insulation. It means you would be having R6 per inch.

Storing the Wooden Cases

Another important aspect that requires consideration while constructing your wine cellar and installing the bulk storage wine shelving system is: Whether you plan to store the wooden cases or not.

Many modern wine producers sell wine in wooden cases. The number of bottles inside the wooden case depends upon the country. For instance, the Australian producers give 6 bottles in every wooden case.

However, European wine producers offer 12 bottles per case. So, if you plan to sell wine in cases, you would need to make room for them. A good way to go about handling these cases is that you reach out to your bulk storage wine shelving supplier.

Talk to him, tell them about your requirement and they will be able to come up with a well-planned and optimized solution.

Planning on Storing Special Bottles

Sometimes, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work with the winner. There are certain bottles that have different and unique shapes. These bottles can either be small for the regular box or too big. So, how are you to deal with such a problem?

In addition, being an exclusive wine collector as well as seller, you would want to hold onto some empty wine bottles as a reminder of some amazing occasion. These issues are real, and you need to consider them when purchasing your storage wine shelving system.

For an easy solution, simply discuss it with your shelf supplier. They have the knowledge and the skills to cater to all types of wine bottles. May they be specialized champagne bottles such as the Taittinger, Krug, Dom Perignon, among others.

You can even ask them to either to incorporate shelving on top of the conventional “off the shelf” wine rack, or somewhere near the main wine racks.

Tasting Your Wine From your bulk storage wine shelving

Being a wine collector or a seller, you are tempted to taste your wine every now and then. Why curb the urge, when it can be made possible with the limited hassle? Simple, add a small place near your wining rack for glassware or decanters.

bulk storage wine shelving in china

To add more to your convenience, we also recommend installing a sink nearby. However, the important thing here is to discuss, all that you require a reliable shelving company. Experts like, Yl-Rack, would be able to provide you with the most effective and efficient solutions.

Their experience will help you make the best decision possible.