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Bulk Storage with Wood Shelves: The complete Guide

Port: 2020.02.12

Bulk Storage with Wood Shelves


Bulk storage with wood shelves allows you to, efficiently store products, parts, food items, etc. in your facility. With the right kind of shelving system, you can store a large number of products in a very small space.

Regardless, the place may be a superstore, warehouse, small grocery shop or any other place; incorporate the right shelving system to enjoy efficient storage. Before you finalize the storage type, it is imperative to have the basic information about the shelving system.

Of course, there are several types of shelving systems. However, in this article, our major focus would be on wooden shelving. We will talk about different wooden industrial shelving, along with the times of wood used for these shelving. We are also going to shed some light on the importance of bulk storage shelving.

So, without any further delay, let us get straight to it.


Table of Content


  • Industrial Shelving Systems
  • Different Types of Wood Shelves
  • Importance of bulk storage with wood shelves
  • Why choose us
  • Summary


Industrial Shelving System


The industrial shelving system makes it convenient to store products, items, and several other things in an efficient and effective manner. After all, maximizing your storage space will have a direct impact on how to operate on a daily bases.

Therefore, it is imperative to have an experienced and well-equipped shelving manufacturer. Ensure that they have years of experience in not only designing but also installing the industrial shelving systems. A good quality manufacturer will offer a wide variety of shelving

They will help you choose the right kind of shelving in order to enhance your storage capabilities. Since there are different types of shelving systems available, thus you need to choose the one that suits your needs to perfection.





Below, we have come up with some important types of shelving systems.


River Style Bulk Shelving


If you are planning to store heavier and oversized items, we believe that River Style Bulk Shelving is your best shot. This kind of shelving technique makes it possible to have wider and deeper shelves. Thus, you can store items that might not fit on regular shelves.

The good news is that the technique allows a wide variety of deck surface. Some of these surfaces include steel decks, wire or wood. The type you choose mainly depends upon your requirements.  However, we do recommend wood as that offers elegance, functionality, and style.

There is no denying that Rivet-style shelving is economical in comparison to steel shelving. In addition, it is possible to customize this type of shelving in any storage area that you like. It offers flexibility to a great extent.


Bulk racks with welded or bolted uprights


Another effective shelving system that helps you store heavy hand loaded items is bulk racks. They are simply amazing in terms of versatility, customizability, and functionality. These shelves have the ability to hold extremely heavy objects without causing any trouble.

In addition, they offer adjustable i.e. you can easily adjust the beam levels. You might have bought these racks for bigger items. However, with the change in your requirements, you will be able to adjust these shelves.

So, you can store all your hand loaded boxes, heavier items or any other components on these amazing shelves without having any problem. These shelves will ensure that all your goods are safe and secure.


Pallet Shelving


When your objective is to store material and products on multiple levels and in horizontal rows, you will not find a better shelving technique then Pallet Shelving. This bulk storage with wood shelving technique is well-designed and great for storing a large number of items smartly.

Pallet shelving offers a great variety in order to meet the consumer’s demand. However, the way they store things remains the same. You can have as many rows and levels as you like. It is entirely possible to customize these shelves according to your requirements.


Different Types of Wood used for Shelving


Industries around the globe are a big fan of wood shelving. They understand that that wood offers strength with class. In addition, you can easily incorporate other metals with wood for a functional, great looking and robust shelving system.

Another reason why they prefer wood is the price. Wood shelves are comparatively inexpensive. Despite the lowering cost, these shelves have the capability to meet and sometimes beat shelves made of other material including steel.

The industry uses several kinds of wood for creating strong and great shelves. Every type of wood offers different advantages. We are going to talk about some of the most common wood that is used for creating amazing shelves.


Different Types of Wood


When purchasing a wooden shelving system, you first need to focus on your requirements. For instance, are you planning to use the shelves for placing a lightweight object? Do you want the shelf to add an aesthetic sense to your overall interior? Is the shelving going to carry a lot of weight?

These things matter as it will help you choose the right type of wood for your shelving system. Of course, when you are more concerned about the color and the look of the shelf, you do not need to focus on the strength of the shelf.

Likewise, if your objective is to get robust shelves, how it looks would hardly matter. Nonetheless, it is entirely possible to get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy robust, yet smart looking shelves. Below are some common wood types used for developing outstanding shelving systems.




Plywood is a manufactured wood that offers a number of benefits. It is great for shelving as it is available in different grades. These grades determine the appearance and the smoothness of the knots present on the surface.

Unlike other wood types, Plywood is relatively stronger and is inexpensive. It is not easily stainable, so you can use it for upfront shelving. If you are planning to get shelving at a bar, you can go with furniture grade plywood shelving.

However, for something more robust, go with the B/c grade wood. You will be able to enjoy the grace of a great wood with longevity and robustness.




Pinewood is perhaps the most common and inexpensive type of wood that you will be able to find in the market. The wood type is easy to manage, paint. It is a good idea to use this type of wood for lightweight objects.

Remember, Pinewood is also easy to stain. So, if your objective is to flaunt your shelving system or place at the front for your consumers to see, it is not a good idea to use Pinewood. Similarly, you cannot use Pinewood for storing heavy objects as the wood easily bends.




Yes, we know that cherry is hardwood, but fortunately, it is easy to use and lightweight. Cheery wood offers robustness and quality. It is often the first priority of people who are planning to install a shelving system where their consumers can see.

The reason they choose this wood is due to its color. Cherry wood has a warm, rich reddish color. This color becomes even darker and richer it as gets old.  Therefore, it is safe to say that this type of wood is great for shelves that you are planning to display.


Red Oak


Another popular wood type for shelving is Red Oak. It is not only strong and sturdy, but it is extremely easy to work with. Cutting the wood is extremely easy and it offers a wide variety in terms of finishes. You can enjoy any finish that would complement the interior of your space

It can enhance the overall look of the space because of its unique and beautiful color.




If you want to give your store a contemporary look while able to engage in bulk storage with wood shelves, use Paduak wood. This beautiful wood type has the ability to fit seamlessly in modern and modern designs.

The beautiful orange hue gives an appearance of class and elegance.




Koa wood is famous among people due to its robustness. If you want your shelves too long last, you should ask the manufacturer for Koa wood. There is no denying that Koa is perhaps the hardest that you will find for commercial use. However, it is also slightly inexpensive in comparison to some other wood types.

In addition, Koa is extremely lightweight and it can be molded as per your need. Its beautiful shellac qualities further add to its appeal.




Mahogany is always the first choice of people who want to exude classic beauty and elegance. The amazing wood type is perfect for shelving informal places including libraries, offices, etc.

The wood type is also robust and sturdy. The only drawback is that it is challenging to work with. One needs to have the right equipment and the right dose of experience in order to cultivate something extraordinary from Mahogany.


Importance of bulk storage with wood shelves


We firmly believe that for industrial shelving problems, there is no better solution than have bulk storage with wood shelves. These shelves have the capability to meet today’s warehouse and bulk storing demands.

In order to meet the demands of upcoming products while retaining visibility, it is important to have an industrial shelving setup that is sturdy, it has large storage capacity and it offers strength. Below we have come up with some advantages that bulk storage shelving system offers:


Save Space


With bulk storage shelves, you really do not need a small storage shelf. It is possible to place items and products of a couple of small storage shelves onto a single bulk storage shelf. In addition to having less shelving, you also tend to save space for additional bulk shelves.


Categorization of Products


Since a bulk storage shelving system offers a large storage capability, therefore you can conveniently place products of the same category on a single shelf. This allows consumers to compare the same product from different companies effortlessly.

The ease of finding the same product from different brands always appeals to the consumer. After all, they would not have to run throughout the store in order to find their desired brand and product.


Store Heavy Items


Unlike the small storage shelves that do not have the ability to hold heavy units, bulk storage with wood shelves can effortlessly manage them. They are designed to carry a lot of weight. It allows you to separate products you might consume on a daily basis from heavy, less frequently used products.


Maximize Floor Area


If you use smaller racks, it is bound to consume a lot of space. However, with the help of bulk storage with wood shelves, you can store more items in a small space. You can actually add more products to offer diversity to your consumers without having to expand.

Installing bulk storage into vertical spaces will allow you to use the space to its full potential. Thus, you can sell more things in limited space.


Why choose us?


As an experienced shelving manufacturer, we fully understand the importance of shelving. We ensure to deliver the highest quality products. Our products are according to the latest trends, robust and useful.

It is highly unlikely that our competitors are able to beat our shelving quality, variety and pricing. All you have to do is reach out to us and our staff will get back to you in no time. Our technical staff will assist you in every possible way to ensure that you make the right decision.




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Bulk storage with wood shelving is an excellent way to store products. Wood shelving system offers variety in terms of finishing, design, class, and style. The type of wood you use depends upon your shelving requirement.

For instance, if you plan to have a robust shelving system that can withstand heavy objects and long last, you should choose Koa wood. Similarly, there are different types of wood available for different purposes.

In order to enjoy a high-quality shelving system, it is important for you to choose the right manufacturer. Yl-Racking is a leading shelving manufacturer. They have years of experience and they deliver high-quality shelves.