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Bulk Storage with Wood Shelves: COVID-19 Warehouse Guidelines

Port: 2020.06.16

Bulk Storage with Wood Shelves: Warehouse Guidelines for COVID-19

We understand that the novel COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Regardless of how hard to tried to keep the business as usual, but the change is inevitable. Businesses around the globe are adopting a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to take control of the spread. The Warehouse industry is no different. Today, you need to incorporate the best practices during this pandemic for your bulk storage with wood shelves warehouses.

For that matter, these practices are applicable to a number of all kinds of warehouses. To safeguard your workers, you would have to install certain social distancing rules. However, at the same time, there is an influx of demand from online shopping.

At the same time, the essential retail outlets are trying hard to keep up with the additional demands of people buying in bulk due to the panic. The panic-buying did lead to a number of unforeseen obstacles and challenges.

Retailers and warehouse owners are still struggling to keep up with the demand. Even the most agile and skilled warehouses are unable to meet the sudden increase in consumer demands. While they are trying to overcome the influx of demands, they need to bear in mind the health of their workers.

It is imperative for them to establish best practices as well as general guidelines for the efficiency of their warehouses during these terrible times.


Bulk Storage with Wood Shelves

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Potentially Best Practices for Bulk Storage with Wood Shelves

A lot of warehouses have suffered during the Covid-19 lockdown. This holds true for the countries that have finally able to get hold of the situation. However, warehouses in the rest of the world are still struggling.

A number of researches came together in order to find the best practices that would be able to offer better protection to their workers, consumers, and products after the COVID-19. They aim to solidify and unify the goals and needs of COVID-19 affected warehouses.

Although every warehouse has its unique needs, the practices might differ. Nonetheless, we did come up with some general, yet effective guidelines that warehouses can focus on during this pandemic. These practices would offer help at various points as you go on.


Offer Work from Home Facility

In this pandemic, social distancing is an imperative step towards prevention. Therefore, you need to think about the terms of allowing your workers to work from home. Although we do know that some of the workers were looking forward to this opportunity under better conditions, the truth is what it is.

So, if you allow your back-staff office worker to work from home, even for a limited number of hours, it would go a long way for social distancing. Plus, you would have to define a schedule that would allow seamlessly, and effective rotating of your office staff in and out, with minimal to no interaction.

Even if you some major meetings, prefer conducting them online. Regardless of the fact that they are either with your current or potential clients or company employees. Taking these small steps would ensure the safety and seamless operation of your warehouse.

Look out for your Employees

Employees are the real heroes. After all, they are the ones looking after your bulk storage with wood shelves warehouses. These people spend enough time in those warehouses to take their concerns seriously.

Even as a good employer, it is your duty to address the concerns of the people working for you. We recommend walking the extra mile for your employees. It is important to ensure that your employees feel acknowledged and heard.

Look out for things that concern them and try to resolve their issues. The objective here is to keep them around for the long haul. A good way to do this is to periodically reach out to your staff and ask them the following questions.

  1. Rate your Concern regarding COVID-19 from the scale of 1 to 10.
  2. Do you believe that the company is offered adequate safety precautions?
  3. Is COVID-19 having any impact on your working hours?

Asking these questions will help you put your workers at ease. It would take the heat out of the room. Also, it would provide you an insight into what really is bothering your employees. You would learn whether they are satisfied with your safety precautions or not.

On Floor Social Distancing

Of course, in a place that incorporates bulk storage wood shelves, it is impossible to perform all jobs remotely. Therefore, an as employee it is your job to ensure the safety of your on-floor workers. You need to take some precautionary measures to prevent them from falling ill.

After all, their security should be your top priority. The workers who don’t have the option to perform their job remotely need superior safety allotments. While they are performing their duty in the warehouse, they need to follow social distancing rules.

To ensure social distancing, you would have to think out of the box. There is a high probability that you would have to space out your pallet racks as well as your warehouse shelving to offer additional space. Moreover, you would have to stagger your pick routines along with the schedules of your employee.

This might be tricky, but it must be done.  After all, you simply cannot put the lives of your employees at risk. We do ensure that this time-consuming task would pay off, once you get all your workers back to work.

Supply Chain Transparency

At the moment, what we need the most is having transparency in the supply chain. The more transparent it comes, the better results it would yield. To make the chain transparent and open ensure there is no communication gap between you and the end consumer, logistics provider, and the vendors.

The end consumer can either be direct consumers, or it can be another retail outlet. It is important to keep them updated about every shipment. They need to know which shipment is on its way if there is any shipment that is running late or what should expect from any particular product.

When you so openly communicate with your consumer, there is a high probability that you will keep them intact even during this pandemic. We simply, cannot stress how important it is to offer transparency in your supply chain.

Limited Access

Limiting access to your facility is an effective way to limit the risk of exposure. Despite the idea of having great appeal, it is extremely challenging. It is also the hardest to implement. You need to come up with firm and strict routines and ensure that your workers follow these routines.

In these routines direct your employees as to where, when, and how are they allowed to access your facility. For starters, do not allow them to go out for lunch breaks. On the contrary, start having lunch breaks on-site.

Setting up a temperature check at every exit and entry is another great way to safeguard your employees. In case, someone fails to test, do not permit them to under. Give strict instructions to send them away.

Limiting the number of employees entering from one entryway is another effective way to ensure on floor social distancing. Make sure that one employee is able to pass through the gateway at one time. Spread awareness about the diseases. Encourage social distancing.

These are perhaps the only way to prevent the accidental spread of COVID-19. Looking after your employees means, looking after your own company. So, do not hesitate to incorporate these effective practices for your bulk storage with wood shelves warehouses today.

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