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Challenges that stainless steel shelving manufacturers–COVID-19

Port: 2020.08.04

How Stainless Steel Shelving Manufacturers Can be Helpful during Covid-19

COVID-19 is affecting every business of the world including the stainless steel shelving manufacturers and managers. Things that were considered normal have become dangerous. Every business model needs to make the required changes to ensure the safety and security of its employees.

Being a Warehouse and inventory owner, you will be facing a lot of challenges. Therefore, you need to cater to them in the right way to ensure your business smooth functionality as well as the safety of the employees. Even in this pandemic, warehouses are busy, but it is natural to sell that some unsold are piling up.

There is a shift in people’s preferences. Certain products that were in-demand before might no longer be in need. The reason being, people now prioritize as to what is necessary than a luxury. The good news is that the slow down isn’t going to last long. However, you would be having a lot of good on our hands and wondering how to manage it.

In addition, you will have to deal with navigating supply chain issues. In this blog post, we will be focusing on these two major issues.

How Stainless Steel Shelving Manufacturers can Help with Inventory Management

Due to the pandemic, your regular inventory management technique might no longer be effective. You would have to look for something different and creative. Most distributors and vendors now have some restrictions in place as to what you can send back to them and the time, they would need to accept it.

It seems that sending things back would take long as per the regular routine. Thus, leaving you with additional unused products. You need to come up with effective techniques to ensure that the products are sort and saved with as little effort as possible.

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Stainless Steel Warehouse Shelving

Since safety and space is among your top concerns, the first step is to find a different storage place for these items. The objective here is to ensure that these items do not interfere with your picker items. For this, you would have to take them out of the standard rotation.

We do recommend that you leave a small amount intact, in case, there is a need for those items. However, shift the major chunk of it to the back of your warehouse shelving system. The further you place onto your shelving system, the better it would be for the smooth working of the inventory.

Proper Labeling

Relocating the items to the back of your stainless-steel shelving system would yield effective results. But for later ease, it is imperative that you label these products properly. Doing so would help you identify these products, and allow easy etching once they come in-demand again.

A good idea is to create RFIDs or new product barcodes to indicate that these particular products no longer commingle with the regular inventory and they are not to be sold. In case, you have left some of these particular items in your inventory, use the original barcode to avoid any confusion as to how a backstock is part of the main inventory again.

Cycle Counts

Another important thing that most stainless steel shelving manufacturers would recommend is to remember the items in your cycle count. Even if you are not selling these products at the moment. Or you have restored them in another place to return them back to the vendor.

Regardless of the reason, the inventory numbers should match the information present in your system. This would help prevent issues that you might face down the line.

Stainless Steel Shelving Inventory Cleaning Routine

Another important thing that you need to guarantee is the safety of your inventory during this pandemic. So, when you are performing your regular cleaning and disinfecting routine make sure to include these products as well.

Doing so would keep the products and workers safe. After all, the dust buildups are often the reason for the spread of bacteria and germs. This is important even for the products that are really used.

Navigating Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic has a great rippling effect on commerce and business around the world. It resulted in the storage of some products as well as an increase in eCommerce and online shopping. The reason being, numerous countries around the world have passed a stay-at-home order.

So, people now have to buy things online instead of going to the store in person. This did have an adverse impact on the supply chain along with other industries.

So, regardless if there is a sudden change in order processing or the storage of products, today’s supply chain should be able to keep up with these drastic changes. It should cater as to how business is conducted now and how it will once the pandemic is over.

In case, you are worried about how to keep up with these changes, you need not too. Below, we have come up with common supply chain problems, changes, and developments that most warehouses have encountered during the pandemic. Also, we will be presenting the solutions as to how to deal with these issues.

Streamline Ordering Process

Due to pandemic, you would come across out of stock products more often than before. It would like longer than the usual time to replenish. There is no denying that this is perhaps the most common problem that businesses have been faceting.

Although, it is not possible to eliminate this problem entirely, however, with the right technique you can actually minimize its impact on the business. For starters, if there is a product shortage, you should streamline the order process by working with your supplier.

Look at different ways to simplify the SKU’s amount that you order from different suppliers. Also, find other vendors as a backup in case there is product storage. While doing all this, you would have to work out some sort of flexible payment terms especially when there is going to be storage.

Warehouse capacity

The pandemic demands that you reach out to your stainless steel shelving manufacturers. You need to ask them to increase your warehouse capacity in an effective manner. After all, the increased eCommerce orders coming out from every direction requires an upgrade to your warehouse.

This means that warehouses would require additional staff. It would require effective ways to ensure social distancing and staff safety. In case, you had to bring down your office staff to the warehouse to meet the increased demands, take some precautionary measures.

You also need to make sure that there are enough wire shelving and warehouse shelving to fulfill the increased demand for the products.

Priority Shipments

Recently several logistics providers, businesses, and shipping firms are making difficult decisions regarding product prioritizing. They are finding it challenging as to which products they should ship first and which ones to delay in order to save shippers’ capacity.

Regardless, your position in the distribution cycle. i.e. with you act as the distribution center for other retailers or you supply to your customer directly, you need to come up with a plan. You would have to shift through your inventory and categorize some products as a priority.

Even though it might disappoint some of your customers, but this the hour of need.

Use Stainless Steel Shelving Bin to Stay Flexible

The COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of changes as to how you operate your business. For instance, some distributors now prefer shipping directly to their customers or they are looking for options that do not incorporate numbers stops in the distribution chain.

This is going to have a great impact on your warehouse. For effective business, we recommend that you make all the desired changes. Reach out to the stainless steel shelving manufacturers and talk things out. Discuss your problems and allow them to present you with smart solutions.

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Take Away

We being the leading stainless steel shelving manufacturers offers top-notch quality shelving systems. We are fully equipped to meet the challenge that COVID-19 has presented. Reach out to us today, and we will answer all your question related to installing new or upgrading your current shelving system.