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Classification, function and characteristics of storage shelves

Port: 2020.02.21

Storage shelves are an integral part of modern warehouses. Choosing the right high-quality storage shelves can improve the level and efficiency of warehouse management and reduce the cost of warehouse management. In order to choose the right storage shelf, you first need to understand the functions, classification, and related characteristics of the storage shelf.

The storage shelves are classified according to the installation methods of the shelves, and can be divided into fixed shelves and fixed shelves. Fixed shelves can be subdivided into shelf-type, tray-type, straight-through, gravity-type, press-in, loft-type, steel-structured platform-type, cantilever-type, mobile-type, drawer-type and bracket-type shelves. Mobile shelves can be subdivided into mobile shelves and rotating shelves, of which mobile shelves can be subdivided into light and medium-sized mobile shelves (also known as compact shelves, divided into manual and electric) and heavy-duty pallet-type mobile shelves, and rotary shelves can be subdivided For horizontal rotating shelves and vertical rotating shelves.

According to the structure of the warehouse, the storage shelves can be divided into: integrated storage shelves and separated structure shelves. Shelf integrated shelf refers to the integrated structure of the shelf system and the building roof. Shelf columns support the roof load directly, and the building envelope (wall) structure is installed on both sides of the columns. The shelving system and the building are two separate systems that are not directly related to each other. This means that the shelving system and the building are two separate systems that are not directly linked to each other.

According to the overall structure of the shelves, the storage shelves can be divided into welding shelves and assembly shelves. Currently, assembly shelves are mainly used in China. According to the carrying capacity of each layer of shelves, storage shelves can be roughly divided into light shelves, medium shelves and heavy shelves. Light shelves: the carrying capacity of each layer does not exceed 200 kg. Medium-sized shelves: 200 ~ 500 kg per layer. Heavy shelves: Each floor weighs more than 500 kg.

The mobile storage shelves are evolved from light and medium-sized shelf shelves. The dense structure requires only one aisle (about 1m wide). It has good sealing, beautiful and practical, safe and reliable. It is the shelf with the highest space utilization. There are two types of manual and electric. The heavy-duty mobile storage shelves evolved from heavy-duty pallet shelves, with an exposed structure. Each two rows of shelves are placed on the base, and the base is equipped with walking wheels, which can walk along the track. The chassis is equipped with motors, reducers, alarms and sensing devices. The system only needs 1 or 2 channels, and the space utilization rate is extremely high.

The above explained the classification, functions and characteristics of storage shelves. I hope that it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to learn more about storage shelves, welcome to consult online. We will be happy to provide you with high-quality service!