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5 Brilliant types of heavy duty racks for warehouse- (warehouse racks 2020)

Port: 2020.04.27

Best heavy duty shelves manufacturing ideas

Custom Loft-Style Shelf Attic Shelves System Muti-Tier Storage-01

The choice of heavy duty racks for warehouse is generally determined by multiple factors such as:

  • the size of the warehouse
  • the weight and type of storage
  • And the purpose of storage.

Moreover, it can solve most material access problems and is widely used in:

  • Manufacturing
  • third-party logistics and
  • Distribution centers.

There are many advantages in choosing heavy duty racks for warehouse

  1. Fully assembled structure
  2. free combination
  3. easy and flexible installation and disassembly
  4. Similarly, the post is made of hot-rolled plates folded out of multiple angles, and
  5. has a large bearing capacity
  6. It is suitable for many small varieties Storage of items in large quantities and in small quantities and large quantities;
  7. Furthermore, the vertical column is provided with an adjustment hole distance of 75mm. Moreover, it can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the height of the cargo.
  8. The vertical column is of an assembled structure. And the steel beam is used to connect and connect Locked with a safety key to prevent falling off.

Types of heavy duty racks for warehouse

heavy duty racks for warehouse

1. Shelf-type shelves

It is mainly composed of shelves, shelf beams and shelves. It is easy to disassemble and assemble. Similarly, the interval between layers can be adjusted. And the shelves are made of steel and wooden.

Each row of heavy duty racks for warehouse has access to the storage items. It is suitable for the storage of small items. Usually by manual access, supplemented by ascending cars and ascending ladders.

Generally, due to the size of the shelf-type shelves, the load and weight vary greatly. And can be divided into

  • a lightweight type
  • a medium weight type, and
  • Weight type according to the layer and row load weight.

Shelf-type shelves generally have a width no greater than 1200mm. A column spacing no greater than 3000mm. And a shelf height no greater than 3000mm. Heavy duty racks for warehouse can be equipped with adjustable partitions, separating nets, sealing plates, sealing nets, etc.

According to the characteristics and requirements of stored items, and can also be assembled into a cabinet-type shelf structure.  Furthermore, shelf-type shelves can be configured with three-way forklifts and stackers for manual storage and sorting operations.

Shelf shelves are widely used in:
  • Electronics
  • light industry
  • culture and education
  • supermarkets
  • logistics centers and
  • all walks of life.

2nd the beam heavy duty rack type shelf

This heavy duty racks for warehouse shelf is a professional warehouse shelf for the purpose of accessing pallet goods. So it is also called a cargo-type shelf. Generally, a beam-type shelf is composed of:

  • column pieces (posts)
  • a beam, and
  • a beam type

The shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable. According to the actual use of the user:

  • pallet load requirements
  • pallet size
  • actual space in the warehouse
  • actual lift height of the forklift
  • Crossbeam racks of different specifications are provided for selection.

The beam shelf heavy duty racks for warehouse is the simplest and most widely used shelf suitable for all kinds of warehouses, direct access to goods.


3- attic shelves- heavy duty racks for warehouse

heavy duty racks for warehouse in china

Usually, a two-story fully assembled steel structure platform is built on the existing (warehouse) site. And the use space is changed from the first floor to the second floor. So that the space is fully utilized. The goods are delivered by the forklift or the cargo elevator of the lifting platform on the second floor.

It is transported to the designated location by trolley or hydraulic pallet truck. Simultaneously, this loft is combined with a reinforced concrete platform. Attic heavy duty racks for warehouse shelves are:

  • fast in construction
  • moderate in cost
  • easy to install and disassemble, and
  • Easy to use.
  • The structure is novel and beautiful.


The location of the attic is adapted to local conditions and the structure is diverse. Moreover, it can be designed as a loft platform. And then shelf-type shelves are placed on the upper part of the platform.

Another structure is to install floor panels in the shelf aisle to separate the shelves into the required floors. The attic floor panels are all made of special-shaped steel floor slabs, and the floor is self-contained, flat and stable.

The attic heavy duty racks for warehouse shelves are all equipped with pedestrian stairs. And there are loading and unloading areas above the second floor.

Loft-style shelves with cargo slides or elevators can also be designed according to needs. Subsequently, they are suitable for the storage of small items, large batches. But mainly manual storage and transportation. They are usually used in warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics centers.


4- Fluent heavy duty racks for warehouse


Put the goods on the roller, use the inventory on one side of the channel, and pick up the goods on the other side. Simultaneously, the cargo slides downwards under the influence of gravity. When storing bulk goods, fluent heavy duty racks for warehouse shelves can easily provide operators with production items and speed up the production line.

The commonly used sliding containers are turnover boxes, parts boxes and cartons. Suitable for short-term storage and sorting of large quantities of goods. Fluent heavy duty racks for warehouse shelves are widely used in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Commerce
  • distribution centers
  • assembly shops, and
  • Warehouses with high shipping frequency.


5. Corridor heavy duty warehouse shelves


Corridor heavy duty racks for warehouse shelves are also called drive-in shelves or through shelves. It is a continuous whole shelf that is not divided by aisle. On the support rails, the pallets are stored in the depth direction, one after the other. Similarly, it makes high-density storage possible.

Subsequently, goods are accessed from the same side of the shelf, and follow the “first deposit first” principle. Both the counterweight and the forward-moving forklift can easily drive into the middle of the shelf corridor to deposit and withdraw goods.

Corridor shelves have a relatively high storage density.  So, overall investment costs are relatively low. It is suitable for:

  • the situation where there are fewer varieties, more quantities, and
  • The cargo access mode can be booked.
  • It is often used to store large quantities of the same type of cargo.

Due to its large storage density and high utilization of ground space, it is commonly used in cold storage and other places where the cost of storage space is higher. Corridor heavy duty racks for warehouse shelves are ideal for warehousing applications where there are few types of goods but large storage volumes.

The forklift can freely enter and exit the corridor between the shelves to maximize the use of the warehouse.

Corridor heavy duty racks for warehouse shelves greatly increase the utilization rate of the warehouse. Furthermore, it can achieve first-in first-out or first-in, first-out, and is suitable for storing large quantities and small varieties of goods and batch operations.