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How to Build Attic Storage Shelves?

Port: 2021.03.18

Amazing Guide: How to Build Attic Storage Shelves?

If you want to free up space in your house then make use of Attic Storage. It will help you in making closet and garage mess free. Attic Storage still requires you to organize it, if you install shelves then we are damn sure you can easily find your things, everything will be very neat and organized. This is why we are here with an Article where will guide you about How to Build Attic Storage Shelves?

Though Building shelve will consume a bit time but if you followed the steps carefully then soon you will ended up with an amazing shelve.

Continue to read the below Article and follow Step by Step Guide for building an amazing Attic Storage.

Step 1: Assess the Space

The very first thing you have to make sure is that your Attic storage is properly ventilated. You have to also make sure that how much weight you are going to put in your Attic storage.

For making the storage more attractive a piece of lightning will also require. After managing lightning you have to consider the layout.

If you make use of gable walls then it would be a very good decision because it always comes up with the best storage areas.

It allows you to build shelves over them and also allows you to customize cabinet along them.

Step 2: Measurements

Now you have to measure the space, after measurement you have to make a design of shelf on graph paper.

You have to make measurements of different spots like down low, in the middle. Also make measurements in the middle of wall.

These measurements will gives you surety that wall will be straight and balanced.

Step 3: Material Decision

After making correct measurements now you have to make right decision for the material. We will recommend you not to choose anything that looks fancy; also don’t make use of material that mostly people prefer for book shelves.

For Attic Storage, we recommend you to go after plywood because it is durable, economical and easy to use.

If you are not interested in plywood then choosing practical board can also be good.

With Practical board, you need to have supplies like screws, nails, wood glue, and braces. Try to buy these supplies from a store that are highly experienced, such stores will provide you with best supplies.

Step 4: Cutting the Board

In this step you have to cut the board in perpendicular shape for making sides of storage unit. Now you have to make mark on vertical board the distance you are planning to keep out between the shelves.

Now you have to cut 1×1 pieces to fit across and screw them on the mark. Screwing will plays an important role in giving support to the shelves.

Now you have to cut the top board to the width of unit, attach it and then cut the boards, try to fit them into the distance b/w the sides of your board.

Now you have to screw it and paint it if you love colorful attic storage.

Step 5: Put it in a Knee Wall

In case that you have incomplete support spaces, then you can make use of pull in, pull out storage containers.

They are introduced on a platform that you pull out from trusses and set back in to keep far removed.

Step 6: Corner Shelves

Last but one of the most important step to follow, yes will recommend you highly to make use of corners. Yes corner shelf can plays an amazing role in providing you an amazing valuable storage.

So what are you waiting for? If you have enough time then make your Attic storage today by following above instructions.

More Information on Attic Storage: Temperature for Attic Storage

If your house is insulated then there might be a possibility that the attic is outside the home thermal envelope.

Boundary of insulation surrounding the living space, If so, then will strongly recommends you that not store the sensitive temperature items in your Attic. If you manage to add insulation in the walls then ceiling will not catch unheated attic.

Ventilation is one of the most important factors for keeping the home healthier. So make sure that the storage plans you are going to launch in your home are not affecting the ventilation.

Few people block the ventilation in order to protect the storage from cold air. Well! All those people are at mistaken, because by doing so can make the home unhealthier.

We will recommend you to move the stored items away from ventilation or you can also consult a professional, he/she will definitely guide you with an amazing alternative.

How to Build Attic Storage Shelves?

Access to Attic Storage

If you are going to store things that you want to access on daily basis then the very first thing that you need to do is to enlarge the opening for easier access. The second important thing that you can do is by installing an access ladder.

You can also talk with a professional he will make a fixed stair way for you. A fixed stair way will be much better as compared to access ladder. On access ladder there might be possibility of fear and falling off from the ladder.


The short conclusion of this Article is that we are going to end up this Article by sharing an amazing guide for How to Build Attic Storage Shelves? This guide will definitely help all those newbies who are planning to go for Attic storage at home.

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