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How to Build Free Standing Shelves for Storage?

Port: 2021.03.18

Informative Guide: How to Build Free Standing Shelves for Storage?

We have done a survey and found out that 90% people cannot walk through the basement because of messy area. If you are also one of those then you are also in need of storage solution. Messy and unorganized items can put you in trouble. You will get to see lot of shelving types, few will be pricey and few will not be durable. We will recommend you to build a Wooden shelve because such shelves looks great and also you can build it in a budget friendly price. In this Article, we are going to write a budget friendly guide for How to Build Free Standing Shelves for Storage? Every person out there who have tighten budget can make use of this guide for building durable and efficient free standing shelving unit. This solution is amazing and will soon help you to organize your supplies.

Where to Utilize Wooden Shelves?

When it comes to usage, well you can make use of free standing shelves anywhere in the home. The shelving type we are going to introduce is not limited for the garage; you can make use of it anywhere but 50% prefer it for garage tools.

How to Build Free Standing Shelves for Storage?

Finally we are going to give instructions for How to Build Free Standing Shelves for Storage? So follow below instructions carefully and follow the guide to build free standing shelves at budget friendly cost.

We are going to make a free standing shelve that have 6 feet tall, 5 feet in width along four total shelves.

This width is not restricted; you can go with longer lengths of wood in order to make a wider shelf. But you have to take care of one thing; you need to add additional legs for longer width because shelve has not capability to bear more weight and huge size.


  • 410-foot long 2-by-4’s for the legs
  • 10-foot long 2-by-4’s for the shelves (there will be four 2X4’s used for each shelf)
  • You must have wooden glue, Tape for performing measurements, safety glasses are optional.
  • It would be good if you have pencil, it will be helpful in making marks.
  • Also have Level in order to check the balance because a bit wrong balance can destroy your effort within minutes.
  • A piece of drill, circular saw and sander is very important for building a free standing shelve.

Work on Legs

Step 1:

The very first thing that you need to do is to work on legs, you have to cut four two-by-4’s board into 72 inch. Now cut the rest four-foot lengths into eight 17-inch lengths.

After following above instructions, you have to lay 72-inch (6 foot) lengths on the ground. Now Position the two lengths 17 inches apart.

Now you have to take a start at the bottom of the wooden length, with the help of pencil draw a mark on each piece of board.

Step 2:

You can start 5.25 inches from the bottom. At this point keep the first seventeen-inch length.

Now place the first seventeen-inch length b/w 2 six feet length, after placing check it with the a level because a little wrong measurement can put you in trouble.

Step 3:

Finally you have to take measurements for 26.75 inches from the bottom of the two six-foot boards and set 2nd seventeen -inch board between boards.

Now measure up 48.25 inches and set the 3rd board b/w the 2 six-foot boards.

Repeat the same process with fourth board by taking measurements at 69.75 inches.

Finally, the legs will looks like a ladder. Now make use of drill and tape, connect the smaller length of wood along six foot length. If you don’t have enough screws then wooden glue can also come very handy.

Finally you have been done with making one support leg, now you have to repeat the complete above process for making second leg.

Shelves Assembling


Step 1:

After making both legs, now you have to attach the rest boards b/w them. First of all you have to cut 8 ten-foot 2-by-4’s into 16 5-foot lengths.

At that point, rise up one of the leg so the board that is 5.25 inch from the base is closest to the floor.

Step 2:

Then, rise up the 2nd leg and give it a space of 5 feet from 1st leg. You must to take care about the level; in case of imbalance rack will be disturbed.

We will recommend you strongly to have a helper with you.

Now you have to place the initial four 5-foot 2-by-4 lengths b/w the bottom on the racks’ leg. Now make sure to give space to the four 5-foot sheets equitably separated on the support

Step 3:

Now you have to attach the four boards by making use of glue and screws. If you don’t want to create headache for yourself then we will recommend you to take a start from 2 lengths outside first.

Last and the most important thing that you have to consider are to check whether the rack is square or not before connect board. If it is square then continue to go ahead.

At the end you have to connect the remaining 3 racks by repeating the same process as we did with the first rack.

Finally, we ended up building an amazing free standing shelving unit. if you follow up the above steps wisely then you will also end up with amazing results.

Note: We will recommend you strongly not to put items over it without securing the top of the rack with wall. Securing it with wall will give more security to your storage.

Moreover, it would be a good if you wear safety glasses in the whole process.

How to Build Free Standing Shelves for Storage?


The short conclusion of this Article is that, we have shared an amazing guide for How to Build Free Standing Shelves for Storage? If you follow up the instructions wisely then the results will be beyond your expectations in a friendly budget.

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