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How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves?

Port: 2021.03.18

Guide: How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves?

Though building a storage shelves can be a very challenging task but with the help of right tools you can easily build a Heavy Duty Storage Shelves. As we all knows that shelves are very versatile, you can keep them very extremely decorate and simple. It’s totally up to you that how you décor it. In this Article we are going to reveal How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves? So for this the very first thing that you need to do is to know the approximate size that you want or the weight that the shelves are going to hold. If your items are heavy and larger then shelve must be heavy duty to handle the weight and size of items.

Once you make final decision on size and weight then you can continue with building and installing your shelves.

How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves? – Building your Shelves

Continue to read the below Article, we are going to explain the manufacturing process for How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves?

Step 1:

The very first thing that you have to do is to make selection of the board according to your budget and styling needs. In market you will get to see different types of board, we are going to put shed over the few ones.

Softwood Boards

This type is board is amazing because it allows you to cut the lengths according to your desired length. Such types of boards have capability to hold the heavy books.

Plywood Boards

This type of board is made up of layered flat boards. This boards looks very amazing, it can be laminated easily. For décor purposes this one must be your choice.

Chip Boards

This type of board made by wood chips glued together under pressure. Such types of boards are highly recommendable because they are affordable, lightweight and easy to find. When it comes to professional cuts then they perfectly get fit into it.

Blackboard Shelves

When it comes to Blackboard Shelves then they are the perfect one for fulfill your heavy duty items needs because they are stronger as compared to chip board.

You can make use of this board for holding items like tools and appliances used by garage.

Pre-made and pre-sized shelving boards

Such boards are being used as adjustable shelves. When you buy Pre-made and pre-sized shelving boards then there will be instruction inside them in order to put them together. If still you are unable to fix it then you can call a manufacture or professional to do it for you.

How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves?

Step 2:

After making selection of the Board now you can continue towards next step. We are going to choose the Blackboard for shelves because it has capability to bear all the heavy duty items.

Selection of Board is completely your decision, according to your size and weight needs make your selection.

Finally if you have chosen the Board now you have to select the support according to shelve style.

We are going to put shed over the few of the supports; you can choose the one according to your needs.

Wood Strips

Though wood strips are simple but they are the effective one to bear the weight of light weight shelves. We will not recommend them for heavy weight duty shelves.

But for décor purpose and for lighter items this one is a good option to try as a support. They place an important role in keeping the shelves in place. Its installation is also easy and reliable.

Metal Strips

You can buy such type of strips from any hardware stores. We recommend this type of support highly because it has a capability to bear heavy duty items. They are not good for décor purpose because they are not really pretty, you can make use of such strips for garage purpose; when it comes to home décor make use of wood strips because wood strips will not put impact on the décor.


Brackets are also a good option when it comes to heavy duty items. You will get to see usually in L shaped. In market a variety of plain or fancy brackets are available.

Their usage is very simple as compared to other strips. When it comes to variety of shelves then Brackets can perfectly fulfill their requirements.

In this advance era, there are lots of brackets that are fancy and colorful so few ones can perfectly get fit for décor purpose. But always keep in your mind that such brackets are not affordable, you have to pay a bit more dollars in order to buy them.

Last but the most important things that you will need are screws and nails, cutting tools, hammer or screw driver.

Simply select the board; we are going to make heavy duty shelve so we will choose the blackboard, Cut the board with the help of cutting tool if you want to keep the size smaller.

After having an appropriate size, Attach the supports with the wall, we are going to choose the Bracket as a support system. Install the brackets with wall by screwing nails.

After attaching brackets you can keep the board over the support and can screw nails with screw driver for fixation.

Look how simple it is to install shelves at home or for garage.


Conclusion – How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves?

The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared an amazing guide for those who are looking for How to Build Heavy Duty Storage Shelves?

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