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How to Build Storage Shelves in Garage?

Port: 2021.03.17

Informative Guide:  How to Build Storage Shelves in Garage?

This Article is going to be very helpful for those who have been fed-up from clutter garage. Yes! If you have cluttered garage then by making use of shelving units you can organize your mess. In today’s Article we are going to put shed over a main guide for How to Build Storage Shelves in Garage?

Freestanding shelving units can perfectly get fit into your garage especially if you have been not tightening by a space. But if you have tighten space then making use of hanging shelves can save your lot of surface area

It would be a great idea to store your tools that are lightweight directly on the wall. Selection of the right type of rack relies on the items size and weight that you are going to store.

If your items are lightweight and space is not enough then mounted wall racks will be the best option for you. Though there are many types of racks, each styling has its own pros but when it comes to garage then mounted wall racks and freestanding shelves are the best. Now it’s up to you which type you are going to select for your garage needs. We are going ahead with free standing shelves, continue to read the below Article and knows about How to Build Storage Shelves in Garage?

Manufacturing of Free Standing Shelves – How to Build Storage Shelves in Garage?

Step 1:

First of all you have to look for a plain board that doesn’t have any deformities. After finding a board now you have to find the length of each board.

Now you have to cut two in × four in (5.1 cm × 10.2 cm) boards into eight pieces that are two ft (0.61 m) long & eight pieces that are 20 in (51 cm) long. Then cut 2 8 ft × 4 ft (2.4 m × 1.2 m) plywood sheets in half to produce four pieces that are eight ft × 2 ft (2.44 m × 0.61 m).[1]

Continue to read the below content, we are going to explain it in a simpler way.

  • You have to buy the sixteen boards; those boards must be eight foot long and make cuts for the short side of shelve. Don’t cut the ten boards, leave them as it is.
  • Now keep the shelf eight feet (2.4 m) tall, eight feet (2.4 m) long, and two feet (0.61 m) deep. Do the measurements properly a single wrong measurement can destroy the shelf balance.

You can also keep measurements according to your choice because every garage has different surface area.

How to build storage shelves in garage

Step 2:

In the second step you have to arrange two boards that are eight ft (2.4 m) long & two boards that are two ft (0.61 m) long into a rectangle that measures eight by two feet (2.44 m × 0.61 m).

Now you have to set twenty in (51 cm) boards parallel to the two ft (0.61 m) boards inside the frame. When it comes to total, you will have enough frames in order to produce the shelves.

Step 3:

Now with the help of screw driver or hammer you have to drive 2 nails at each corner. After screwing the hole you have to connect the support beams in the middle of frame by making use of 2 nails.  You have to repeat this method for the rest shelves also. These steps are very simple; you just have to put attention into it.

screw nails

Step 4:

We are almost about to end; Now you have to lay the plywood over the rack for amazing plain look. You can attach the plywood by screwing (5.1 cm) nails on every 2 feet.

Repeat the same process for all the shelves you have. We have 3 more shelves so we’re going to attach the plywood for the rest of 3 also.

Note: If you are in hurry and don’t have enough time to screw nails then you can make use of nail gun in order to attach the plywood with shelf.


Step 5:

Now you have to clasp four sheets that are 8 ft (2.4 m) long on the corners of shelving unit. You can do it by connecting the bottom shelves by screwing it with two nails at each corner.

It would be good if you keep the last shelf 2-3 inches bit rise from the ground. Keeping it a bit rise from the ground will help you in clearing the ground dust and shelf will be ventilated throughout the day.

Step 6:

This one is a last step, now you have to clasp the two ft board b/w 2 of the uprights. For this you have to make use of level in order to confirm that the shelf is at level.

Now you have to raise the other end of shelve until its clasp to the other side. You have to make use of nails or screws and keep adding the shelves according to your desire.

Note: If you made this freestanding shelving unit with any partner then there might be a zero chances of error and you don’t damage yourself.

Finally shelve is ready, keeping more space b/w each shelf will be a good idea because more space allows you to store any size of item. In order to keep more space you can make use of taller uprights.

Also keep the measurement with full attention otherwise a bit wrong measurement can put you in a trouble.


Conclusion – How to Build Storage Shelves in Garage?

The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared an informative guide for How to Build Storage Shelves in Garage? This guide wills definitely going to help those who are keen to organize the garage. We have made the garage shelving by making use of budget friendly techniques so every person out there can make use of it without any fear of tighten budget.  From now there will be no more mess in the garage, store your items and start working in your garage more efficiently.