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How to Build Toy Storage Shelves in 2021?

Port: 2021.03.19

Step by Step Guide for how to Build Toy Storage Shelves?

Are you one of those who are looking for How to Build Toy Storage Shelves in 2021? If yes then you are at the right place. As we all knows that kid’s toys can rule around the whole house and create a very messy situation. When you have more kids then it becomes almost impossible to look for an appropriate place for storing toys.

But in this Article we will take you through amazing ideas that will help you in organizing kid’s toys by making use of wall space.

In 2021, there is no need to build Storage Shelves, it can be very time consuming and can be expensive too.

The storage solutions that we are going to share will be inexpensive, easy to build and will not be time consuming.

Building a Storage Solution by making use of Wall Space

Step 1:

First of all you have to purchase a pegboard from a store; you can buy it from any store like Home Depot.

After buying you have to cut it according to your desired size, for attachment you have to make use of wood screws and dry wall anchors.

Step 2:

In order to make it more attractive we will recommend you to paint it before setting it up. Paint will put an amazing impact on the room décor.

If you make use of dark colors like red or blue then kids will be happier to see their toys over it. After painting the pegboard you have to add the hooks in order to hang the toys.

This storage solution is one of the best solutions for adding more space in the room. Best thing about this storage solution is that you can regularly customize it according to your needs without putting more effort.

If you follow above guide for How to Build Toy Storage Shelves by making use of wall space then we are damn sure that your play room will be mess free, more organize and your room space will also be maximize in a budget friendly price.

If you are not satisfied with an above storage guide then you can continue to read the below Article. We are going to put shed over another storage solution that will also help you in making the toy room mess free in affordable price.

How to Build Toy Storage Shelves

Building a Storage Solution by converting shoe organizer into a toy shelve

Everybody must have a shoe organizer in their homes, if you don’t have then you can buy toy organizer for storing dolls, cars etc from any store.

Step 1:

We are going to give instructions for hanging it over, you just need to follow it carefully and all done.

By making use of shoe organizer you will even have a possibility to divide the shoe organizer in half with variety of toys.

You can keep your baby girl toys on the top half and can place your baby boy toys in the bottoms of shoe organizer.

If you make use of this toy organizer then it will be easier for your kids to see what’s toy is in each line. Even you can easily clean up all the toys easily because of mess free room.


Making Use of Magnetic tape

This solution is very simple, you just need to buy a magnetic tape and cut it according to the measurements of toys that you are going to attach.

As we all knows that baby boys love to play with cars, if your kid has a collection of cars then you have to attach almost 3 to 4 strips for attaching the toys. Measurement completely depends upon the toys you attach with it.

If you room is enough wide then we recommend you attach a long wide strip and attach all the baby boy toys over it.

You can attach another strip for attaching baby girl toys but make sure not to attach the dolls with long hairs. Because dolls hairs will be stick with the strip and will be difficult to take off.

Here are few things that you need to consider:

  • You have to attach the strip low, lower strip will bring easiness for kids to access their toys.
  • If you don’t know that where is the good place to buy the magnetic strip then we must tell you that it will be available on any craft store.
  • It is not expensive; you can buy it easily at less than twenty dollar.
  • Magnetic strip is very easy to peel off. Incase if you are facing any difficulty in peeling it off then you can make use of warm water.
  • A lot of people make use of dishwasher soap in order to peel it off and they got the best results.


Conclusion – How to Build Toy Storage Shelves?

The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared any amazing guide for How to Build Toy Storage Shelves? In this Article you will get to see three amazing storage solution but will recommend you to go with the first solution because Building a Storage Solution by making use of Wall Space will not only enhance the room décor but will also maximize your space.

You can build it in very reasonable prices without putting more effort. So what are you waiting for? Try out this amazing storage solution and share your experience with us.

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