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How to Hide Storage Shelves?

Port: 2021.03.19

Step by Step Guide for How to Hide Storage Shelves?

As we all knows that storage solution plays a very important role in making room mess free. But storage shelves without cover can put a bad impact on the lounge, bedroom and dining room décor. This is why we are here with step by step guide for How to Hide Storage Shelves?

If you have storage solution in your home then you can also give a cute and attractive pattern to your shelve simply by wrapping fabric over it.

Even you can easily hide them by hanging some fabric over it but make sure to match the color of fabric with the room, this way you can create an eye catching environment in the room.

Solution 1: Hide Storage shelves by Wrapping Shelves in Fabric

Step 1:

First of all you have to calculate the length of shelve & width. After measuring the length, you also have to calculate the front edge of shelve.

Now you have to cut the fabric in order to cover over the both sides of shelve. We will recommend you to make selection of cotton fabric because it has a strong capability to stick well with shelve as compared to other fabrics.

An amazing tip: If the fabric that you are going to utilize is very light then we recommend you to first paint the shelve with same color as your shelve.

How to Hide Storage Shelves?

Step 2:

After cutting the fabric you have to apply Modge Podge glue on the top of the shelf. We will recommend you to apply the glue over the full board; following this trick will stick the fabric firmly to the board.

We have been receiving so many queries about Modge Podge glue, so we thought to answer it here. Well, it is a finisher & sealer product that one can use for decoupage product. You can easily buy it from any nearest store.

Step 3:

After applying glue now you have to place the fabric over it and start pressing it carefully without making bubbles over it. You can press it smoothly with the help of your hands.

There are many people that don’t mind leaving the bottom fabric uncovered, if you are also one of those then you can also keep it like it, or you can trim the edges also. Let it dry for 3 to 4 days, after

Solution 2: Covering the Shelves with Fabric

This solution is for all those who don’t have enough money and don’t want to spend more in hiding shelve.

Step 1:

First of all you have to cut the fabric according to the measurements of heights and width of rack. You have to connect two to three strips over the top of rack. You can also make use of curtain rods.

Simply connect the top of fabric with curtain rods or with strips. You can take help from the below picture, everything is pretty much clear there.

In case if you want to access something from shelve simply push the fabric to another end and get your thing out.

Amazing Tip: If you don’t want to remain open the cover then you can make use of ribbon in order to tie it.

Step 2:

If you are not satisfied with an above solution then look for curtains in your home that have same length as your shelve.

If you have such curtains then simply place those over the curtain rod, in case if you want to access the things, simply slide curtains back and forth to cover and uncover the rack.

This one is one of the most commonly used solution everywhere, 90% women’s prefer this trick in order to hide the shelving unit.

We will recommend this solution to all of you who have floor to ceiling shelves at their home. You can easily cover them with curtains.


Step 3:

If idea of hanging curtains is not working for you then we will recommend you to look for table skirt. But make sure that its height must be as the height of rack.

You can attach the table skirt over the top of the shelf and then let the excess table skirt hang down over the shelf.

For better results you can even adjust it according to your choice. Whenever you need to access anything from the shelve you can lift the cover up and can get your thing out of the rack.

If you have TV shelves and dressers in your room then you can make use of table skirts in order to hide the rack.

Step 4:

If you have closet in your home and want to hide then you can make use of drill in order to connect 2 shades mount with closet.

You have to hook top of the shades into the mount along the shades facing outwards. In such a way you can cover up the closet.

If you are interested in buying the roller shades then buy it from improvement store. Making use of Roller Shades is an amazing idea especially for those who don’t want to attach bulky doors with closet.


Conclusion – How to Hide Storage Shelves?

The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared amazing solutions for How to Hide Storage Shelves? All above mentioned solutions are amazing, you can choose the any one according to your needs, but will strongly recommend you to follow the step 2. Because hiding shelves with curtains gives an amazing and attractive look to the room. Your room will look classier if you make use of expensive curtains.

If you have been living in a rented house you can even take off the curtains upon leaving the house. So this option is very reliable for all types of houses.

If you don’t want to follow up the above solution then contact YongLi Racking Co. Ltd.

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