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How to Make Storage Shelves by using Upcycled Material?

Port: 2021.03.19

How to Make Storage Shelves from Upcycled Materials Easy, Cheap & Fast

If you are a regular follower of our blog then you must have an idea that we have previously shared lot of guides for How to Make Storage Shelves? But today we decided to come up with something new, that’s why we are going to share How to Make Storage Shelves by using Upcycled Material? This guide will not only be easier but will be cheap and fast.

A bit Overview about Upcycled Material

You can make world’s most inexpensive and amazing shelving by making use of upcycled material. Best thing about this material is that it has a capability to turn ordinary walls into useful storage spaces in lower prices.

This is why we are here with few amazing ideas that will help you to add your own touch into your shelving.

Make Book Storage Shelve by using Old Belt

If you want to place your books and want to show your guest small prized possessions then you have to arrange a wooden board. Also look for belt in your home, if you don’t have then bought it from clothing store.

There are lot of people that are not interested into the wooden board if you are also one of those then make use of skateboard deck. You can also go for rectangular platter rather than making use of traditional wood.

Simply connect both sides of belt into the wall with the help of screws after attaching it you can add the board b/w the belt.

If you have not understand the instructions clearly then simply have a look over the below picture, it will clear your concept in a better way.

How to Make Storage Shelves?

Convert a Chees box in to an amazing Shelf for Decoration Purpose

Each and every person can make use of this idea; look for cheese box in your home. We are damn sure that every person out there must have cheese box in their home.

If you don’t have then you can go to your nearest gourmet store and can ask for a free box. Now look for amazing long thicker belt and wooden large screw.

Close the belt and add the cheese box into it, after adding try to hang the belt from free side over the wooden screw.

If you don’t get our point clearly then follow the below picture, by looking over the picture your all concepts will be clear and you will ended up making an amazing shelf.

You can hang bottle plant into cheese box or can also add small pieces of decorations. It’s totally up to you that which decoration material you use in the cheese box.

Does not matter what you add into the cheese box But we are damn sure that it will gives a classier look to the room.


You can Convert Wood Slice into Shelf

You must go to parks on weekends, try to find beautiful tree trunks in the park. If you ask city tree crews they will give that tree trunk free.

You can even it from the place where tree trimmer is cutting down the tree. After finding that tree trunk you just need to hang it with the help of keyhole brackets.

After hanging you can plant beautiful flowers into it, or even can use it for storing your keys and all small items that you use on regular basis.

This tree truck will not only be helpful for storage but will also enhance your walls beauty. It gives a traditional beautiful touch to your home if you hang 3 to 4 tree trunk in a distance on a same wall.


Conversion of Narrow Wooden Box into Shelving Unit

We have not been finished yet, try to buy narrow wooden box from the wooden store and transform it into an amazing shelf.

Store owner will give you a large piece of wooden box; you have to cut it by making use of cutting tool. Cut it as much as you want to keep the width. Now cut the ends in such a way that it forms a long narrow shelf.

We know this can be a bit difficult for those who are newbie in cutting the wooden board. After cutting it in a right way simply attaches it with the help of screws along wall studs.

You can also find this wooden box from the road side treasure or can also keep your eyes on the bulk trash; you will definitely find yours over there.

If you are bit confused in building this narrow wooden shelf then we recommend you to have a look below into the picture, your concepts will definitely be clear after looking into it.

narrow shelf


Conclusion – How to Make Storage Shelves by using Upcycled Material?

The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared How to Make Storage Shelves by using Upcycled Material? This Article is for those who don’t have enough money to build shelve by spending 8o to 70$.

We have shared lot of ideas in order to build storage shelve from Upcycled Material; you can choose the one that you feel is more reliable for you.

Best thing about these ideas are that it will not require you to buy anything from outside. We will definitely recommend it to all the people out there. We are damn sure that all of you will be in love with these ideas. Do try them in your home and share your feedback with us that how you find these ideas.

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