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How to Makes a Cheap Storage Shelves in 2021?

Port: 2021.03.17

Amazing Guide for How to Makes a Cheap Storage Shelves

Our kitchen has been very messy because of too much cluttered but we cannot organize the cluttered because we have very tighten space. This is why we have decided to make a cheap storage shelves in order to remove the mess from kitchen.

Before guiding you on How to Makes a Cheap Storage Shelve? First of all we want you to go through the definition of cheap storage shelves then we will put shed over How to Makes a Cheap Storage Shelves? Doing this will clear your more concepts and will help you in more understanding.

Storage Shelves

Storage shelves comes in very handy when you have very small space, they plays an important role in maximizing the space. Not only that, it also helps you in getting rid from clutter in just 50 to 60$. Is not it amazing? Obviously it is.

How to Makes a Cheap Storage Shelves?

The shelves we are going to make are 21″x 45″ and assembled structure stands 78″ tall.

Stage 1: Materials and Tools

If you have a Home depot then get all the material from that store. Getting material from Home Depot will not only save your time but will also save your effort.

You will get to see lot of lumber yard that charge 50 cents for per cut so your cost will increases automatically but if you want to Depot home they will cut all lumber for free.

Though I am trained to cut the wood but taking help from home depot will speed up the manufacturing process.


  • 10 * 8′    2 x 4’s @ round about 3$ each, always keep in your mind that price can be vary from country to country.
  • 1 * 4′ x 8′   sheet of 1/2″ thick plywood, Price range for this can be from 20 to 30$.
  • 80 * 2.5″ exterior screws, Price range can be 5$ but make sure to buy only 1 lb box
  • Last but the most important is 1″ finishing nails


  • Make sure to keep with yourself pen, power drill, and set of drill bits, level, and measuring tapes. Also arrange hammer because it will work as a backbone.

 storage shelves

Stage 2: Now you have to cut the Lumber

Take a start with 10  2 x 4’s and one 4′ x 8′ section of 1/2″ plywood. As we know plywood plays an important role in the manufacturing of shelve so cut to dimensions of 21″ x 45″.

Make sure to make 3 sheets and for the top shelf cut to dimensions of 21″ x 48″.

4′ x 8′ plywood –> 3 * 21″ x 45″ plywood + 1* 21″ x 48″ plywood

As you can see that each shelf is composed of 2 four boards along 3 eighteen boards sandwiched b/w them. These shelves rest on 4 vertical seventy eight” boards.

Make sure to cut the 4 boards at 18″ –> 4 * 78″ boards + 4 * 18″ boards

Make sure to cut the 4 boards at 48″ –> 8 * 48″ boards

Now you have to cut the remaining 2 boards into eighteen” section, do it until you find the total no of eighteen sections to twelve.

Stage 3: Measurement

Now you have to lineup all 4 seventy eight” sections and mark those points where you want to lie the shelves. When it comes to height then it’s completely up to you but if you are a newbie then it would be good if you have a look to my pictures.

Note: Correct measurements plays an important role in balancing the shelf, if any measurement gets wrong then your whole effort will be destroyed within a minutes.

Stage 4: Making a Ladder

In this step you have to line up an 18 section with your line but make sure to keep it square.

Now you have to pre drill two holes and screw the both pieces together. After screwing you have to wash, rinse & repeat it until you found a ladder. You have to repeat the same steps in order to build another ladder.

Another ladder will be used to manufacture another side of ladder.

Stage 5: Start on the Shelves

As we have already explained that starting part includes connecting a cross beam 2 4 of the four sections. There’s awful method to do this, however the most ideal way I could sort out was to put the two sheets on a flat table, arranged all that could be expected, at that point append them with screws – taking consideration to pre-drill holes.

How to make storage shelves

Stage 6: Putting it all together

Now you have to lay both ladders on their sides with the 18″ fragments on the inner parts, at that point lay the cross-beams worked in the last stage along the ladders where the 18″ sections join.

But you have to keep one thing in your mind that everything has been in square and then screw everything together, screwing will prevent the rotation.

Stage 7: Part 2 of putting it all together

In this step you have to flip the storage shelve and lie the 4 boards to other side. Now in order to hold the sides there will be a need of straps.

cheap storage

Stage 8: Attaching Plywood

Now in order to attach the plywood with rack make use of finishing nails. As you can see the rack the very tall so you can attach the plywood on the top shelf by laying it down.

At the end, after attaching plywood to all the racks, you have to make sure that they are balanced.

Stage 9: Almost done

It’s almost done; you can do the final touches by making use of wood-stain, polyurethane, paint, or kitchen appliances.

How to makes a cheap storage shelves

Conclusion – How to makes a cheap storage shelves

The short summary of this Article is that we have shared an amazing guide for how to Makes a Cheap Storage Shelves in 2021? This guide will be going to help those who have small budget but want to build a high quality storage shelve.