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Top 5 Trending Industrial Storage racks in 2020-storage rack manufacturer 2020

Port: 2020.04.28

The types of industrial storage shelves and application safety guides

industrial storage racks

Obviously, the emergence of industrial storage racks at the beginning is for the convenience of storing goods. And can make full use of the storage space. However, with the rapid economic development, shelves play a very important role in modern logistics activities.

Because of this, the demand for storage shelves in all walks of life is increasing. And different enterprise warehouses can use the shelves:

  • to create Space
  • improve work efficiency and
  • bring convenience to production.

At present, the types of warehouse shelves in enterprises are becoming more and more automated and intelligent. Mainly concentrated in the industrial storage industry. Moreover, it can produce:

  • heavy shelves
  • attic shelves, and
  • attic steel platforms.

 Why industrial storage racks for a continuous supply chain management?


With the rapid development of the global economy, industrial storage racks have really intervened in the supply chain management of enterprises. And have become one of the indispensable parts of:

  • modern industrial warehouses
  • logistics centers
  • distribution centers
  • e-commerce logistics, etc.
A professional industrial storage racks manufacturer should be committed to the selection of:
  1. raw materials
  2. quality control and
  3. the use of high-standard production and research.


 Top 5 Trending Industrial Storage racks in 2020


Bulk shelf-a wider shelf than traditional. Bulk shelves look a bit like pallet shelves, 8 feet wide. Pallet racks, bulk racks for manual loading and unloading

Boltless shelves-boltless shelving is also called rivet shelving or rivet racks. Furthermore, these are similar to the bulk racks that are 8 feet wide at the top of the shelf. However, bulk racks are usually not more than their capacity.

Industrial Open Shelf-The The shelving of industrial open shelves you may see in any number of warehouse types. Similarly, restricted width on industrial shelves: The most widely used in industry is usually 48 inches. The design capacity of metal pressure gauges and shelves is based on.

Industrial semi-closed shelves-similar to open shelves, but with closed sides and back panels. The warehouse holds this type of very suitable partial storage.

Stainless steel shelf-a kind of industrial storage racks widely used in pharmaceutical factories and health departments.

 Applications of storage racks

Storage shelves can be customized for specific applications. So, remember to involve your warehouse site and ease of use. Furthermore, you can get a good solution and may save some money, and a set of perfect storage shelves.

Generally, large warehouses have sufficient space no matter in area or height. It allows some storage shelves to have good room for development. Goods stored in large warehouses are generally stored on pallets. There are fewer scattered products, and the quantity and weight of the goods stored are large.


If economic strength permits, you can choose an automated three-dimensional warehouse. Subsequently, it can realize the automatic storage and retrieval management of container unit goods. It greatly improves work efficiency and reduces errors.


Most general large warehouses still use ordinary industrial storage racks. Furthermore, they have a high picking rate, low forklift requirements, and are flexible. Different types of heavy-duty storage shelves can be designed according to the width of the roadway, such as:

  • narrow roadway shelves
  • double depth Shelves


If there are certain requirements for the first-in, first-out. Gravity shelves can be used, which has a high turnover rate and saves time and effort.


If you store some kinds of goods, you can use attic shelves. The height of the large warehouse is relatively sufficient. Attic shelves are still very suitable. Simultaneously, you can access the goods at the same time as the forklift.

industrial storage racks safety guide

heavy duty racks for warehouse in china

In the process of using industrial storage racks, improper use will cause extremely serious consequences. I am going to share with you the safety specifications of high-level shelves according to technical parameters. Hoping to help warehouse personnel using high-level shelves.

  1. Only 1200㎜standard trays are specified in the top-level storage shelf. Each tray height (with tray height) is not higher than 900㎜. And the net weight per tray is not higher than 500㎏ (top layer net weight per tray is not higher than 200㎏).
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use non-standard Huai wooden pads on industrial storage racks.
  3. Super high and super-high are strictly prohibited. The height and width of the storage shelves have been restricted. Moreover, the specifications of the pallet and goods should be slightly lower than the clear space of 100mm.
  4. Overweight is strictly prohibited. The net weight of each module layer of cargo storage cannot exceed the maximum load (1700㎏) of the storage shelf design scheme. The stacking standard should ensure that the top layer puts light goods. And the bottom layer puts heavy goods.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use damaged wooden pallets on storage shelves.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to accumulate non-consolidated. And non-integrated packaging on the storage shelves above the two floors.

Safe operation of electric forklifts in the top industrial storage shelves.

  1. In addition to the second certificate, the electric forklift driver must pass the unique evaluation of the warehouse manager.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to collide with the load-bearing beam of the industrial storage racks during the safe operation of the electric forklift. During the entire operation of the electric forklift, it should be as slow as possible, handled gently, and handled with care.
  3. It is strictly forbidden for the electric forklift to be heavy, light and skewed during safe operation. The cargo and the cargo surface should be kept neat and consistent.
  4. Pay close attention to the situation of up, down, left and right, and front and back when driving safely. Don’t be careless during operation and cause unnecessary accidents.

The electric forklift driver and the storage shelf manager in the top storage shelf can enter.

  1. Workers entering the industrial storage racks must wear safety helmets. Similarly, it is strictly forbidden for non-express staff to enter the top storage shelf area. Uniquely, it is strictly forbidden to carry out any other safe operations in the top storage shelf area.

If there is a violation, the storage shelf manager and other safety operation staff will bear the same safety responsibility.

  1. The top-level storage shelf manager who matches unique needs to enter the storage shelf area is responsible for guidance and management.
  2. If industrial storage racks manager finds that the load-bearing beams and poles of the storage shelf are damaged. They should immediately report to the functional department.
  3. When there is goods above the storage shelves, it is strictly forbidden for any staff to directly enter the bottom of the storage shelves.