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Composition and characteristics of medium and heavy shelves

Port: 2020.02.21

Shelf shelves are named for the design of suitable shelves on the basic shelves according to actual needs. Supported by uprights and beams, each floor has separated pads, so it is also called a partition shelf. Goods can be placed directly on the shelf, or it can be better used with pallets and other equipment. What is the composition and characteristics of medium-duty shelf and heavy-duty shelf? This type of shelf is generally welcomed and used.

We can roughly divide the shelf shelves into heavy shelf shelves and medium shelf shelves according to the load-bearing of the shelves and the placement of goods. Generally speaking, heavy-duty shelves are heavier in weight than medium-sized shelves, and they are also stronger and can withstand larger weights. Medium-sized shelves are similar to heavy-duty shelves, and have a beautiful appearance. Next, each layer of the shelf can bear a larger weight value.

The materials used for the shelves of heavy and medium-sized shelves are generally steel and wooden laminates. These two materials have their own strengths and needs. Steel laminates are more compressive and abrasion-resistant than wooden laminates. Steel laminates have a higher hardness and can be used to place hardware, mechanical parts, etc. that are heavy and large. The wooden laminate is relatively convenient to use and relatively light in weight. It is used to store things that are not very heavy, or the goods are not too large, and the smaller ones are more convenient to store. Wooden plywood can be given a certain surface protection treatment on it to make it more beautiful and practical.

In actual use, the shelf capacity of each shelf is of course different according to the overall material and structure and the shelf material. The heavy load capacity of each layer of the heavy-duty shelf is generally about 5000kg, while the middle-duty shelf is generally about 500-800kg. How to carry out the reorganization of suitable and reasonable shelves, so that the shelves can be combined with other reliances, or they can bear larger loads.

If you want to optimize the quality of laminate shelves and other aspects, the choice of manufacturers of custom shelves is also critical. After all, they make shelves all year round, and they will be more in place in custom-made suggestions and later services

Brief introduction of medium-sized storage shelves:
The shelf specifications: L2000mm * W600mm * H2000mm * 4 layers non-standard size can be customized.

Shelf color: standard white, blue, gray, orange, etc., other colors can be customized!

Technical description: Material: high quality cold rolled steel.

Shelf: Strong ribs are attached to the back of the shelf.

Bearing capacity of each layer: 200-250KG.

Surface treatment: pickling phosphating, epoxy electrostatic spraying.

Welding process: carbon dioxide gas shielded welding process.

Detailed description: The new generation of medium-sized storage shelves, unique butterfly hole design, plug-in combination, without welding and screws, can adjust the floor distance arbitrarily, unlimited end to end connection, strong carrying capacity, effective use of space, widely used in enterprises Warehouses and warehouses. According to the needs of the shelf, you can choose to seal the iron sheet or mesh with doors to open the door and other various forms, such as assembly line work table, bed, etc.