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Medium Slab Shelf: Five Important Questions that Require Consideration

Port: 2020.02.09

Medium Slab Shelf: Five Questions to Answer when Choosing Retail Shelving


In a retail environment, a medium slab shelf is of great importance. After all, it is imperative for your design the space of your retail environment offers maximum visibility.  Of course, the choice of shelf type, do not end with the Medium slab shelf, in fact, you have endless possibilities.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to answer five for the important question before you finalize any style of retail shelving technique. Do proper research and come up with concise and well-informed solutions. In the course of this article, we are going to elaborate on every question in detail. Thus, it will allow you to choose the best shelving technique for your business.

So without any further delay, let us get straight to work.


Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Five Important Questions that require answers
  • Summary




Remember, the right kind of shelving will enhance the overall ability of your retail store. It can attract consumers, generate more leads by creating an exciting and inviting environment. If the right shelf can do wonders for your business, you will be surprised at what adverse impact can wrong shelving on your business.

If you offer maximum visibility to your consumers, it is bound to improve the sales. When people are able to, clearly see all the products and that too in an engaging and inviting environment, they will surely make a purchase.

Like we have different shelving systems, we have a different kind of retail stores. Therefore, you need to choose a shelving system that would suit your retail business. There is no generic rule here, you need to be precise for effective results.

If a certain store uses a particular technique of shelving, it does not mean that it will work for you. On the contrary, it might just turn out to be a one-bid disaster. There can be several reasons behind the failure such as less space, not designed according to the desired shelving technique, unable to withstand the desired product result.

Therefore, you need to consider different aspects of shelving. Also, it is imperative to learn about the basic type of retail store to find out the best shelving methodology.


Department Store


If you have a department store, you will have to divide your store into different sections forming allies.  Every ally would have a certain product, or products belong to a particular category. In short, the store is divided based on different categories.




You can find a lot of things in the supermarket. This type of retail tends to sell home items, electronics, and other items.  You will be placing every item under the respective category. Usually, the target audience is the people who want to replenish their household inventory.


Specialty Store


As the name suggests, these kinds of retail stores do not inhabitant a wide variety of products. On the contrary, they focus one or two products. The entire store is about these products.


Hypermarket or Superstore


When you want everything under one roof, you need to end to a hypermarket or superstore. These kinds of stores sell a wide range of products ranging from vegetables to household electronics and smartphones.

You will be surprised to know that you will be able to find almost everything in these stores.





Five Important Questions that require an answer


Below are the five most important questions that you need to answer in order to choose the right kind of shelving for your retail business.


How much space do you have?


The size of your store has a direct impact on shelving.  Knowing the amount of space would help you make the right decision while purchasing the shelf size. After all, the right shelf size will complement the size of your store. Medium Slab shelf is often a great choice for retail business.

Let us take an example, Macy’s have huge stores, they have enough space to use big size, multi-layered shelves without overwhelming their consumers. They want to impress their audience with variety and diversity.

However, in case, you have a small departmental store. You would hardly choose the same size shelves that Macy’s did. With lesser space, you should come up with something compact, yet spacious. The shelves should offer visibility, it should showcase the products. Nevertheless, it should never make the consumer feel congested.

After all, many of you would hate to enter a store that is congested, let alone roaming in it to make a purchase. An important thing to understand is that spacing here does not mean the ground area the store covers.

In fact, it refers to space where you want an implementation of retail shelving. Of course, there would be spaces where you would not speed retail shelving such as a bathroom or custom care area.

You also need to focus on category roles and strategies. Both these things play an important part in determining how shopper-friendly the store is. The roles also have an impact on the type of shelving you will use.

Since some categories tend to take up more space in comparison to others. This method is to attract consumers. Giving them extra space is a technique to draw consumers. So, a good idea is to pay close attention to retail shelving for these particular areas.

If you have a small store, we suggest that you avoid large gondola shelving. Due to their size, they will look extremely big in a small place. Go with a little smaller and lighter option, such as the slat walls


What are the products that you are planning to stock?


It is but natural for the product type to have an influence on your retail shelving decision. You need to pay close heed to the product as well as the type of display material you will be using. Both of these things will help you determine the right kind of shelves.

For example, if you are planning to display products that are heavy, have sharp or rough edges. It would be a bad decision to use a medium slab shelf made of wood.  Placing the product might lead to stretches and it will damage the shelving finish.

Since replacing shelving repeatedly is tedious, costly and counterproductive, therefore proper planning is important. Make sure that you plan well before time for the logistics of your shelf in order to save yourself the extra costs.


How to determine shelves that would offer maximum visibility?


We have come up with a comprehensive and concise guideline. With the help of this guideline, you will be able to find the type of shelving that is suitable for certain products.


Electronic appliances


For electronics, it is a good idea to go with either rolling carts of slat walls. The reason being, both these medium slab Shelf technologies have the ability to accommodate their sizes in order to meet the product demands.

You can even use medium slab shelf for electronic placement. Just make sure that you find the right type of medium Slab shelf. All these shelves have the ability to withstand the weight and they allow proper display of the product.




The best option is to use include garment racks, slat walls, tables, and girdwalls. All these types of shelves have the ability to make the best use of the space while ensuring that the product gets maximum visibility.

They offer effective displays to the merchandise and help them attract clients. In addition to being useful, they will also give your store a contemporary and stylish look.




Similar to the food and canned goods, you need to have shelves that offer capacity and adjustability.  Ensure that the shelving is able to accommodate a large variety of the product. Alcohol does come in a wide variety in terms of taste, price and much more


Food items, Canned Goods and Household Cleaning Supplies


For these products, you need to use an accommodating form of retail shelving. Ensure that the shelves have a wide surface area in order to display the products in a proper manner. The shelves should allow you to place several products at once and categorize them effectively.


Should you focus on Product Weight?


The simple answer to this question is: Yes.

There is no denying the fact that the weight of the product is an important factor in determining the type of shelving implementation. After all, you are going to place the product on these shelves. Therefore, they need to have the capacity and the strength to withhold bulky products.

If the shelving material is able to support the weight of the material that you plan to place on top of it, it will add to its functionality. An important point to remember here is that you need to consider beyond the weight of one product.

Since the objective of a shelf is to hold multiple products at the same time. You will be placing more than just one of those bulky products on the shelf. Therefore, you need to consider the collective weight of the products.

For heavy objects, we would recommend something strong like steel or good quality wooden shelving. Also, make sure that the shelving has store shelves in order to offer more support to the product. You can use Gondola shelving units for bulky and heavy equipment.

For medium weight products, a medium slab shelf is an excellent option. They are reliable, offer stability. They are beneficially in regards to stocking and holding your products securely. In addition, these shelves can help you in achieving the right kind of framework of how to layout your retail store.

Likewise, for extremely lightweight products, you need to go with any other type of type. You can use slab shelves with less hold capacity. Slab shelves are no doubt, the first choice of any retail businessperson.  This kind of shelving is perfect for stores that want space with class.


Will you need extra shelving in the future?


In the retail business, your goal to expand gradually, thus a future insight into your shelving is imperative. When you do not plan, you end up paying a lot more. Thus, we recommend that you plan your future before selecting a retail shelving technique.  Forecasting the future will help you stay relevant. Trends are constantly changing.

There is no doubt that you would have to incorporate new products in the future. Now if your current shelving is unable to hold those products, you would need more shelves. In case, you are out of space, you would have to do the entire store again.

Imagine the cost that you would have to pay. So, a wise thing is to choose to shelve that will survive you in the coming many years. Ensure that the current shelving does not overwhelm your space availability, but it should suit your specific retail establishment.

If you are anticipating the growth of your store, then versatility is curial when it comes to shelving. Start with having adjustable display options. If you have an adjustable display option, you will be able to accommodate your future inventory effortlessly.

Lastly, investing in shelving that is easy to move around is a wise thing. The portable shelving is bound to prove beneficial for you in the future. You can adjust them easily according to the modern trends and requirements.




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