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A Beginner’s Guide To Metal Storage Shelving Manufacturers

Port: 2020.09.23

Things You Should Know About Boltless and Metal Storage Shelving System

When it comes to organizing your warehouse, you need to reach out to professional metal storage shelving manufacturers. Of course, there are other types of storage shelving systems, however, metal is one of the most robust and long-lasting materials.

The type of material you choose for your shelving system greatly depends upon your requirement. What more is that there are different types of shelving systems for you to choose from. Covering all these types would not be possible in this article.

But, we will be focusing on two different types of shelving systems. The first is going to be the metal shelving and the second one will be boltless shelving. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

What You Need to Know About Metal Storage Shelving Systems

The shelving system may be metal or any other type that can make it extremely easy for you to organize and display your products efficiently. It is important to ensure that you incorporate the right kind of shelving to maximize space while ensuring fast retrieval.

Metal Storage Shelving Manufacturers

Metal Storage Shelving

We understand that being in the bulk business, you need to have the perfect shelving solutions. However, to achieve effective results, you need to yield effective results, you need to start with doing research.

You need to thoroughly investigate your options. But, before you get down to the shelf purchasing business, analyze the space you have. Also, the type of items you will be storing. If you need to frequently rearrange the layout of your warehouse. You need to choose a system that offers flexibility.

For instance, for constant changing warehouse layout, it is better to go with metal clip-types shelves. These shelves are replacing the semi-permanent bolts and nuts for the compression clips. Thus, you would end up having greater flexibility and easy installation. This is highly effective when you are going to be sorting the bulkier packages.

What more is that it is extremely easy to add onto these shelves. So, if the need arises you can create additional space without disturbing the already installed shelving system. For more features, you would have to ask your metal storage shelving manufacturers.

Below, we did mention common types of industrial metal shelving systems that are commonly available.


A multilevel shelving system works best for people who are planning to utilize the unused overhead space available int their warehouse. It is perhaps the best way to expand the warehouse capacity without causing a dent in your budget.

So, if the objective here is to efficiently expand the surface space without paying the pricy cost of moving the facility, go with these shelving systems. They are affording, yet effective solutions. The shelving techniques incorporate units that are specially engineered to surpass the safety measure recommended by the OSHA.

These shelves are also extremely heavy duty.

Open Unit

When it comes to effective stocking and efficient retrieval, you will not find a better option then the open units. They are the perfect warehouse shelving systems especially when you have products in high volume.

Common products may include seasonal items or any new tech devices. In addition to being a space optimizer, the shelving technique is also stable and robust. After all, it incorporates the sway brace layer. Due to this layer, there is additional stability for packed items or for the boxed, bulky ones.

Closed Unit

Closed units are perhaps the most effective way to store food items or sensitive items that risk air-contamination. The warehouse has been using them a long time and they have been able to preserve the things in an effective manner.

Thus, increasing the shelf life of a food item or a sensitive product. What more is that you can even choose this great shelving system on a smaller scale. It is possible to install it in your office as you can customize it to match the interior of your office.

Bin Unit

To avoid all the unwanted hassle and the delayed retrieval time, the organization plays a vital rule in sorting the intricate parts and pieces that belong to the same order. There is no better option then the bin unit shelving system.

The bin shelving units come with adjustable dividers. Thus, allowing you to the configuration as per your requirements. They are perfect for a warehouse that stores hardware store stuff or a mechanics shop’s warehouse. You can even use them at a small scale, i.e. at your shops or stores.

Boltless Shelving

When you are looking for a shelving technique that is not only stable but also extremely easy to assembly, you should go with boltless shelving. It is otherwise called Particle Board shelving or the Rivet Shelving.

Regardless of the name, the technique is highly effective and it ensures outstanding results. This light-duty option is great regarding the type and duration of your operations. It would work well with temporary solutions.

When you receive the units, they will be in the form of compact bundles. You might need more than a rubber mallet to get the units into action. Although, it might seem a daunting task. However, we can assure you that it is not.

Since there are no fasteners, bolts, or nuts in the equation, thus you will be able to achieve great results with minimal efforts. Below, are the different types of boltless shelving systems. You can choose one that would be in accord with your application type.

Low Profile Shelving

As the name suggests, the unit has the ability to store items in an effective manner without utilizing a lot of space. In other words, it is a highly space optimizing shelving technique. Sometimes, the metal storage shelving manufacturers recommend these units as they are ideal for a number of applications.

They do offer all most all cons of the metal shelving units, however, they are more affording.

Long Span Shelving

If you need a high capacity system, then try the long span shelving technique. It is perfect for different manual storage as well as for retail stores. The great thing about this shelving system is that it is affordable and cost-effective.

The system offers adaptability and versatility at an extremely affordable price.