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What is a Mobile Rack

Port: 2020.02.21

Mobile Rack are easy to control, safe and reliable. Each row of shelves is driven by a motor, and the rollers installed under the shelves move along the track laid on the ground.

Table of Content

1 Overview of Mobile Rack
2 mobile shelf classification
3 Structural characteristics
4 working principle

1 Overview of Mobile Rack

Its outstanding advantage is that it improves the space utilization rate. A set of shelves only needs one aisle, while one aisle of the fixed pallet rack only serves two rows of shelves on both sides of the aisle. Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity of Mobile Rack is much higher than that of general fixed shelves.

2 Mobile Rack classification

Open Mobile Rack
The transmission mechanism of the open Mobile Rack is set in the base of the rack, and the operation panel is set at the end of the rack. There are safety line switches at the front and back of the shelf, and the entire shelf stops immediately when it encounters an obstacle.
2. Enclosed Mobile Rack
When the closed Mobile Rack do not need to access the goods, all the shelves are closed and locked after they are moved together. Rubber seals are installed at each shelf interface, also known as closed shelves.

3 Structural characteristics

Mobile Rack  need only one channel, which has a very high space utilization rate, is safe and reliable, and is easy to move. It can be divided into heavy, medium and light types according to the load bearing. Generally heavy shelves are electrically controlled for easy movement, and light and medium are generally hand-cranked. mobile. Product features: It is suitable for warehouses with many stocks, but with a low frequency of outbound and inbound storage, or warehouses with high stocking frequency, but can be outbound and outbound according to the laneway order. Usually only one working channel is needed, which can greatly improve the utilization of warehouse area, so it is widely used in media, library, finance, food and other industrial warehouses

4 working principle

Two rows of back-to-back shelves are installed in a group on a mobile chassis in multiple groups. Each chassis is equipped with multiple wheels and a drive motor. By pressing the control button, the drive motor drives the entire chassis and the goods on the upper shelf through chain transmission. Move along two or more tracks spread on the ground (or trackless-magnetic stripe different), so that the forklift can enter the moved field to store and receive goods