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A Perfect Guide to Buy Stainless Steel Shelves

Port: 2019.12.18

Stainless steel shelves and racks primarily got into our lives either to create some extra space or to place objects orderly for an easy access. The concept also gathered the management of space in all three dimensions. Accordingly, you can see nowadays shelves in every size everywhere. For storage in warehouses or for display in supermarkets, shelves are there.

With the passage of time, however, the use of shelves has become a work of art. Related to designing and attractive coloring it is now a part of interior décor as well.  Pertaining to the durability and flexibility selection of suitable material is significant. Interestingly there are many possibilities and available options to choose the appropriate material. Stainless steel shelving manufacturers, stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers or even any metal storage shelving manufacturers produce state of art solutions to all our needs.

Due to a rapid increase in usage and demands shelves manufacturing is now a big industry. All over the world large scale manufacturers of shelves are running promising businesses. Variety and cost competitions have set amazing goals and opportunities. As result manufacturing shelves and meeting demands of competitive markets, has turned it into an exportable commodity.

Manufacturing shelves apparently is a low-cost business. Small or medium investment may be enough to start. But to grow it into a large scale and more profitable business, the keyword is ‘innovation’. To excel in the market and to attract more consumers, innovation in designs, styles, degree of usefulness, selection of newer materials, and quality of product are major factors. So even a manufacturer whether a metal shelving manufacturer, stainless steel shelving manufacturer or stainless steel wire shelving manufacturer, one has to consider consumer’s considerations. Below are some guidelines to pick the best match for storage.


Shelves: Consumer’s considerations.


There are a wide variety of shelves for buyers or consumers. There are consumers who may prefer the durability of shelves over shape or design. Some others may need very large size shelves, for say, hardware storage. So their consideration is capacity and strength.  Considering stainless steel shelves may be suitable where devices or instruments placing are necessary. Workshop shelves in larger factories may consider width compared with the consumer of fish farm cold storage, who may emphasize on depth. Therefore, on one hand, some of the consumer’s considerations related to:


  1. Strength of material
  2. The durability of shelves (i.e. the life of shelve, not ‘shelf life’ )
  3. Flexibility ( in application or usefulness)
  4. Magnificence (i.e. attractive look)
  5. Dimensions etc.


On the other hand, there are other aspects which need a serious view before finalizing an option.  Most of these are related to the level of shelves usages. There are consumers of shelves who may need to buy a shelf or shelves for longer use but, say, for domestic use. Some others may be more concerned about cost-effectiveness because of the commercial usage of shelves. Such considerations as shown below are genuinely significant:


  1. Cost price or cost-effectiveness
  2. Sustainability etc.
  3. Finishing or delicacy including design
  4. For extremely rough and tough usage
  5. Viability and practicality


Shelves: Variations and Types.


Shelves are meant to manage and utilize horizontal and vertical available space which otherwise may go waste unnoticeably.

With respect to requirements and usages, shelves are available in a large number of variations. There are many features and parameters that help manufactures various types of shelves. Size and material being basic features, customized and fit to size/space are other options.

Small shelves and racks are useful in homes for different purposes. They include shelves for kitchens, living rooms, and stores. The considerations for such needs are very different compared with the shelves’ needs of a shop or a supermarket.

Similarly, shelves for warehouses, hospitals or restaurants differ considerably from each other. Many other major usages or requirements like that of any school, institute or commercial storage activity may need shelves varying in strength or flexibility, etc.

In short, you can’t name all types of shelves except talking about most general types in vogue. Even if we discuss types according to the category of utilization, many more types can be based on the category of material.  Stainless steel shelves or plastic shelves do exist in different shapes and dimensions, separately useful in different places.

Types of shelves.  It is difficult to count but some prominent and commonly used types can be jotted down. For example for closet storage alone, there are about five sub-categories. These include fixed shelves, Floating shelves, adjustable shelves, corner shelves, and pull out shelves.  Similarly, there are more than twenty types of shelves vital for any home. Classifying in accordance with the material, installation, style, and use, you can name many types of shelves which include following:


  1. Fixed Brackets shelves
  2. Built-In shelves
  3. Floating shelves
  4. Corner shelves
  5. Free-standing shelves
  6. Rotating shelves
  7. Angled or curved shelf
  8. Hanging shelves
  9. Material wise: metal /wooden /plastic /glass or fabric shelves
  10. Utility wise: Bedroom / bathroom/ kitchen/ pantry shelves


Shelves can be further classified with respect to load capacity and durability etc. For supermarkets shelves, load capacity means a number of certain items it can accommodate. But for a warehouse or lubricant storage, load capacity means to weight a shelf may withstand.

‘Durability of shelves’ or a life of shelves, in any case, remains the major factor. It accounts for the usefulness of shelves over a longer period of time. For longer life material of shelves matters most. The only sturdy materials that significantly enhance strength of shelves, is ‘stainless steel’. In other words, stainless steel shelves provide a long-lasting solution. For domestic appliances and fancy displays even hard plastic shelves in attractive colors remain reasonable.

For bulky items and for heavier objects only stainless steel shelves are the suitable choice. Therefore, stainless steel shelves are good for huge storages.  Steel shelving, in general, is used in tool cribs, offices, warehouses, large manufacturing units, etc. Customizable, steel shelving is greatly useful under-mezzanine storages of spares etc. Apart from strength; stainless steel shelves also have features like multiple types of dividers or modular drawers. Additionally, they also have built-in bins. When we talk about stainless steel shelves we find a number of types of stainless steel shelves applicable or useful almost everywhere. That is why in countries like China stainless steel shelves manufacturing is a big industry.


Stainless Steel Shelves.



Stainless Steel Shelves



Among all, stainless steel shelves are most interesting to know about because there are numerous areas of their usage. Also because they are manufactured in so many shapes, designs and dimensions that a bit of guidance may be helpful to make best choice.


Salient features of stainless steel shelves.  Main considerations while choosing shelves are advantages and disadvantages. This simple will let you find most suitable solution. While plastic or wooden shelves may suit for any storage requirements, metallic shelves have the following benefits.


  1. Corrosion Resistant. Best of all its features or advantages is that stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion. Consequently these shelves are long lasting. For a warehouse or workshop shelves, even shelves assembled with iron rods or angled iron may be good. But to enhance durability of Iron, periodic paints-coating is essential. Otherwise corrosion and rusting will damage most of workshop shelves. Periodic coating with paints is not only a cost effecting matter but also a cumbersome job. Alternately nickel coating is considerably better. Nickel coating provides resistance to corrosion for shelves made up using iron. But nickel coating is only possible for small size shelves. For large size shelve structure as used in warehouses, huge structures of naked iron are erected which remain open to corrosion.

For other types of huge storages like supermarkets, stainless steel is better choice. Difference between Iron and steel is edge steel has as ‘resistant to corrosion’.   Stainless steel shelves, therefore, take away worries about corrosion. It is because of ‘stainless’ feature that stainless steel is preferable for shelving systems in various other areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and garments shops etc.


  1. Resistant to high temperature. Temperature variations are usually not given due consideration while selecting a suitable Shelving system. For any storage or display needs the durability of shelves is subjected to appropriate temperature requirements. Considering this point in broader terms you will always have every reason to choose stainless steel shelves, perhaps with a bit of exception for workshop shelves. When we talk of high temperature the limit is ‘a house on fire’. Think of ‘fire hazards’ and quickly you will come down to choose metallic or convincingly stainless steel shelves. So, it is a matter of safety measures that are better provided by stainless steel shelving manufacturers.

As long as your shelving system may withstand any pressure or hazard, it is most likely that inventories placed on shelves may remain secure, at least from falling, failing, fading or worsening in any way.  Therefor stainless steel shelving manufacturers and stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers emphasize this aspect as a scoring point in marketing.  Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers or any metal shelving manufacturers characterizing the safety of valuable items even in fire is genuinely a big plus.


  1. Anti-microbial properties: The only material which guaranty perfect antimicrobial properties and consequent safety is no other but steel. Its implications become extremely significant in food storages, restaurants, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories and kitchens. Other than metal shelving manufacturers none can claim to have complete control over microbiological growths. With stainless steel shelving system every storage type including kitchens working on commercial levels, remain safe. Shelves made of hard and thick/tough plastic may be a good choice for display storages like supermarkets or pharmacies. But they fail to address this issue due to lacking antimicrobial properties.

Visible enemies of food or food products storage, like cockroaches can’t grow and survive in stainless steel shelves because these shelves don’t offer them cracks to  live-in. All other types of germs and bacteria also find it uncomfortable for their existence in steel shelves. Therefore it is understandable that stainless steel shelving manufacturers and stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers are practically providing a safer environment for any kind of storage.


  1. Inherent Cleanliness. It is interesting to note that stainless steel shelves manufacturers provide you such a decent shelving solution which will never get dust accumulation. This is because steel have neither pores nor get cracks in it. As a result dust can’t gather in any unapproachable slot. This is basically an inbuilt or inherent feature of shelves material which provides free cleanliness. This aspect is widely appreciable for shelves where dust sensitivity is of the order of zero tolerance. A very simple example is that of an Operation theater in any hospital. Mobile-shelves, as a required to carry medicines and instruments can best be placed on stainless steel shelves.
  2. Shelves Disposal: An important consideration is the problem that arises towards the disposal of shelves, whenever required. In the first place shelves made of wood or plastic are prone to damages. Secondly, the same shelves frequently lose their usefulness too soon because of one or the other reason.  Under all such circumstances no appropriate disposals of these shelves create a cumbersome problem.  Throwing away or burning to ashes adds to pollution and ecological issues. Toxic degeneration is equally serious issue.  How will you weight it?


On the other hand, stainless steel shelves are non-toxic as well as eco-friendly. This is significantly very valuable consideration, because when it comes to question of garbage disposal environmental and resulting health standards restrictions pose limitations.

Conclusion.  Bottom line is that despite any attractive features and reasonable characteristics other materials may offer, stainless steel shelving system have no parallel. This claim and perfect guidance are based of unique features in all types of steel shelve, extended by stainless steel shelving manufacturers and stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers.


These features are summarized below:


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Eco-friendly (can be recycled), and non-toxic
  • Resistant to any type of corrosion
  • Antimicrobial
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flexible and adjustable according to space and requirements
  • Most suitable for High temperature storages
  • Can withstand very heavy loads
  • Only shelving system recommended for storage of chemicals etc.
  • Rugged structures
  • Provides best safety Standard against hazards
  • Seamless blending with other materials


Some other convincing additional features are:


  • Easy to use in domestic applications (kitchens or bath rooms)
  • Easy Installation, particularly for home users and small workshop shelves
  • Available in a long range of shapes and sizes
  • Suitable for any kitchen designs appealing to modern living comforts
  • All metal storage shelving manufacturers offer extended warranty securely.