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What types of equipment Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers use in shelves?

Port: 2020.12.06

Smooth or meshed shelf- Which one to choose?

Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers for industries

The shelf is a fundamental item for industrial and commercial use. Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers make it suitable for organizing and storing products. Furthermore, they make spaces available and add value to your premises. Hence, it ensures that the place is always in order and things appear arranged in the best possible way.

There are several models of shelves, but sometimes companies end up opting for models that meet their needs for a short time. This happens a lot when we do not know how to identify the differences between conventional (carbon steel) and stainless steel shelves.

Conventional and stainless steel shelving

Visually, they can look the same: they have relatively the same structure, display the same material color, and store products. But each of them has its peculiarities. Here are a few:

Tubular Structure or Angle

Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers has developed two different structural models for its Professional Shelves. The first consists of a tubular structure. Moreover, it makes the shelf more reinforced and facilitates its installation.

Generally, this structure makes the bookcase look lighter and reduces its cost, since we can disassemble it and has a more economical freight.

steel wire shelving manufacturers

Smooth or meshed shelf: Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers

The smooth shelves are ideal for packing small products that could fall through the railing. We can use it, for example, in pantries.

The railings, on the other hand, allow air to circulate. Similarly, it speeds up cooling and prevents the accumulation of dust. Subsequently, it ensures the safety of goods. Therefore, it is ideal for industrial kitchens, refrigerators and hospitals.

PBL shelf

The PBL Bookcase is completely different from the other bookcases in the line. Its highlight is its high edges. Moreover, it works as a “drawer”, allowing the storage of small and / or fragile products, without risk of falling. You can find it on any leading Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers store.

Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers Adjustable shelf

Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers Professional Shelves feature adjustable shelves. Therefore, we can easily adjust it at different heights for excellent distribution.


Racks are very common for storing various items in:

  • industrial enterprises
  • in workshops and
  • car services,

Generally, we can use it for food-processing units of catering establishments. The most commonly used material for the shelves is stainless steel sheet. It does not corrode. Hence, it allows wet items to be placed on the shelves for drying.

For the manufacture of racks, a galvanized corner or a stainless steel profile pipe is common to use. Welded structures have a fixed shelf height, while prefabricated structures allow for height adjustment of the shelves. In addition, the base of the shelves can be solid or perforated.

Generally, such products are good to use in rooms with high air humidity.

What type of shelves Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers make?

Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers make Production shelves from metal rods or plates. It can have one or more tiers.

 Functional purpose: Basically, we use it for storing and drying dishes, as well as for placing inventory and products that does not require refrigeration and freezing conditions.

Scope of application: We can place these shelves in the production premises of:

  • catering establishments and
  • retail outlets with their own production

Design features: The frame of the equipment has a welded structure and is made, as a rule, of carbon steel. To give it decorative properties and increase resistance to external influences, it comes with with powder dye.

Why stainless steel is an ideal metal for manufacturers?

Generally, these shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers make it with stainless steel. This material has anti-corrosion properties and is easy to clean from dirt.

Models designed for drying dishes are usually equipped with metal trays to drain excess moisture. The pallets are removable and, with appropriate dimensions, can be washed in a dishwasher.

Equipment installation: Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers mount metal production shelves on a flat wall using special brackets. Installation does not require specialized training. And we can perform it without the help of specialists. The main requirement for the installation is the presence of a dense solid wall surface that can withstand the load.

What types of equipment Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers use?

Types of equipment: We can buy metal production shelves in several variations, namely:

  • open and closed type
  • with or without a metal tray for water drainage
  • with one or more tiers
  • solid and sectional
  • Solid or lattice

Installing shelves in industrial kitchens is the most common way to design a workspace. This equipment is compact. Moreover, it takes up little space. And at the same time is a fairly capacious surface for storing tools, dishes and food.

The stainless steel from which the work surfaces are made meets the required sanitary standards. Similarly, it is easy to clean. Moreover, we can sanitize it with hot water or specialized products.

Industrial shelves made of stainless steel

A large number of products and devices for their processing, dishes, substances for washing and other aids are popular. All of this is present in any professional kitchen, and also requires affordable and convenient storage. Furthermore, you can find this type of shelves at nearest Stainless steel wire shelving .

Standard cabinets are not always convenient for such purposes; a stainless steel kitchen shelf is the best solution. There are no doors that the staff would spend a lot of time opening and closing. Hence, everything you need is literally at hand. In addition, since the material from which the shelf is most often made is stainless steel, the finished product has additional advantages:

  • Durability – unlimited service life.
  • Resistance to aggressive influences – not subject to corrosion, detergents, chemicals.
  • Withstand loads – stainless steel shelves for the kitchen can withstand more than 50 kg of weight.
  • Hygienic – metal does not absorb odor, easy to clean.

How to choose Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers?

To buy a suitable stainless steel shelf, consider the characteristics of the room. It should be based on the available space and plan its use in advance. It is highly likely that the owner will face the following difficulties in the selection process:

  • The form. The food grade stainless steel shelf is manufactured in a standard rectangular shape. Many people prefer to choose models with collars to prevent falls, rack for drying dishes and other configurations.
  • Correct depth. The stainless steel shelves should be large enough. You can accurately calculate this indicator if you know the dimensions of the product that will be stored on its surface. The average is from 40 cm.
  • Amount. When it comes to the average professional kitchen, stainless kitchen shelves are usually ordered in quantities of four or more.wholesale storage shelves manufacturers

When it comes to overall premises, more often Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers production shelf is combined with open shelving.

Given the variety of choices and durability, stainless steel shelves for catering are designed for use in different conditions:

  • on the territories of cafes, bars , restaurants;
  • in the kitchens of educational and medical institutions;
  • In factories for the manufacture of finished products – bakery products, semi-finished products, etc.

How to buy a stainless steel shelf?

Professional kitchen equipment is the main activity of Stainless steel wire shelving manufacturers. This section of the catalog contains production shelves of different capacities. High-quality designs will allow you to competently organize the production room, and thanks to its compactness – save free space.