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Different Types of Storage Shelves Used In China

Port: 2020.08.19

In China, various types of storage shelves used in industries and businesses to make the best use of the space available. Brief information about the commonly used storage shelves in china is provided in this write-up for your reference.

Long span shelves: The shelving system of this type can be perfect for industries as it can exceed most of their storage-related needs including lightweight small components to large heavyweight items. It can be suitable for loading all types of items because of its configuration of different types of metal shelves and the flexibility of adjusting the height of the shelves. Moreover, this shelving system with modular designs can save your time as they can be assembled and installed easily without needing any particular instruments and instructions. Furthermore, you can assemble these shelves in different ways as per the requirements of your warehouse.

Advantages of long span shelves

    • Easy and quick installation without any specific tool
    • Settings can be changed with adjustable height
    • Sizes of beam and frame can be selected as per your requirements
    • The size of these shelves can be used flexibly according to their loading capacities

Bolt-free shelving: This upright shelving system includes only upright and frame as no nuts and bolts are required to install it. it is available only in a closed shelving system as you can start using it just by opening its metal shelving unit. This open and closed shelving system is available in different sizes to allow you to use it more efficiently according to the size of your items. You can quickly adjust the space between shelves as required. It can be used to store any kind of products including heavy cartons or small equipment etc. You can maximize its storage volume due to its modular design. It can be extended up to your ceiling if needed.

storage shelves in china

Advantages of bolt-free shelving system

  • You can use it as per the requirement of your business due to availability in various modular designs
  • Easy to assemble in various designs with any tool
  • More affordable than other shelving options

Rivet shelving: This type of storage shelves can be used for several applications. It includes posts made of heavy-duty angles and standard angles. It is a low costing shelving system used in warehouses as it can be assembled easily without using nuts and bolts. The specifications of its posts can be customized as per the requirements of the users.

Slotted angle shelving: This type of storage shelving system can meet all types of storage requirements of workshops, industries, shops, and warehouses, etc. It can meet all types of storage requirements even if you have to change the setting at a short notice. It can load heavy to lightweight items easily. This shelving system allows you to change its height and weight as per your requirements. Still, it can be installed easily without any tool. You can add gangways or decks to this shelving system according to the needs of growing business by extending its height and weight.

Tri-shelving system: This storage shelving system is suitable for archive, mobile, office, and medial environments. They are coated with polyester powder to make them more durable. The loading capacity of these shelves is from 100 kg to 450-500 kg.

Advantages of the tri-shelving system

  • It is available in closed and open options
  • The storage space for files is available from 900mm to 1200 mm
  • Can be assembled quickly and easily
  • No professional help required to assemble it

Other most commonly used storage shelves in china

If you are buying storage shelves in China for your warehouse for the first time then you can also choose from the shelving systems discussed hereunder. The storage shelves discussed here are most commonly used by the beginners.

Cantilever shelving system

The shelving system in the series of cantilever shelves is easy to assemble, disassemble, adjust, move, and transport. They are reliable and safe shelves. Their columns can be adjusted to adjust the space between the shelves according to your requirements. Cantilever shelving can easily improve the rate of utilization of the space and standardize the management of warehouse materials. It also works effectively with forklifts or stackers to increase the circulation of materials efficiently as well as reduce the costs of transportation and storage. It can improve the level of mechanization, economic benefits, working conditions, and circulation of material as well as reduce the intensity of labor. The length if these shelves can be increased by combining them as per the space available.

Mezzanine floor shelf with steel structure platform

The steel platform of this shelving system is known as its working platform. This modern platform has various types of structural functions and forms. It is mainly used in modern storage areas as it is available in fully assembled form however its design can be changed flexibly. The structure of this shelving system mainly includes columns, beams. Plates and other parts made of steel plates and profiled steel so that they can be connected to each other with the help of rivets, screws, or welding.

The structure of the mezzanine floor shelf is composed of primary and secondary beams, planks, ladders, columns, railings, and support between the columns, etc. You can use these floors as per your requirements as they can be divided into ground and above platforms to support the dynamic and static loads. Its platforms can also be used for the production of auxiliary items as well as platforms for medium and heavy operations.

Beam shelf

It is the third shelving system that is commonly used in warehouses in China. It is commonly used to store a wide range of mechanical items with high selection efficiency due to its high capacity to bear the load. A wide range of items can be stored on these shelves like various accessories including trays etc. It can be used to store almost all types of materials as well as recovery machines like reach trucks, stackers, and forklifts. They are particularly designed to store goods on pallets.

Some other commonly used storage shelves in the warehouses in China may include gravity shelves, drawer shelves, and shelves, etc.