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Storage Shelves Manufacturer – Everything You Need to Know about

Port: 2021.02.09

An amazing Guide about Storage Shelves Manufacturer in 2021

In this Article, we will share everything about storage shelves andStorage Shelves Manufacturer.This Article is a full package for those who are interested in getting knowledge about China Storage Shelves.

Storage Shelves Manufacturer

If you are going to be in a new home or want to utilize your home or place in an effective manner then you are at the right place. If you are looking for additional storage then storage shelves is one of the fantastic ways to fulfill your needs.

Few people thinks that shelves just plays an role in giving extra space but no all those are at mistaken, you can make use of shelves in order to bring new features into your place.

If you explore the worlds of shelves then you will find thousands of shelves but you have to choose the one that perfectly get fit into your needs. This is why we have introduced this Article in order to get you aware from everything. Well storage shelves are simply amazing especially when you want to create a special place in your room.

It is a fact that no matter how much space you have but without organizing it correctly will spoil the room so for such situations Metal Storage Shelvescomes in handy because they maximize the space especially when you make use of shelves for business.

Does not matter what you have, a shop floor, a warehouse, or even your garage, Metal Storage Shelves can surprised you everywhere.

They are not only beneficial in order to organize your space but also make your place secure. If you strewn all the items everywhere on the floor then it will not only be dangerous for you but for your kids also. Here we are going to list down few best practices for storage let’s have a closer look with us.

Best Practices to Follow for Storage

As we all knows that we cannot keep everything on our hands and sometimes keeping more items on hands can be overwhelming.

In order to keep all the items correctly it is very necessary to have a space. Here we are going to give you an example for better understanding. If there are too many cooks in the same kitchen then there might be a possibility that over organizing can create troubles for them rather than doing help.

So in every department, storage system is very important whether its restaurant or home.

A Clean Slate

Very first thing that you need to consider when evaluating the heavy duty storage shelves for your business is to know what it is you are storing.

First of all you have to go through your products and only choose the one that you think are important and beneficial to you. If you find any item that you think is no longer helpful then you would better to get rid of it as soon as possible. Doing this will maximize your space and make your space valuable because you will now have more space in order to keep important items.

china storage shelves


The second important point that you have to consider when you are going for heavy duty storage shelvesis to find out that exactly what type of shelving you are going to use?

Does that type is going to fulfill your all needs? If you feel that it will not good for your items then get rid of it and find the other one.

If you are unable to find the correct one for your needs then it can be an issue for you. Storage Shelvesseems very simpler to everyone but in realitywrong type and size can create troubles for you.

You have to choose the Storage Shelvesthat you feel is perfect to fulfill your demands and get fit all your items perfectly. If you run a warehouse then for you pallets racks will be good as compared to other shelves.

Pallets racks are very amazing especially to handle the heavy loads for warehouse storage. But if you feel that the item you are going to store are very heavy then bulk storage racks can be perfect for you. Such bulk storage can comes up with or without deckling.

Bin Storage

If you make use of Storage Bin Shelves,then they are simply amazing in order to transform your space from mess. You should make sure to keep the loose items like hardware’s, office suppliers, rolls of tapes and wires, in the Storage Bin Shelves

Shapes of  Shelves

You would better if you keep the small tools also in the Storage Bin Shelves, keeping them in the bin can keep your place safer from being messy.

This is a best organization practice for storage and will also create safety for you. If you have kids in your home then you know very well that kids try to get their hands over to every item so if you keep scissor, tapes and sensitive items then it can be a problem for your kids’ safety.

In case you forgot to add some safety equipment’s in the Storage Bin Shelves, then they can create clutter in your road so you would better to keep all the smaller items like scissors, wires in the bin storage.

If you explore the Storage Bin Shelves, then you will get to know that they come up in different sizes and shapes, in order to fulfill your different needs. You will get to see lot of bins that will be nested. Nested bins don’t need any lid for covering because you just stack one on the other.

If you stack the bin vertically then it will allow you to make the most of your space. In market you will get to see lot of shelf’s that sit on the shelf openly that will allow you to access the items easily.

Such shelves are especially designed for the products that you use on regular intervals in order to access them immediately.

There are also hanging bins in the market, which are used for hanging shelves. Few of the shelves come in slope that allow you to access and see the content easily.

There are many types of hanging bins that comes handy because bin can be removed and can be returned when finished.

Closed Locker Storage

As we all knows that we only give access to limited inventory and the rest we prefer to lock. So for those items that you want to keep them in a lock closed storage locker comes in handy. You can even keep the chemicals that you think need to be stored separately from everything.

Closed storage locker also comes in handy when you want to give access of your special tools to few employees.

Does not matter what the size of your product is, whether it’s large item, bulky item or the or the smaller one you can get any size of locker according to your needs.

If you run a business and want that your employees don’t use their phones then you can create phone lockers in your storage room and can ask your employees to store their phones there and after finishing up their tasks or while leaving for home they can take them out.

Phone lockers are a great way in order to take 100% work from employees because phone is the one that can make your employees busy in useless things especially if they use social media but if you limit their access to phone then your office environment will be more disciplinary.

storage bin shelves


Labeling plays an important role when it comes to storage. Yes you cannot forget labeling at all when you plan storage. Even if you keep the best storage container and don’t label it then it will fail to work.

When you don’t know what is inside the container then it can create troubles not only for you but for your employees also so for storage labeling is one of the most important factors.

If you are going to make a storeroom or warehouse then make sure to label the information on every storage box, this information will help you in easy access.

You can label, names, product description or even can put images on to the boxes these details will help you in easily locating the products.


As we all knows very well that it is very necessary to care the things that you usually keep in your hands, if you store them at a safer location then you can save it from being loss or messy clutter situation.

It will not only keep you safe from messy situation but will also save your time, effort in choosing products. The most important benefit of shelving is that it helps you in tracking the exact product that you are looking for.

Best Garage Storage Shelves

As we all knows that cluttered or messy garage can create trouble for you and accessing tools will become difficult for you. But you don’t need to worry about it at all; we are going to share the most amazing garage solution. Yes! Shelving is one of the most amazing, reliable and affordable option. You can keep power tools, paint cans, seasonal gear in the shelving in order to protect them from being damage.

But always keep in your mind that all the shelving’s are not equal, here are few things that you may have to consider when selecting a best Garage Storage Shelves,for your needs.

Types of Garage Storage Shelves

You can have an idea of best Garage Storage Shelvesby its materialor check the type whether it’s mounted one with the wall or free standing one.

When it comes to prices then we must tell you that it will vary from size to size, quality and brand also matters a lot.

Wooden Shelving

The very first type of Garage Storage Shelvesis wooden one. It is beautiful and sustainable why we have chosen it? Because it is not only comes handy for storage purpose but adds style in your storage space and enhance your work.

If you manage to choose the hardwood shelving like oak and maple then we gives you assurance of Garage Storage Shelvesdurability as well as high strength.

If you buying storage for light weight items then you can choose softwood like pine. You can also make use of pressed wood like plywood and chipboard. These woods are perfect in order to bear the load of light weight items if you unintentionally add the heavy load then there are 90% chances of wood breakage so for heavier product choose the hardwood shelving.

When it comes to free standing wooden shelving then it can move easily doesn’t matter where the storage place it.

But when it comes to wall mounted shelves then they are fixed by studs that are strongly connected by the wall so you cannot move them once they fixed.

Metal Storage Shelves

When it comes to Metal Storage Shelvesit comes very handy.They are designed in order to bear the heavier loads. You can find these storage boxes in variety of sizes.

Another plus point of Metal Storage Shelvesis thatthey doesn’t required effort in cleaning as compared to other types because metal is the one that don’t absorb chemicals and paints you would better to pain the Metal Storage Shelvesin order to protect them from corrosion.

When it comes to solid metal shelves then we must tell you that they are useful for heavier loads they are made by steel, and also known as Steel Storage Shelves. In short a surface of connected metals strands that form a strong web like structure. Metal Storage Shelvesare perfect for painting cans,tools, bins and boxes.

If you have bought the wire shelves then make sure not to put the screws and nails like equipment’s in the wire shelves because they will fall off from the gaps.

You will get to see the solid metals usually in a free standing structure because solid metals are very heavy and you cannot mount them on a wall. But when it comes to wire shelves you can mount them on a wall or can also place them freely.

Adjustable Rail Shelves

Here next type of shelves is Adjustable Rail Shelves. Does not matter what you are going to store but you always look for freedom in order to change the height of shelves.

If you are one those want to make adjustments on the shelves according to needs then Adjustable Rail Shelves should be your first choice.

You can do adjustments just because of metal tracks. If you buy this type of shelf then you can experience that the tracks are equally slotted at equal intervals.

If you want to make adjustments the simply try to move the bracket at your desired place. Commonly adjustable rail shelves come in steel, so keeping heavy equipment is possible.

But make sure that brackets are a welded metal otherwise only keep the light equipment’s.

So these were the basic types of China Storage Shelves, choose the one that you think will perfectly fit your needs.

After choosing the right type for your needs now you have to choose from freestanding and mounted (hanging storage shelves) one.

Continue to read the Article and knows exactly what we are trying to say to you.

Mount Type

There are 3 commonly styles of Garage Storage Shelvesare free standing, wall mounted and ceiling mounted.

Role of Free standing units

When it comes to free standing units then there comes a flexibility and mobility. You can move them from one place to another. Rather than moving it’s like a car parking, you have to give it a space for placing it. Free standing units usually made by wood and metal. If you explore our website then you can find combo of both.

Wall Mounted Shelves – Hanging storage shelves

Here comes a wall mounted shelves or hanging storage shelves. They are strongly fixed with the help of studs with walls. In order to maximize stability and strength you have to fit the wooden or metal shelf on the bracket. If you want to save your floor space and want to hang your items then do try hanging storage shelves.

Ceiling Mounted Shelve

This is not the common one because it’s fitting required effort and time. You have to fix the ceiling metal shelve with the help of long, adjustable metal brackets. This style actually comes into being in order to store the seasonal item. You can also store all the tools that you think you will use it after long.

For this style you must have to weld the shelves it can provide you safe storage. If you did not go for welding then there might be a possibility of breakage of shelve sooner.

Usually you have to make use of stool in order to access this shelve.  They are good but the recommend ones are the free ones because you can easily move them from one place to another.

We have received a lot of questions about dimension so here we are going to clear your concepts.

Dimension & Capacity

Well you should be aware that everyone storage space is different from other one. Here we are going to let you know the commonly parameters that you can implement on your shelves.

When it comes to wall mounted hanging storage shelves and free shelves then it should range b/w 16 inch deeper especially for smaller items when it comes to larger items like clothes and boxes then it should range from 16 inches deeper.

When it comes to ceiling mounted style then then dimension must range from deeper 2 feet by 3 feet. This estimation is for storing larger items like sports equipment’s and bulky ones.

When it comes to length then most popular length is 3 foot, 6 foot and 4 foot.  But it would be better if you measure the length according to your desired and then place an order for shelves.

When it comes to weight capacity then most commonly maximum bearing load of one shelf can be up to 400 pounds. If you have lot of items to store then you would better to store it on all the shelves. Don’t put all the load on single shelves if you do so then there will be zero chances of breakage.

The recommendations we have given are especially for ceiling and wall mounted hanging storage shelves. If you don’t want to pull away the shelves from the surface then make sure not to put the heavier load.


When it comes to free standing shelves then there is no need of installations. Simple position it to your desired place. When it comes to wall mounted and ceiling shelves then you just need to position the studs carefully.

You can space the studs at 16 or 24 inches. This one is a commonly used estimation. If you are confuse in finding the stud then make use of electronic stud finder.

In order to install the rail shelves you have to locate studs. After locating stud simply connect it via metal track with the help of screws.

There are many adjustable rail shelves that are convenient with dry as well as concrete wall. Before buying any shelve read the instructions in order to know that which stud you can use for its installation. Because few one comes up with wooden stud or few comes up with steel one.

Top Storage Shelves Manufacturer

Those days are gone when business has to rely on Gowdown, now all the development countries have transformed itself from Gowdown to Advance Warehouse Facilities.

The Following are the Top Storage Shelves Manufacturer

Best Pick Value – YI-Rack

YI-Rack is at number one in our list of top Storage Shelves Manufacturer in China. Why? Because Shenzhen YongLi Racking Co. Ltd are one of the leading manufacturer since decades producing plastic storage shelves, storage baskets for shelves, cube storage shelves, DIY storage shelves and much more. Their best thing is that they completely follow and fulfill the customer’s requirement.

They don’t only manufacture the product but also assist the brand in growing quickly. Shenzhen YongLi Racking Co. Ltd is one of the quickly growing companies, you will not believe but the total registered capital of the company is about 25.5 million yuan. In the start they had just few employees but now more than 150 employees are into their company.

This factory comes up annual output of almost 100 million yuan. Their products are not only limited to china but they export storage shelves, storage baskets for shelves, cube storage shelves, DIY storage to South east Asia, Middle East, Australia, North America, Europe, South.


We would love to rate them 10 out of 10 and will highly recommend their services to all of you. Their factory work area is almost 3000 square meter; area is very wide just to ensure the product quality and speed.

The reason to list them on number one rank because you will get to see lot of manufacturers that has capability to win the market but they zero in winning customer heart and respect but Shenzhen YongLi Racking Co. Ltd has won all the admiration and respect that they truly deserve.

Beside quality their prices are also reasonable as compared to other manufacturers. They export warranted products so there is no need to worry about quality.

We have explore this company reviews and we get to know that they have almost 90% positive feedbacks. They always fulfill the deadlines, if you are one of those whom brand is quickly growing and want to order more than thousand pieces of storage shelves, storage baskets for shelves, cube storage shelves, DIY storage shelves then Shenzhen YongLi Racking Co. should be your first choice.

If you want to place an order then you can directly contact them by visiting their contact pageor you can also call at Mob:+86 136 0258 6490, Tel:0755-23219979, Email at: sales@yl-rack.com.

Temesist Warehouse Engineering

Our 2nd preference is with Temesist, they have been into the ware house industry since years. They are very popular worldwide and have proven itself one of the best companies because of exporting products to almost 55 countries.

Temesist are especially popular in Senegal, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Burkino Faso, Somali, Egypt, Libya. They are famous because of manufacturing high quality Back-to-back racking system, Rack Clad Warehouse, Drive-in/ Mezzanine racking system and Shuttle racking system. This company comes into being in 1980 so now you can imagine how much experience they have.

Their factory work area is almost 17.000 square meter Bilecik Organized Industrial Zone. This company is amazing because they give R & D operations at industrial rack and storage system.

Their products first approved by R & D experts and then they proceed the next process. They have been awarded by multiple international awards.

They are not only giving services to nation but their products are very popular internationally also. We would love to rate it 9 out of 10 for their price, quality and performance. They are amazing because their first preference is to fulfill customer’s requirement in an effective manner. You guys can definitely try without any trust issues; we assure you that you will never regret trying out their services.

Barpro Storage 

Barpro Storage is an African based mobile racking storage specialist. They are highly experienced in manufacturing ambient, cold and freezer storage applications. They have two more branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg offering mobile & fixed storage system design.

Best thing about this company is that they can manufacture and dispatch quality mechanical spares within 48 hours. We would love to rate them 8 out of 10 for their price, quality and performance.

So these were the top Storage Shelves Manufacturerthat you may have not known.

Different Types of Restaurant Shelving

Well creating shelving in the business area can be a challenging task especially if the area is too small. If your area is small and you have lot of items to store then purchasing a ,lowes storage shelves, costco storage shelves, heavy duty storage shelves,storage bin shelves, hanging storage shelvescan increase the capacity of space.

Before purchasing storage shelves there are lot of things that you need to consider like material, components, accessories etc.

The information we are going to share will help you in choosing the right kind of storage shelves for your business. So look into it and organize your items in effective manner.

Restaurant Shelving Material Type

Material is one of the most important things to consider for storage shelves. Is your business is near the sea? The very first thing that you have to think is environment, are you going to use in damp environment or the dry place.

Continue to read the below content and choose one of below mentioned material.

Chrome Wire

Why chrome wire is one of the great materials? Because they are best for those temperatures where heat is high and temperature is dry. It includes stock rooms, ware houses, garages and retail applications.

Chrome wire shelving comes into being to increase visibility and ventilation. But always keep in your mind that they don’t come up with clear epoxy coating. It’s one downside is that it can be victimize by rust if you place these shelves in humid environment so before buying you have to make sure that the environment should be dry or at high temperature.

Epoxy Coated

Epoxy coated shelving especially comes into being for humidenvironments.You can make use of them in areas like ware washing, walk-in coolers, or moist storage.

Every manufacturer comes up with their own type of epoxy coated shelves. But color does not matter because all colors can protect the shelves from being prone to rust.

Here we are going to mention the famous colors first one is black epoxy coated wire shelving and other one is green epoxy coated wire shelving.

Black one can be used in retail settings and green one is perfect especially for food industry. So if you think that your business place environment is a bit humid then you can try this shelving type.

Polypropylene / Polymer

They are simply amazing because they are full of corrosion resistance. We recommend this shelving type highly because polymer shelving not prone to rust at all even in the presence of sea water.

This shelving type is made by metal and then thick outer coating of polymer is done in order to make the shelving more strong. Best thing about this type of shelving is that it can be washed by dish washing soap without losing originality.

There are many manufacturer like YI-Rack, they offers long warranties on such shelving. It is very important to look into the warranties, if you think that the warranty is long then you can invest into polymer shelving.

Anti-Micro bacterial Shelves

Here comes the next material type that you can try for your business. This type of shelving comes up with layer of anti-bacteria’s coating for example Microbanbuiltin.

Advantage of this type of shelving is that anti-bacterial coating protects the shelves from bacteria’s, mold, and fungi. If you own a restaurant and keep food on other type of shelving then there may be 90% possibility that your food will prone to fungi, bacteria’s. So you would better to only invest into the anti-bacterial shelves in order to keep save your food.

Steel Storage Shelves

Steel storage shelves are one of the commonly used shelving types. It is famous because of its durability and versatility. It is highly appreciated because it has natural properties to resist corrosion.

You can make use of it in any environment whether it’s wet or dry, it will not be affected at all by rust. So don’t worry about its quality. You can make use for food storage in walk cooler or in the ware house it is perfect for all the work areas.

If you ask us to rate it then we would definitely love to rate it ten out of ten for its quality and reliability. It is the best material type from all.

Types of Restaurant Shelving

Solid Shelves

Solid Shelves have not any opening so you can store any size of product from small to large, from wire to nail one, any size can be stored into this storage shelve.

There will be no fear of slipping the items from the rails. This one is a good option because it is very easy to clean and wipe. With rail shelves the biggest problem is the dust; it got trapped b/w wires and create troubles in getting off. But this is not the case with solid china storage shelves and plastic storage shelves.

But as we all knows that everything has few disadvantages and advantages so its con is that they don’t breath and vented.

Vented Shelves

These shelves are perfect for places where environment usually remains cold. Such items promote air circulation through shelves for increasing product durability.

Locating items from these shelves is also easy as compared to other shelves. But they have one downside that pushes most of the users not to buy it again. Its con is that they are difficult to wipe and you cannot store items like wires, nails, because such items slip over from the upper to lower shelves.

Triangle Shelves

They are not really popular but few people make use of it because they perfectly get fit into the tight corners. People make use of it when they don’t want to lose their valuable storage.

So these were the common types of storage shelves that you can make use in your business according to your desired

Shelving Assembly


Stationary posts are especially designed for the areas that are consistently used for storage. In short you cannot make use of it for transport.


When it comes to mobile posts, it allows you to move the shelving from one place to another. It is very easy to use, you just have to roll the unit away from the wall and then roll it back when you feel that it’s done.

But the thing is that how you can choose the one from stationary or mobile especially when you are a newbie?

Mobile vs. Stationary Shelving

If you are a newbie and don’t know what to go for mobile or stationary then the below content is for you.

Limited Space

The very thing that you have to look for is space. Stationary shelving cannot be moved so first you have to make way for the employees so they can walk down easily for designing storage area.

When it comes to mobile unit then you can easily push it in order to save space especially when there is no one around. When you feel that your employees are in need of items then you can roll apart mobile shelves. These are best because they save a lot of space so we recommend mobile shelves highly.


After looking into the space the thing that you have to look for is budget. First check your pocket if you think its budget friendly then you can use mobile shelving. Mobile shelving is very expensive as compared to stationary one. But if you want to know the name of reasonable storage shelves manufacturer then you are at the right place. Visit YI-Rack,and place order for mobile shelves that will not break your bank.

Staff Training

Training your staff is really important especially if you have chosen the mobile unit. Mobile unit always require man power in order to move it. In order to prevent injuries it is very important to train your staff.

Shelving area should be cleaned

Well if you are going to buy a shelving unit for an area that you think cleaned on monthly or weekly basis then we recommend you highly to buy a mobile unit for yourself. Mobile units are more flexible as compared to stationary units and very easy to cleaned, for cleaning purpose simply pull over the mobile unit on one side and start cleaning the floor.

Are you still confused in choosing the right kind of shelving unit for your area? If Yes! Then we recommend you to buy a unit that you think can be modified without putting effort. Buy the one that you think has capability to adapt new storage needs.

Continue to read the below Article, we are going to put shed over types of specialty shelving.

Types of Specialty Shelving

Wine Shelving

If you run a business of wine and want to hold expensive bottles in right angle in order to preserve wine quality then wine shelving should be your first choice.

Wine shelving is designed in such a way that air can circulate through the shelves which keep the wine safe from being spoil because through air circulation temperature remains cool and consistent.

Wall Mounting Shelving

This one is designed in order to save the space; you can keep the spices, ingredients and other important tools.

Best thing about these shelves are that they are made by stainless steel that last very long. You can ask the manufacturer to design it in different sizes and shapes according to your desire. In market you got to see two types of mounting shelves first one is Microwave Shelves and other one is Glass and Dish Rack Shelves.

Microwave shelves plays an important role in providing storage space for appliances that are small in size  and when it to glass and dish rack shelves then they has a capability to keep table ware and racks off your countertops.

Dunnage Racks

We are damn sure that you must be hearing about this rack for the very first time. You can make use of it in order to store bulk ingredients for example four.

You will get to see variety of racks made by polymer and aluminum. If you make an order from YI-Rack, then you can order affordable and pure heavy duty or standard unit also. There variety is beyond your expectations so you can easily order any type of dunnage rack. They are one of the best and top storage shelves manufacturers in 2021.

Security Shelving

This is one of the important and common types of shelving; you can make use of this type of shelving whenever you feel that there is a need to protect the employee’s products.

Best thing about this type of shelving is that your items will be locked but you guys can see the item through the open wall. Your item will also remain safe because air circulates through the wire.

High Density Shelving

High density shelving is another type of storage shelves;this type of shelving actually comes into being in order to reduce the space need by traditional storage area.

Best thing about such type of shelving is that you can easily move it from one place to another. This type of shelving plays a very important role for the buildings with too much stuff and too little space.

Cantilever Shelving

This one is a new type of hanging storage shelves, provides a great option if your first priority is space. Best thing about this type of shelving is that you don’t need to drill it in order to fix it with wall because it comes along a support system in order to give support to shelve.

This one is also a great option if you want to maximize the space. Best area to use this type of shelving is above the table or countertops. This type of shelving can be in the form of plastic storage shelves or steel storage shelves.

Adjustable Shelving

These are very popular in the malls because it allows the user to do customization. If you are a business owner and feels that your business products change with time to time then you can make use of these adjustable shelving.

Best thing about these racks are that you can move them easily up and down in order to ensure the fitting of any product size.

 Where to Place Restaurant Shelving?

Few users mostly comes up with a question that where to place restaurant shelving? So we thought to answer it here.

As we all knows that whether the storage space is small or high it is a very challenging thing to decide the place to keep it. Here we are going to give an example that will help you in clearing your concept. For example you have to place the bulk bag of floor onto the dunnage rack and when it comes to small items like ingredients and spices you would better to place them on hanging storage shelves.

When it comes to environments like freezer or walk in coolers then you have to be careful about shelving. Place them onto the places where you are damn sure that they are not going to block the area.

We will recommend you to place the shelves in corners or any other wall space that you feel will not strict your space.


The short conclusion about this Article is that we have shared almost everything about,lowes storage shelves, costco storage shelves, heavy duty storage shelves,storage bin shelves, hanging storage shelves, steel storage shelves.

We have also shared about the top storage shelves manufacturer; hope this useful information will be helpful for you. Do share this Article with others and stay tuned with us for more informative articles.