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Supermarket Shelves Knowing in Detail

Port: 2019.12.12

Anywhere and everywhere Supermarket Shelves are there to facilitate customers with availability of almost all type of commodities under one roof. This is a great business which can link different manufacturers and suppliers to centralize interests.

Nowadays supermarkets have become integral part of every community. It offers lot of opportunities to middle order entrepreneurs as well. Therefore it is good to explore the requirements of investing in supermarket business. Small and medium businesses involved in just one supermarket vary from ownership to partnership, and goods suppliers.


We will talk here about only how to utilize supermarket space. Idea is to accommodate countless products in a versatile manner. The main aim is to present all items to catch customer’s attention offering ease of accessibility.


Since supermarkets are kind of ‘self-service’   or ‘choose-n-pick’ shops so all items need placement in suitable containers or bins. More conveniently we call them ‘shelves’ stacked vertically and spread horizontally throughout a supermarket.


Supermarket Shelves.   Selection of shelves for supermarket is pertinent to many factors. Dimensions, durability, affordability, colors and design are a few of them. The art of setting up supermarket involves thoroughly worked-out selection of shelves.  Because bulk storage shelving can serve the purpose of accommodating maximum products in minimum space.  Since lot of supermarket shelves manufacturers are out there, so choices are unlimited.


Another encouraging factor is availability of supermarket shelves made of plastic. Very sturdy and big size shelves; tough enough to sustain rough use are manufactured worldwide. China being in the lead (about 95%) manufacturing plastic racks and shelves, many other countries are manufacturing industry standard export quality shelves. Due to cost of material, “plastic shelves” remain top priority for supermarket shelves. But it does not mean that metallic shelves are never used. Shelves made of even stainless steel are also manufactured and remain in demand.


Considering significance of shelves alone in the supermarket business a few guide lines may be greatly helpful. It may help managing space of supermarket also.  Some details related to shelves, as below, will be essentially appreciable.


  1. Supermarket shelves design. In china alone a single manufacturer may be producing thousands of different designs of shelves. Of these more than 30% are for supermarkets consumption. A few images given below can help imagine how broad the range of available choices is. These include all materials. Now how to choose is essentially on need base.  For bulk storage shelving metallic shelves may suit. But for some others, like groceries or eatables, simple plastic shelves may be needful.





Choice of supermarket shelves designs has to include:


  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Area it covers


It is however customary that shelf is for placing items and not items for shelves. Therefore different sizes and variable designs will never be an inappropriate selection.


Capacity  of shelves will determine the number and weight it may be able to take. But the volume of shelve will determine its suitability towards space management. Which means that supermarket shelves may be good enough to accommodate lot of items but at the cost of unaffordable space. Now this is a kind of ‘load vs. space’ comparison that need calculations in finalization plan.


Durability  has to be considered to assess the life and dependent factors. It may be interesting to note that durability is not always related to sturdy or strong structures.  For vegetable or bakery products, for example, ordinary but attractive shelves may be sufficient. These types of shelves will be more economical, and will add to cosmetic touch to the whole show.


Affordability is another crucial factor for the business. But affordability must not compromise level of supermarket level.  Investor should keep in mind that structural investments are soul of the business and remain assets.  Again giving example from China, many popular manufacturers like YL-Rack, are manufacturing best quality comfortably affordable products. So it is not a difficult equation anymore.


Flexibility basically refers to how and why you may use some shelves for more than one particular purpose. This also means that potential of the shelves under question may be upgradable.  That is in terms of its changeable dimensions also. Like a rack consisting of many shelves stack vertically, may have flexibility to spread horizontally when needed.


Area a shelve covers is the main theme. Because numerous shelves may result in occupying large areas unproductively. In a supermarket, like in a warehouse every inch of the whole floor needs to be paying.


  1. Supermarket shelves dimensions.  Talking about space management, dimensions of items for bulk storage shelving is basic thing. You have to enlist what are various categories of whole inventory and logistics. Then make category wise various classes of dimensions. Here from you will finalize which ten or twenty or anymore, types of shelves varying in dimensions will be required. A dimensional plan may be somewhat as below:


shelves dimensions


Supermarket shelves manufacturers can greatly help in this regard. They usually have log book showing designs and corresponding dimensions details in it.  Therefore detailed home work will resolve the issue. This is most important part of supermarket laying-out plan.


  1. Supermarket shelf racks.  For the public to choose conveniently and confidently shelf racks have significant role to play. Out there numerous designs with lot of features, customization and foldable attachments etc. are available. What is important?  Only you have to choose, though in reasonably large number, which racks for which commodity.

In the supermarket types of items on sale are like, clothes, electrical &electronic accessories, computers, eatables, beef & Mutton, bakery & dairy products etc. etc. So it is understandable that some types will need comparatively small or large shelf racks while some other will need comparatively light or stronger. Some bigger products may need no rack while some items like fish will need big freezers as shelves.


  1. Supermarket shelves manufacturers.  Understanding and knowledge about reputed manufacturers is obviously essential. In and out of China many big names enjoy good reputation. They include supermarket shelves manufacturers in Coimbatore.





Very large number of supermarket shelves and accessories manufacturers are ISO certified. Some well-known manufacturers in South Asia come from China  (Changsha etc.),  and India (Coimbatore, Tamil  Nadu).  Indian   manufacturers of shelves in Coimbatore include Kovai racks and Gondola shelves. Their products are durable, reliable and suitably sized for varying needs.

Supermarket shelves manufacturers in Coimbatore produce very large variety of industry standard products. The range of shelves and racks spread over Fruit & vegetable racks, Gondola racks, Pallets racks, cloth & garments racks etc.  Customized to clients changing needs they offer array of excellent quality racks, in steel and other materials.  They enjoy wide appreciation because of features such as:


  • Precise dimensions
  • Sturdiness
  • Fine finishing
  • High quality material
  • Resistance to corrosion

Supermarket Shelves


Since there is no limit to types and sizes of supermarket shelves in ever changing needs, only a few examples are included here. The bottom line is you can invariably get shelves and display racks for supermarket in any    shape, size and material. Manufacturers and suppliers are all out there. You only need to clearly and critically know how to make the best choice that must suit to available space in the supermarket.


  1. Storage Rack Display. It is significant to plan and select top class display racks. Because display racks are where from customer in supermarket make choice to purchase. Racks for books and cosmetics have to be entirely different in all aspects from racks for fish/sea food, vegetable/fruits or grocery and textile products.

Options are unlimited, so are the offers. Customized size, shape and   materials for all types of display racks and storage shelves are available everywhere.  But one must make a wise selection. Key wod is reliability. ISO certified and industry standards manufacturers can always be peace of mind.  What are main considerations for the racks? In fact it solely depends on type of goods to be placed on display. Typically display racks are hard and sturdy for heavier and/or food items. While for medical supplies, for example, or fine cosmetics supplies, sort of beautiful lighter racks are best choice.

When we talk about display, there are various supermarket items which need vertical display or hanging to allow customer a quick view. Top of it     may be clothes, garments, or even small size carpets/rugs.


Supermarket Shelves


Supermarket Shelves


For other goods such as medical supplies shape and size are different.



Therefore shelves and storage racks display remain an open choice.    Individually they can be ‘any selection is the best selection’. Limit is available display area.


  1. Supermarkets shelves cost price. World’s renowned manufacturers of supermarket shelves and display racks do offer best prices in very competitive market. Price tags are usually attached. Websites pages let any buyer make comparisons. Images allow viewing some details if not all. Supplier’s arrangements are also quoted. Therefore for a buyer it has become effectively easy to make wise decision.

Last word however is restricted within budget constraints. It is customary as only money makes the mare go. Planning according to budget is an obvious solution.  There is always one out of some options available to arrange storage shelves. You may plan to buy and arrange in piecemeal if you are short of funds. You may plan to prioritize display racks according to business expansions or potentials. This way heavy investments if not available, can let you smooth the resistive winds.

However there is a sigh of relief about cost price. Generally the prices of all the sizes of shelves are not too high. They do vary according to material as well. The overall cost may only become unbearable if for a single supermarket total number of shelves exceed certain limit. FOB prices in China, for instance, for shelves and display racks in US$, range between double figures to three figures (say, (99 to 999) per set.


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Conclusion.  Finally what we can conclude is that following considerations, pertinent to establishing a supermarket are essential:


  1. First of all work out display space and customer’s activity areas. It is understood that different sections of supermarket will contain specific category of items. Now precisely allocate storage display spaces with minute details. Measure to ensure accommodation for shelves and racks as per dimensions. In this step floor plan for placement of shelves and racks is the only goal to achieve.


  1. In the second step some paper work may help working out total number of storage shelves and display racks required. Enlist type and size wise total shelves of different materials. Storage racks display should also be marked and nominated.


  1. Once total shelves required is known, pick reputed manufacturers and The offered prices available on internet or through direct contact will help finalizing budgeting needs.


  1. Thorough negotiations with manufacturers to include customization as is required usually may be concluded at this stage. One important  consideration is regarding shelves and their material is factor of ‘Flexibility’.      Wherever possible select shelves which may be fit to size.  Also that shelves and display racks may be according to recent business trends.


  1. The real game starts when the players come in to place shelves tactfully. In fact this is not everybody’s job. Experienced staff and experts, who have   real insight, perceptively place/adjust in every hook and corner of the  whole floor of supermarket. Not a single container is to be purposeless.   This whole show is interplay of art and science. Interior decorators may also give their professional input to make the overall look as best as

Once all shelves and storage racks are set and filled with items, that still is not the final stage. It is obvious now new ideas will come up. Still some locations and their contents may not be appealing. Some even units or entire section may look inappropriate.  Don’t be upset. It is not the first time you may have to reshuffle some part of the whole arrangement. It’s a continuing process. Time and again you may like to change positions or strategy for improvements. That’s how supermarket shelves to will payback in promoting business.