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What is a supermarket shelves

Port: 2020.02.21

The supermarket shelves refer to stretchers for placing goods in supermarkets. The earliest shelves in China are often called counters with iron wood, glass, and glass. However, these shelves have a major drawback: they cannot freely adjust the shelves, and they are also not easy to move and beautiful.
With the improvement of people’s living standards, the supermarket industry is extremely popular. It has basically replaced the canteen and became the main place for people to shop. The development of supermarkets has also led to the development of supermarket shelves. The shelves of major supermarkets in China, including convenience stores, are completely imitated from abroad

Table of Content

1 types and uses
2 advantages
3 shelf characteristics
4 Development Trend
5 Supermarket shelves
6 Other information

1 types and uses

There are many types of supermarket shelves. According to the size of the supermarket (store), it can be divided into the following categories:
First, large supermarket shelves (also known as hypermarket shelves).

The hypermarket has a rich display of goods, so the requirements for shelf load bearing are higher. Its main customers are customers of national hypermarkets.
Standard supermarket shelves (also called medium-sized supermarket shelves)

Biaochao shelves are specially developed for standard supermarkets. The biggest feature is that they are lightweight and beautiful. And humane display. Its main customers are local chain supermarkets.
Convenience store shelves
Convenience store shelves are suitable for convenience stores and drug stores. They use the toolless installation concept and are easy to install. The biggest features of shelves are exquisite, light, beautiful, and professional. Its main customers are: 7-11, Dehui and so on.
Supermarket shelves are mainly divided into:
1. Single-sided shelf (mainly used against the wall)
2.Double shelf
3. End frame (for both ends of a row of double-sided shelves)
With the continuous development of the supermarket industry, in order to meet the display needs of supermarkets, shelf companies have developed a series of special area shelves, such as washing shelves, clothing shelves, etc.

2 advantages

1. Use shelves to display products, can efficiently use limited business space, arrange products in an orderly manner, so that customers can see at a glance, and send product information to customers as quickly as possible. Through the perceptual display of products, it stimulates and strengthens the purchase determination. It is also a basic management facility where salespeople provide customers with a high level of service.
2. Use shelves to display products, which can effectively prevent moisture, dust, theft, and damage, to improve the quality of material storage.

3 shelf characteristics

1. Beautiful and elegant, firm structure and various specifications; design and style are of the modern style, supermarket shelves are single-sided and double-sided shelves can be combined with each other, single-sided shelves can be combined with corners, double-sided can be combined with semicircles; layer spacing can be adjusted at will Looks noble and generous;
2.Luxury appearance, elegant color, integrated with modern store environment, creating a new concept of business;
3. The base of the support arm is raised, and the supporting capacity is increased, so that the width and length of the shelf are increased, which meets the capacity of the large commodities in large shopping malls;
4. The surface is treated by epoxy plastic spraying, with various colors, and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects;
5. Easy installation, any choice of multiple hangers;
6. The column and foot are welded together, which increases the shelf insurance factor, prevents the shelf from gradual change under heavy condition, and eliminates hidden dangers in the mall;
7. Good versatility, equipped with various accessories for commodity display, suitable for the needs of comprehensive supermarkets;
8. Surface treatment: shot blasting, rust removal, oil removal, surface spraying.

4 Development Trend

Hierarchical display, combined disassembly structure, easy and simple installation, easy to use. Although these are the advantages of supermarket shelves, in order to further expand the market of supermarket shelves, we must find ways to design more beautiful, more convenient, and give cheap, good display supermarket shelves.
Strengthen the stability of supermarket shelves. Supermarket shelves are particularly convenient to install, but the stability of the shelves is a problem. Generally, the stability of a row of linked supermarket shelves is very good. The stability of a single one is relatively poor. Supermarket shelves factories need to work on stability. , To design a stronger and stronger shelf.
The display effect should be diversified. Supermarket shelves are mostly displayed in a hierarchical structure, and the combination of semi-circular heads is the most fancy way to display supermarket shelves. The products on the market are diverse and diverse, requiring different styles, new display effects, and well-decorated display shelves. Supermarket shelves can draw on a variety of shapes and styles of boutique shelves to design more new styles. The new style of supermarket shelves can meet the needs of new markets. Therefore, the supermarket shelf factory strengthens the display effect of the diversity of supermarket shelves.

5 Supermarket shelves

There are many types of shelves, so there are many types of shelves systems. Then in the actual operation process, this system is usually suitable for supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. In other words, the system can effectively manage the storage of large-scale warehouses.
According to relevant sources, supermarket systems in the shelves mainly include net boxes, handling, and rack-mounted material handling equipment, etc., and are mainly applicable to supermarket bar code systems, cash register management systems, ordering, storage, and sales of computer software and hardware systems. Of course, choosing a good shelf system is conducive to the improvement and development of the production efficiency of the enterprise. Then we can determine the standard of the shelf from the overall size or line of the shelf system.
It can be seen that the supermarket system on the shelves is very safe. It can effectively display a variety of goods such as clothes, shoes, porcelain bottles, stationery, tools, etc., and it is also displaying brands and products with people at the same time as display. Can have a brand effect.
The shelf system is suitable for supermarkets, warehouse stores, etc. In addition to the main body of the shelf, the supermarket system also has various types of containers, net boxes, handling, and shelves material handling equipment, hand-picked carts, supermarket barcode systems, cashier management systems, ordering, storage, and sales of computer software and hardware systems.
1.The overall size is neat, the lines are smooth, and the colors are eye-catching
2.There are parts on the beam to facilitate the replacement of product tags
3.The space and load of each floor is larger than that of general commercial shelves.
4. There are abundant accessories, suitable for displaying various goods, such as: clothes, shoes, porcelain bottles, stationery, tools, etc.

6 Other information

Such as 4s shop shelves include tire frames, glass frames, pendant frames, shock absorber frames
1. Tire frame and rim frame: Take out the shelves of the medium-sized shelf, and place the tire and rim directly on the beam.
2. Glass rack: Based on medium-sized racks, the glass is supported and divided by a 25-diameter round tube rubber tube in the rack, and rubber skin is laid on the shelf layer to prevent damage to the glass. Glass shelves are generally made in two layers.
3, pendant rack: generally adopt the design of two layers of hooks and two layers of boards. The plywood adopts the standard of medium-sized shelves, and the hook adopts a 25 square tube base main beam, and a circular pipe with a diameter of 20 is welded to the square tube as the hook.
Use of shelves
When we use shelves, we always pay attention to quality and aesthetics, and few people will mention how to arrange them and how to arrange the shelves to be beautiful and good. And below, let’s take a look at the factors that we need to consider when setting up the shelves:
First determine the style of the shelf itself, especially the height and width. The height of the shelves should generally be conceived and designed based on the needs of people’s activities, and the height of the shelves should be adapted to the height of the human body to facilitate customer shopping. After the height of the shelves is determined, the length of the shelves can be determined according to the specific conditions of the space and the selected transportation mode. The law of the golden section can also be used, that is, the length and width are constituted by a ratio of 1: 0.618, resulting in a rational beauty. Shelving of the shelves is also critical, and there are many options to choose from, including queue, island and radial.
It is very important to determine how the shelves are arranged through different heights and different layouts. And we can also determine according to our preferences.
Township supermarket shelves market
With the rapid economic development, cities are constantly expanding, and the rural areas and suburban commerce on the edge of the city have begun to develop! Supermarket shelves will usher in a new market. The market share that was originally saturated in cities can be further expanded in rural and suburban areas. Supermarket shelves are simple and easy to disassemble and affordable, and they are the first choice for small and medium supermarkets! At the same time, with the development of commerce and the economic level of the countryside, there will be some lower-priced shops like 2 yuan stores, 5 yuan stores, multi-stores, convenience stores, etc. They will become the main customers of supermarket shelves! In addition, in the vast rural areas, the former self-sufficiency and small retail sales will be replaced by standardized and professional modern integrated shopping centers-supermarkets! The newly developed rural supermarkets have great potential for development. The variety of goods in the supermarkets needs a professional combing and placement, which is a new market for the supermarket shelf industry!