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Supermarket Shelves Manufacturers: Customized Solution for Improved Store Layout

Port: 2020.06.17

Supermarket Shelves Manufacturers: How to Improve Store Layout

The foundation of a retail business is a consumer. Therefore, it is imperative to understand consumer behavior. Fortunately, several studies have been conducted to determine the motivation that causes a consumer to purchase. Among several factors, one is the product display. Reaching out to the right supermarket shelves manufacturers and having the right shelving system is imperative.

Moreover, there are some other common factors that can either make or break the store layout, thus help in increasing the leads and enhancing the shopping experience. The important factor here is that you should ensure that shopping at your retail is never a bad experience.

So, in today’s blog post we are going to focus on how to ensure a great store layout. After all, the layout along with your shelving system can do wonders. They not only ensure increased leads but at the same time, you are able to display several products within a limited floor space.

Supermarket Shelves Manufacturers: What Happens in Supermarket Aisles?

As we already told you that there are several factors contributing to increased consumer leads. Highlighting these factors would improve the leads and enhance your store image.

While you are working at attracting new consumers, you also need to ensure the safety of your current workers and consumers. Read the Best Practices for Storage Shelving Warehouses during COVID-19.

Supermarket Shelves Manufacturers

Why Choose only one particular store?

You might be surprised to know that many consumers prefer shopping from a certain store. When they were inquired regarding the reason for choosing just that particular store, most of them were unable to explain why.

Interesting right, especially with so much competition how can one choose just a particular store and that too without any reason. So, the simple theory here is that people like what has been done to the store.

Moreover, common statistics show that around 70% of the people tend to make their purchase store within the store, while they are moving from aisle to aisle. Though, the figure is not that difficult to understand, however, it for sure holds great importance.

This shows that the store is so well-designed and that influences the shopper to make a purchase on impulse. If you think knowing this figure is enough, you are sadly mistaken. To play the correct layout for your store, you need more information than mere figures.

For starters, try comprehending the different decisions shoppers make. After that, come up with strategies while keeping in mind the shopper’s decision pattern. The right strategies would help with the purchasing decision.

They will also ensure a more seamless and smoothing shopping experience. Thus, guaranteeing that the consumer will come back again and again.

Supermarket Shelves manufacturers: Factors Contributing towards great Layout

Despite the fact that most shoppers come with a predetermined shopping list, some even would have a written shopping list, still, they would like to be engaged by their surroundings. It is your job to spark their interest in what is happening in your store.

After all, many shoppers do not make the final decision regarding the purchase or the brand they choose until the last minute. So, the hope lives on until, they checkout. Until then, come up with attractive ways to engage them in order to increase your sales.

For instance, you can attract them via competitive prices or promotions. What more is that you reach out to via an effective shelving technique. In other words, allow your shelving technique to offer transparency, visibility, and an efficient picking process.

Reach out to reliable supermarket shelves manufacturers, and discuss with them regarding your shelving needs. They would, of course, come up with effective solutions. The manufacturers would help design shelves that offer great visibility to all the products.

Product Location

We understand that a good shelving system offers visibility. However, product placement within the shelving system is vital. The right location can affect consumer decisions. It is tricky as to what products should be awarded the prime locations and what should be placed in the background.

The decision greatly depends upon your consumer shopping patterns. Analyzing the shopping pattern will help determine the right locations. Moreover, you need to have the correct amount of interruption zones.

These zones are the offers that offer promotions, POS, special offers, or demonstrations. Too many of these interruption zones will irritate the consumer especially when they are in a hurry to find their respective products.

If you get this wrong, we can assure you that no matter how great your customer service is, or how good the shelving system offers visibility, you will lose your consumers. In case, you are able to pull it right, you are not increasing one-time leads. On the contrary, you are turning those consumers into loyal customers.

NOTE: Always comprehend and firmly follow the consumer decision tree for the stock mix of premium, medium- and low-priced brands. In addition, incorporate the decision tree into the individual category planograms.

Feature Display or Instore Branding

Although, most shoppers claim that they exactly know what they want to buy, but the truth is the opposite. There is a high probability of impulsive shopping. So, when a consumer enters a store, your right layout will attract him or her. This would make them acquire additional products.

The promotions or the feature display might remind that of something that had missed on the list. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to them. After all, they are the key to stimulating additional purchases.

Nonetheless, the real way to capture the attention of your shopper’s attention to have as little as possible in-store theatre. We can assure you it would go a long way to not only grab their attention but also turn them into loyal customers.

Another important thing to remember here is that the promotions or feature displays should be near their own category. For instance, you have to give our promotions on shampoos and soap. It would be extremely unwise to display the promotion in the aisle consisting of cooking products.

Make sure that they are near the soaps, shampoo, or beauty items aisles. Instead of simply laying your promotions on top of a table, ask supermarket shelves manufacturers to provide you with customized shelving systems for sales, promotions, and offers.

Why ask Supermarket Shelves Manufacturer for Customized Shelves?

These customized shelves would make the overall scene interesting and eye-catching. Also, not every shopper would go from one aisle to another. So, your job is to locate the items in such a way that they can easily find them.

Unfortunately, the efficient picking process causes almost 10 percent of the shoppers to leave the shop by making a purchase. In addition, around 25% make a switch of brand if they are not able to find it within a few seconds. Remember, if a consumer makes a switch, itis less likely that they come back to your product.

Really, with so much competition, consumers hardly have the time or the interest to walk an extra mile just to get their hands on a certain product by a certain brand.

Supermarket Shelves Manufacturers in China

Measure your layout

When purchasing different shelving systems from supermarket shelves manufacturers, most retailers hardly consider the space available. They are so focused on the look and the feel of the store, that they lose focus on the impact that the right placement and storage space has.

They stop considering the effect of putting this category here and the other there. It is important to find the hot and cold spots of the store, customer flow, storage space, etc. To greatly enhance your probability, you need to have knowledge about the best parts of your store.

Also, incorporating the right kind of shelving system is imperative. After all, these shelving systems would provide you with space and the opportunity to display your products. They have the capacity to withhold a large number of products without requiring additional floor space.

Therefore, when you consider the layout of your retail store, make sure to incorporate the correct shelving system to achieve the best results possible.