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The difference between heavy shelves and narrow aisle shelves

Port: 2020.02.21

Both heavy-duty racks and narrow aisle racks store pallet-type goods, and both belong to beam-type racks and storage racks. The heavy-duty shelf has a simple structure, high load capacity, and the goods are 100% selectable, so it has a wide range of applications. The main body of the narrow aisle shelf adopts a beam type shelf system. The Nanjing Shelf Company briefly analyzes the difference between heavy shelves and narrow aisles for you.

1. Shelf structure: The main body of the heavy shelf is composed of shelf beams and column pieces. The structure is simple and clear, and the height of each layer can be freely adjusted by an integer multiple of 75mm. The main body of the narrow aisle rack adopts a beam type racking system, but the bottom of the narrow aisle rack is equipped with a “three-way stacking forklift” mobile guide rail, which is a big difference between the two structures.

2. Shelves aisle: The heavy aisle is wide, which is determined by the size of the cargo and the turning radius of the forklift. The narrow aisle shelves, as the name suggests, the forklift has a narrower aisle, which is much narrower than the heavy shelves, generally about 1.6m-2m.

3. Handling machinery: There are no special requirements for forklifts equipped with heavy shelves, as long as the width of the shelf aisle and the height of the shelves are met; the narrow aisle shelves need to be equipped with special three-way stacking forklifts.

4. Storage density: The heavy-duty rack forklift has a large aisle, so the storage density is not high, and the space utilization rate is only about 40%; the narrow aisle rack forklift has a narrow aisle, generally about 1.6m-2m, so the storage density is high , Space utilization is high, can reach about 65%.

What are the classifications of heavy shelves

Heavy shelves are a common and widely used type of storage shelves in Chongqing Shelf Company. Its layer load is more than 500KG, so it is named. Heavy-duty racks are also called beam racks. They are also called pallet racks for the purpose of storing pallet goods.

Conventional heavy shelves are mainly composed of beams and pillars, which are suitable for most warehouses and items. They have good picking efficiency. They can store heavy items, but the storage density is low and the warehouse utilization rate is not high.

After the development and evolution of heavy shelves, several varieties have been derived: narrow aisle shelves, double-depth shelves, gravity shelves, heavy mold shelves. The following Chongqing Shelf Company talks about the characteristics of these types of heavy shelves.

Narrow Aisle Shelf: Because of its relatively narrow forklift aisle, it is called a narrow aisle rack, also known as a narrow aisle rack. But it needs to be specially equipped with a forklift-a three-way stacker.

Double-deep cargo: Because it is designed to store shelves in double rows side by side, it doubles the storage capacity of ordinary beam-type shelves. It also needs to be equipped with special scissors forklifts.

Gravity shelves: The structure of gravity shelves is similar to that of beam shelves, the difference is that roller guides are installed on the beams and tilted 3-5 degrees.

Heavy mold shelves: mold shelves, also known as drawer shelves, are used by factories to store molds. They are divided into light mold shelves and heavy mold shelves according to their load capacity.