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What is a heavy warehouse shelf

Port: 2020.01.03

What is a heavy-duty warehouse shelf? In fact, the warehouse does not distinguish the types of shelves. The key is to choose the one that suits you according to the stored products. It can save space utilization to the greatest extent. According to the weight and volume plan of the goods, the heavier the goods are, the more they use the supports The heavier. Next, Shenzhen YongLi Racking Co. Ltd  introduces you.


Heavy-duty shelves, also commonly known as beam-type shelves, or cargo-type shelves, belong to the category of pallet shelves, which is the most common form of shelf in various domestic storage shelf systems. The fully assembled structure in the form of column pieces + beams has a simple and effective structure. It can be installed according to the characteristics of storage unit container equipment, such as: barriers, steel laminates (steel grid plates), metal mesh layers, storage cage guides, oil drum racks and other functional accessories, which can meet different unit container equipment forms Cargo storage. Heavy-duty shelves are the most common type of shelves. Each layer supports more than 500Kg. The name is derived from this and has a good picking efficiency.

Heavy shelves can store heavier items but have a lower storage density. Heavy-duty racks are also called pallet racks. They have the characteristics of load bearing capacity, wide range of adaptability, mechanical storage, and high selection efficiency. It is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, and distribution centers. Such shelves are most commonly used in high-rise warehouses and ultra-high warehouses (most of these shelves are used in automated three-dimensional warehouses)

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