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What is storage shelves inventory management system: Latest Guide?

Port: 2021.01.21

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In an efficient inventory management, managers need to adopt ways of working that help and streamline the execution of processes. For this, there are so-called storage systems, which include methods and tools that aim to facilitate the routine and improve results.

Next, we will talk about some of these most used systems and their importance for warehouse control in storage shelves. Keep following and check it out!

storage shelves

Which Logistic Storage shelves systems are common


We intend the racks for the organization of production. Through them, companies are able to make better use of the height available in the shed, building or other facilities, the reason being that it becomes possible to stack and transport products without transferring the weight to the goods.

They are equipment that, besides being useful for lifting and transport, can be found in different formats. Depending on the area in which the company operates and the product that the stock will use , you can even choose from the alternatives available in the logistics market .

The storage shelves racks are common in many companies, and have become a basic reality in many sectors and industries segments.

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There are two models of most common storage shelves: light and cantilever. The first one is for the stock of cargo highlighted as low (which we use less frequently). The capacity divided by light storage shelf usually varies between 50 and 300 kilos.

It is important to remember that, in this case, the shelves are produced according to the load and the dimensions that will be used. However, procedures may occur for the storage shelves to act with reinforcements, increasing the carrying capacity.

The cantilever models, on the other hand, being large and resistant, are suitable for the storage of large loads, with high weights (metal profiles, tubes, bars and wooden boards).

What are Logistics Storage shelves?

This system, assembled by shelves with vertical slide shelves, promotes the separation and storage of goods, taking items to workstations.

The logistics managers of companies with reduced space for the installation of warehouse tend to look at it more closely. In addition to providing a cost reduction with the acquisition of equipment to move products, the implementation of the carousel can offer productivity gains.

Flow rack

In the flow rack logistics structure, the position of at storage shelves at an angle, so that the boxes can slide easily. Usually made of metal, we often use the system to store small and light items.

One of the great advantages of the flow rack is the possibility of replacement; after all, it is feasible to maintain more than one box per unit. On the other hand, if any product runs out, the box at the back may come into use, signaling the need to replace the material.

Push-back system

In the push-back, the famous Last in, First out (UEPS) concept is the driver. This is one of the most useful and logical storage systems, capable of facilitating the logistical flow in a spectacular way.

The implementation of this system requires that the racks be equipped with rails, allowing the pallets to slide along the shelf extension. When the first load on the pallet is positioned on the rail, it must be pushed to the bottom, until it reaches the last position.

In this sense, the following items will be stored in the front until the first position is occupied. For this reason, when removing loads from the warehouse, the first we remove will be the one that we insert last in the stock.

WMS shelves management system

WMS this is shorthand for the concept of storage shelves Management System (Warehouse Management System, in Portuguese). It is a tool for stock management that encompasses the entire organization of the warehouse’s physical space.

‍To locate specific items on the shelves, carry out the inventory routines and schedule the replenishment, this logistical storage system is based on the collection of information on each cargo, based on the computerization of the processes.

With characteristics that make it more competitive compared to its competitors, the WMS system has increased storage capacity as one of its main advantages, due to the better distribution and allocation of loads in the warehouse . As a consequence is the satisfaction of managers and customers.

How to decide for the best Logistic Storage System alternative

What is Logistics Storage?

As you can see in this article, there are several storage shelves capable of helping your work, offering organization and ease. However, when making the choice in the most appropriate way, it is necessary to keep in mind not only the size of your space, but the daily work, the current processes and how they influence the functioning of the company.

storage shelves 2021

It is crucial to understand well about the items that will be stored, including all their characteristics, such as:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Expiration date
  • Stacking limit
  • Packaging restrictions
  • Inflow and outflow in the stock

Knowing the goods and studying the options discussed above, you will be on the right path to make the best decision and obtain good results. We hope you enjoyed this content. The Pier 8 has excellent solutions for your business, know our solutions WMS.

What is the function of pallet door column protector?

The pallet door column protector is a mandatory item for all stock with large operational volume. At these locations, the forklift operator, as discussed in this blog, is primarily responsible for moving goods. In addition, the professional is responsible for the loading and unloading of transport, as well as the storage of pallets.

Involuntarily, in view of its ceaseless activity, it is difficult not to run into the stock. Without proper protection, a simple maneuver can cause a serious accident. This not only compromises the safety of employees, but also the integrity of the storage shelves there.

Given this situation, it is impossible not to worry about ensuring the preservation of goods. For this to occur, it is essential to use the pallet holder protector. This item ensures that the structure is not destabilized by the vibration caused by the shock.

2. Racks

Racks are metal structures widely used to optimize inventory space. Through them it is possible to virtualize the warehouse, allowing more items to be stored using the same available space.

Thus, it is possible to stack the pallets with goods, safely, avoiding damage to the materials and, consequently, financial losses.

4. Carousel storage shelves systems

Carousel-type systems are created from storage shelves, formed with shelves that slide horizontally to the work areas. It is used in companies of varied branches and allows storing a series of products that can vary between boxes, tires and clothes, among many others.

The main advantage of the carousel is that it is easy to install. In addition, it allows cost savings through the replacement of machines and equipment used to transport these materials.

Flow rack

The flow rack is a structure. It comes of metal, in which the shelves arrange at an angle so that the boxes can be slid. It is mostly used for storing light and small items.

The main advantage is replacement, since there may be more than one box per unit. And, when a certain item runs out, the box at the back can is easy to use. It signals that it is necessary to replace that material.


There are several storage systems, each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In a stock it is possible to find more than one of them. The ideal, in this case, is to elaborate a plan before using storage shelves, since they demand investments.