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Wholesale Storage Baskets For Shelves: Bins Vs Containers

Port: 2020.09.23

The Perfect Way to Organize Your Warehouse Storage

Wholesale Storage Baskets For Shelves Suppliers

One of the efficient solutions for organizing your warehouse is to use the wholesale storage baskets for shelves as well as the storage containers. After all, both these things make it easier for you to sort your different products and items.

Regardless of your purpose, may it be looking for departmental shelving system or keeping it safe for an industrial warehouse, the storage baskets would be your makeshift drawers. These bins and containers are available in different colors. However, you would find that commonly in red, blue, and yellow.

In this article, we are going to talk about how storage bins and containers would make it easier to sort and organize things in your warehouse. So, let’s begin!

How Wholesale Storage Baskets and Containers Make Organization Easy?


Industrial Containers

In case, you are planning on storing large and bulkier items, we believe that industrial containers are an excellent choice. They allow easy storage as well as efficient recovery. They are the one-stop for transportation.

Since these containers have an inner metal lining, thus they work well for pieces or tools that lack the surface sensitivity. These are things that you can’t place in plastic or other types of containers. Below is the list of all the items for which the industrial containers would work well.


Another great advantage of the industrial containers is that they are perfect for holding the branches that are cut from trees and bushes. Thus, making them an excellent choice for outdoor activities as well.

Now that the branches are secured within the container, transporting them is extremely easy. They are taken to the landfills or to a shredder, and the branches are then processed further.

Scrap Metal

In assembly plants and factories, there are several metal pieces. These pieces range in terms of sizes and shapes. Since most of the time, you would be needing these pieces or tools for numerous projects, thus you need to use the industrial containers.

They are excellent for storing the disassembled of old structures, machines, and vehicles. Regardless of the type of metal scrap, you can easily store it within industrial containers.


Garbage is inevitable in factories and at worksites. You would find that in abundance. Therefore, it is important to get rid of the garbage as quickly as possible. Fortunately, you have industrial contains that comes with a sleek metal (stainless steel) interior.

It makes the transportation of the garbage at assembly lines as well as the construction sites extremely easy.

Discarded Tubing

When you disassemble a structure or a machine, you actually end up with numerous parts. The most prominent ones are worn or used tubes. These tubes are mostly filthy, thus difficult to manage.

Thanks to the industrial material containers, the sorting and storing of these tubes become extremely easy. They are the perfect solution for all tube related problems.


Gravel is among those materials that are extremely hard to cart and store. The material is too rough for the plastic wholesale storage baskets for shelves and it is too heavy for any bag. So, the best choice is the industrial container as it comes with a robust and strong body.

It can easily store extremely rough and heavy material without any trouble.


Anything that involves digging generally results in a massive amount of dirt. During the uprooting of building structures or plants, a lot of dirt is produced. You can use these containers to preserve the dirt and redistribute it to another location.


Without the help of large industrial containers, it would be extremely difficult for the cart bricks to and from the work location. For instance, you want to repair the building of an old house, you would be needing bricks.

The industrial containers have the ability and the strength to hold a large number of bricks. It allows the movement of these bricks from one place to another efficient and easy.

Plastic Wholesale Storage Baskets for Shelves

With storage baskets, it is easy to sort and store tools and items along the warehouse storage aisles. Below are the things that can be effectively stored.

Wholesale Storage Baskets For Shelves in china


If tools are not properly organized, it can be a bit of challenging tasks to find the desired one. However, with industrial bins, you can easily arrange the tools as per their colors across your shelving system. For example, you can use the yellow bin for storing smaller models and sizes or wrench or screwdrivers.

On the other hand, you can use the blue bin for storing the large size screwdrivers or wrench. Doing this would make it extremely easy for you to retrieve the tools you need.


With the help of wholesale storage baskets for shelves, you can simply the arranging process of fasteners according to their size categories. Thus, making it extremely easy for the floor people to find the right nail length or the exact screw size.

After all, you would be able the find the specific type of faster in one bin or specific row of bins. In addition, increasing the storage capacity of the warehouse, the baskets also help increase the recovery process of the items.

Tape Rolls

It is possible to arrange things like cord, tape, or chain as per their thickness, color, or any other distinguishable characteristics using the wholesale storage baskets for shelves. Since these things are known to be messy, thus organizing them the right to make ways it very convenient within the workplace.

Safety Gear

Since you would have to replace items like safety masks, gloves and goggles, thus you need to organize them in the most convenient ways possible. What better way to do so than to use the storage baskets of different colors?

You use the yellow baskets for gloves, the blue for safety masks, and so on.

Engine Parts

Since vehicle owners go about replacing parts of their engine at one time instead of the entire engine. Therefore, it is important for the auto part warehouses to have the storage baskets within reach to store all these parts.

They would be able to store parts like pulleys and pistons in order to easily find them when needed.

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