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Diversity in Wholesale Storage Shelves Systems

Port: 2019.12.12

Wholesale Storage Shelves: Have you ever noticed how the modern world is paced today? We agree hard work always pays off but now smart working is the new approach. Space management and organizing are art, not rocket science. Big businesses now invest their resources in hiring professionals and experts to provide optimum space management solutions. Real estate prices are soaring with each passing day. This clearly means that expanding space for warehouse purposes may be simply out of question for many businesses. More space means more staff will be needed and more security measures will be required. In short, a bundle of the extra costs will surely be at your disposal. By now we are sure you have got fluttering butterflies in your stomach bothering you about the most suitable solution. But remember yl-rack.com has got your every worry covered. Customization is their forte. So, whatever your space solution you desire the company is dedicated to winning your hearts by catering to all your needs. In this article, we thought to enlighten our readers about diversity in warehouse storage systems. The selection of your storage system is the foundation stone in crafting any warehouse that is both organized and functional. Bear in mind if the selection was that as easy as it sounds every business would be space-efficient. Unfortunately, the case is not so. Warehouse designing is a mind-boggling journey any slip from the path may put you in dips. Whatever design you pick wholesale storage shelves and adjustable shelf racks remain fundamental to the assembly.


A word of advice: before we dive to explore the diversity of warehouse storage possibilities yl-rack.com always encourages buyers to chalk down their requirements. What are their priorities and concerns about space management? A clear roadmap is a key to finding the best available solution. Even if the desired storage solution is unavailable yl-rack.com can customize it for you.

So, let’s get started by discussing each warehouse storage option.


Stationary or static storage shelving


As the name indicates, these wholesale storage shelves remain intact in one place. The lack of the feature of mobility. Mostly lightweight inventory is managed on static storage shelves. The weight may range a few hundred lbs on each shelf. Static storage shelves are ideal for inventories that replenish continuously. Most probably they can be the best use for grocery warehouses where fresh items replace old items on a daily basis.

Static shelves are mostly incompatible with forklifts. So, items that require manual picking will find a perfect combo with static shelving. Large and heavy inventories require more caution. Stationary shelves may prove inappropriate for such items as their weight-bearing capacity is very less as compared to a wide-spread shelving system.


Portable Shelving


Next we will discuss portable shelving or to be more understandable mobile shelving. More or less the core objective of mobile shelves is similar to static shelves i.e. to manage manually picked items. The key difference lies in the structural design. Mobile shelves can hold more items in less space. Mounting and stacking of cabinets and shelves through rail systems remove the need for fixed aisles. Thus improving the productivity of the warehouse by offering more access to inventory. Normally portable shelving designs encompass level tracks that can be mechanically or manually controlled. Some shelving solutions even feature a locking system to keep inventory access under check.


Pallet racking


Businesses with the largest and busiest warehouse definitely require pallet racking systems. In fact, they are fundamental to the smooth operations of the business. Normally pallet racking system comprises of plastic, wood or metal. They are designed to hold and place items that come in large boxes. The height of boxes, as well as height of pallet racks, vary from warehouse to warehouse. So, all this weight lifting is done either by a forklift or else an automated system serves the motive.

Pallet racking is an extensive warehouse storage solution. It offers subcategories like a cantilevered shelf or cantilevered racking, double deep racking, carton flow racking, drive-in racking, coil racking, pallet live racking, vertical racking, shuttle racking, narrow aisle racking, push back racking, etc. the shelving solutions are enormous and uncountable. Commonly warehouses pick the systems based on their weight limits, adjustability and if the system requires alteration in infrastructure or not.


Multi-tier Racking


For businesses that have bulk storage inventory but of smaller size multi-tier racking system remains the top priority. It is the best option for warehouses seeking vertical space management. Always remember that warehouses differ from business to business and so does their storage requirements. The best part about a multi-tier racking system is that you can add or remove racks as and when required. If the center of gravity is maintained in all racks you can stack the pile till roof. Also if proper racks are made you can easily pick any item even from the middle.

Another smart way to organize multi-tier racking is the use of wholesale baskets for shelves. These baskets are really helpful in sorting the products according to their specifications. For instance, previously you designated one rack for each color product, now that you are left with few items of the same product with different colors you can use wholesale baskets for shelves. Simply put the same items in one basket, label the basket and mount it on the same rack. In this way, you have freed the space for other items.

Multi-tier racking normally suits warehouses that deal in lighter items where picking part usually occurs manually. For effective warehouse storage solutions, always pre-plan to densely and strategically place relevant items together. Always give due consideration to weight limits and regulatory guidelines about the ceiling to rack requirements. Even if you are using stainless steel storage racks bear in mind the maximum tensile strength of material because if the shelf broke falling items will definitely break.


Add a mezzanine floor


Warehouse designing plays an integral part in efficiently organizing space. So, just like exteriors, these sections should be designed critically as well. The storage options are limitless if you are an active thinker. Mezzanine flooring is the latest trend these days. Businesses that have potential and strategic foresight appreciate mezzanine flooring. Why? Because it adds permanent storage space to the same building. A mezzanine could be second, third or even fourth floor above the central warehouse floor.

Naturally constructing an entirely new floor will be a hefty investment much more than other bulk storage with wood shelving, FBA shelves, and medium slab shelves. However, the benefits are far-fetched. Mezzanine flooring will give compensate your investment with each passing year. Another benefit of the mezzanine storage shelving system is customization. To boosts the workers aesthetically, cosmetic effects like ambient lighting, automation, conveyors and lift-systems can be used.


Separation with wires


As told earlier warehouse storage options have immense diversity. Like we talked mezzanine flooring is a hi-end solution. Similarly, wire partitioning occupies the other end of endless storage options. Basically some warehouses encompass hi-end products that require special security. These wire cages serve the security purpose immensely well. Instead of renting new space to store such items the same warehouse is altered strategically to place special products. Wire partitioning storage can be temporary or permanent as and when required.

Like every other product and systems, warehouse storage solutions are evolving and improving. The wholesale bulk storage manufacturers are aiming at providing more affordable, lightweight and portable solutions. The less heavy wholesale baskets for shelves or FBA shelves may lack sturdiness as compared to stainless steel bulk storage shelves yet they may appear more cost-friendly.


Start your business with wholesale baskets for shelves


By now our readers who don’t own a warehouse may question why to continue reading when the whole article relates to bulk storage manufacturers. Well, hang on, the next section of the article is for jobless people or people figuring out to generate another income stream.


A single wholesale storage rack or shelf may lighten your fortune


Normally businesses require a hefty amount of investment that is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, a simple storage rack is manageable. Sometimes even friends contribute loans to buy a rack for the fellow being. Money hunters can start selling fruits, vegetable, herbs and similar nature products initially. You don’t need to pay rent for a big shop. Regular hard work will reap fruits within few days. The sellers can reinvest their profit to expand the scale of operations. Remember this business journey can take you years but a startup is always better than an uncertain paid job. The sellers can experiments with different products. They can arrange for more wholesale baskets for shelves to sort grocery items accordingly.

Additionally they can introduce wine section. Countries like Belarus, Lithuania, France, Russia, and Ireland where alcohol users are plenty bulk storage wine shelving is another business opportunity. For assortment of wines according to their class medium slab shelf, bulk storage wine shelving or bulk storage wood shelving could be an option.


A true case history


Yl-rack.com aims at motivating their readers. They are more than bulk supermarket shelves manufacturers. To provide a dose of motivation to readers we will discuss a true case study of French-Pakistani businessman Amjad Aziz Malvy who using simple fruit storage shelves initiated his business. With continuous efforts of 17 years today he owns 209 branches of an organic store chain BIOMONDE in France. The success is incredible indeed. During the whole evolution process he played smartly. From a simple stall, he continuously updated his business props as per requirement. Today his stores encompass cantilevered shelves, FBA shelves, Medium slab Shelves and much more. Besides this, the warehouses have diverse storage systems as we explained above. The stores are ideal and amazingly organized.

Can you believe that this organic store chain BIOMONDE today has an annual revenue of 300 million euros? A sneak peek in the organic stores revealed that supermarket shelves have strategic designing to keep the organic items fresh. Since the organic stores also sell organic cosmetics, the display storage shelves are aesthetically pleasing too. One can easily find different brands on storage rack displays.


Why picking the right supermarket shelves manufacturer is important?






Whatever business you pursue or initiate quality of bulk storage shelving plays a key role. wholesale storage shelves investment is a long term investment. Businesses do not change storage solutions regularly so whether you use FBA shelves, cantilevered shelf, medium slab shelf or any sort of bulk storage solution quality plays its part. Because if the storage shelves are too wobbly or damn unreliable the warehouse items will definitely face a crash. Not only will this create a mess but financial damage also. Therefore, yl-rack.com is the ultimate remedy for all this stress. The basic three reasons to choose yl-rack.com are




The construction, size, capacity and requirements of each warehouse largely vary. Of course, the warehouse of garments factories will have different wholesale storage shelves requirements than a pharmaceutical warehouse. Yl-rack.com verily understand the customer’s requirement. They offer an immense variety of bulk storage rack shelving, wholesale baskets for shelves, cantilevered shelves, shelves for medical storage and much more. The customer can easily browse the website to pick the right solution. In case, the customer fails to find the appropriate solution they have the opportunity of customization. What design, material, and color you choose yl-rack.com will deliver exactly.




Yl-rack.com are one of the supermarket shelves manufacturers in Shenzhen serving the region and other countries for years. Affordability of the products from yl-rack.com have made them progress by leaps and bounds. The company earns an annual revenue of 100m Yuan.




Yl-rack.com is the name of reliability. Due to sturdy and durable products the company has major clients in South and North America, Europe, Middle East, and South Asia. The clientele rate is growing with each passing day. Besides bulk storage shelving solutions, yl-rack.com also provides cardboard displays for Supermarkets.

In case you are unsure about the right bulk storage solution please contact our service department. The customer support staff is available to address the queries of clients round the clock.