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Mold Rack

Mold Rack

If you want thicker racks that can carry the weight of heavy tools, document boxes, or just all of your trash, Mold Racks are specially designed for heavy loads. Wire racks are made of epoxy coated steel wire, which is a very durable material and lasts for years. And if you like elegant racks, yl-rackShelving offers an attractive selection of wooden shelf surfaces for every home décor.

If you want to take control of the mountain of things you keep in your garage, yl-rack Shelving offers wall racks, cabinets, and a hook, shelf or mount for absolutely anything you can think of. You can design your own garage racks from stainless steel cabinets, racks, and open wire racks, or ask the yl-rack experts for help.

Buying a storage system that uses floor space is by far the most sensible option because you have everything ready and on the go to have all of your equipment close at hand and still use up all the space on the floor. Floor. For example, imagine how much space you would recover if you put your car on the wall with the Mold Rack

Also, you wouldn’t be tempted to put all kinds of things on the truck, so if you want to use it, you will have to move a load of mixed items to another location! All small items can be stored in a yl-rack mesh basket that allows air to circulate so your things don’t get moldy and you can easily see what’s inside. You can hang your garden shovel and keep your long-handled rake safe so that your garage is not a dangerous place for your children.

With Mold Racks, you can create a super storage system in your cabinets that suits your needs and allows the hangers to slide smoothly without stopping and starting. This is an advantage over other wire racks, which have 12-inch metal supports, and prevents hangers from sliding freely from one wall to another.

This system is available in several attractive designs: white, maple, cherry, and mahogany, so you can choose a color that matches well with your room decor. They are safer than other wooden shelving systems because yl-rack  racks are 3/4 “thick and can carry heavy weights. However, regular cabinet systems only have racks that are 5/8” thick. There are no sharp edges to catch your clothes, and these two features make them better for kids’ rooms. Heritage wood racks are adjustable so that as your children get older, you can easily change the shelf settings to accommodate larger clothes.

yl-rack makes different styles and sizes so you can store everything on your wire racks, from document racks to food storage racks. A good way to store small items is, for example, tight mesh storage racks with widely spaced cables that allow you to store small items without falling.

Mold Rack  produce special types of wire racks for door cabinets, linen cabinets, laundry rooms and pantries. You can use wire or wooden racks for garage racks. They also supply commercial shelving for large projects and corner shelving to make the most of the available space. If you want practical and attractive storage that protects everything from mold, you should now take a look at the yl-rack series of Mold Rack

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