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How to Cover Storage Shelves in 2021?

Port: 2021.03.17

Budget Friendly ways to Cover Storage Shelves – No more Worries Now

As we all knows that in summers almost 60% parents move to another place before another section starts. We have been receiving so many questions about How to Cover Storage Shelves so we though to answer it today briefly.

As this issue is not just to rental houses every person in the permanent houses also going through with this problem. Have you ever heard about that the mess the better? Absolutely NO, no ones like to see mess around.

You can solve the storage problem by making use of shelving units. Does not matter how organized shelving unit is, it will still looks like a clutter. But you can make your shelving unit better simply by covering it.

Few people come up with a solution to this problem by installing a small door but the thing is that what to do if the space is tight? We all have some reasons for open shelving like tight budget, tight space, rental home and much more. This is why we are here to bring a budget friendly way to cover the storage shelves. If you go through below ideas then you will definitely solve your shelving unit problem. These ideas are not only budget friendly but will also enhance your room décor.

Usage of Curtains to Cover up Storage Shelves

We will recommend this solution to all people out there highly because it is very simpler and budget friendly solution. Hang curtains in front of the open shelve; you will have lot of choices of colors, fabrics and prints. Choose the one that perfectly get fit with your home décor. Hanging curtains is very simple, you just need to install a curtain rod and then hang curtains over that rod. You can make use of this solution in just 15 to 20 dollars.

Though this solution is budget friendly and looks great but it has one downside also. It will be a bit difficult to handle it. If you have kids in your home then there might be possibilities that they push the curtains or your closet will not be save from kids.

How to Cover Storage Shelves in 2021

Installation of Sliding Door

This option is a bit expensive but more fancier as compared to above one. In order to install sliding door there are many mechanism that you can follow. You can go with a sliding mechanism with balls on the lower rack. If you have tightened budget then select the one that perfectly get fit into your budget.

You will get to see two most famous mechanisms like Hetitch or Ebco, these two brands will ensure you about durability.

How to Cover up Countertop Storage in Kitchen

If you are living in a rented house then you will get to see concrete shelves in your kitchen. Though these shelves help you to store your mess but look weird if you left them open.

If you have not enough budgets to install sliding doors then you can make use of any fabric with the help of string. This method is very common among those people who have tightened budget.

Slip Covers

You can slipcover your shelving unit in order to keep the dust away. Slip Covers is also a very common method for how to cover storage shelves in 2021. Mostly people make use of it in utilitarian spaces for example garages.

In garages your main priority is to function than making things look pretty. Do you want to make a slip Cover for your garage? If yes then continue to read below.

How to make a Slip Cover for Garage?

The very first thing that you have to do is to measure the length and width of shelving unit. Make sure to measure it from both sides. For amazing fitting, you can add 5 inches to each measurement.

Now you have to cut 2 pieces of painters trap, or you can also make use of tent canvas by following your calculated measurements.

Make use of the latter for the slipcover back, you can cut 1 piece for front measurement also. Now it’s time to sew the pieces together. Finally it’s done, you have an amazing budget friendly slip cover that you can slip on and off easily.

If you don’t want to cover up the shelving unit then we are going to explain the last thing. This thing will be a bit obvious to few people but it would be good if you display the pieces on the shelving unit that you love the most. You can also make use of treasure that you have bought from your last travel.

As we all knows that home is the place where we can tell stories to other by making use of important and attractive things. Your home can work as a mood changer for you but you have to décor it beautifully.


We have shared an amazing covering ideas for all those people who frequently keep asking for How to Cover Storage Shelves. These ideas are budget friendly and one can easily make use of it. Whether you are living in a rented house or a permanent one, these ideas perfectly get fit into any house.

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